Summary: Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy…in Zach's POV. His motives, what he thought and the secrets behind his mysterious ways…

Disclamier: I'm not the wonderfully Ally Carter. I don't own the characters, just the plot. (This disclaimer goes for the whole story).

I hope you like it. :)


"Ouch," Grant moaned as he lay flat on his back on the floor.

"I win," I smirk at him. "Again."

Grant glared at me and tripped me up but I was waiting for it so I jumped but what I wasn't expecting was for him to reach up and grab my leg. I fell but quickly recovered. We were both standing and sparring once again.

"Men," our P&E teacher, Mr. Lam, yelled, stopping our fighting. "We have an announcement."

The fifteen sophomore boys in the room gathered together in front of Mr. Lam. We waited for him to speak but instead, another man came up. I recognized him as Joe Solomon (we had a past, thanks to my mom).

"Hello," Joe flashed an award winning smile. "I am Joe Solomon but you will call me Mr. Solomon. I'm here because you will be going to another school just like this."

Silence. I'm sure we were all wondering what he was implying.

"This school is a spy school, also. The difference between your school and theirs? Theirs is an all-girls school," Joe waited for our reaction.

Some hooted, some started asking stupid questions like "Are they hot?" or "Do they work out?", and some of us stayed silent. I stayed silent.

"The school is called Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Women," Joe continued. "But we just call it Gallagher Academy or just Gallagher. Next semester you will join these women in their training for being amazing spies."

Next semester was only two weeks away. I couldn't believe I hadn't thought of there being an Academy for girl spies-in-training. I mean, I'd heard of all those great spies and some of them are girls.

"Before I leave, I'd like to show you a video on them," Joe nodded at Mr. Lam. Mr. Lam brought out the t.v. and we all sat down like kindergartners watching a puppet show.

Joe inserted the CD and hit PLAY

The first thing to flash on the screen was "GALLAGHER ACADEMY FOR EXCEPTIONAL YOUNG WOMEN" and a picture of the school. As soon as I saw the school, I knew what their cover was. Snotty, rich girls.

Next we saw the cafeteria. It was empty but then it switched to show the hundreds of girls sitting and chatting. They weren't loud, like we were. Suddenly, on the left side of the screen, a reached over and punched some other girl. We heard her scream "THAT WAS MY LIPSTICK, NOT YOURS!"

The girls jumped at each other and the other girls broke them apart. Some just stood there, shaking there heads as if they saw this every day.

Next we were at what looks like there P&E room. In front of us were two girls. One who looked like Grant's type and another that had the perfect looks for a pavement artist.

The one who looks like Grants type was strong, obviously, and fast but the other girl was faster. Maybe not stronger but definitely faster. She used that to her advantage to pin the girl down.

"I win," she gloated and danced out of the other girls reach. She looked around her as the other girl got herself up.

"Again," the one girl grunted.

The screen switched to what looked like a carnival. We could hear the Comms unit.

"Chameleon! Where are you? I can't find you!" we heard one girls say. She didn't sound too confident in herself.

"Right in front of you, Bookworm," another girl voice said. She, unlike that one girl, sounded very confident.

"Where, though? I can't—oh, nevermind, I see you!"

A few minutes later.

"Duchess. Bookworm. This is the Chameleon. Can you hear me?" said who I assumed to be the Chameleon.

It switched. It showed a man, a women and Joe Solomon.

"Nice try, Joe," the man chuckled. "I saw both of those girls."

Joe raised his eyebrows."You mean all three girls?"

"No, there were only two," the man chuckled then realized what Joe had said. "You mean…there was another girl?"

"Yes," Joe nodded.

"Who?" the man asked the other two adults.

"My daughter," the women said with a hint of pride. "She tracked you the whole time. Her mission was to find out what you drink with funnel cakes. She missed her ride and lost her friends but she got your drink bottle and made it all the way home by herself."

"She's good," Joe said. "Very good."

"You mean, she was there the whole time?" the mans eyes widened.

"Yes," Joe said again.

"Well, I really hope she's on my side when she gets out of here," the man chuckled.

The movie stopped.

"As you can tell from the movie, these girls are not something to trifle with. They don't like being beaten and they can get even with you do beat them," Joe said. "You will be shadowing them in two weeks. Be ready. They don't know who you are so you have the upper hand. Use that to your full advantage. You will need it."

Joe took out the CD and left the P&E room with half of us confused and the other half perplexed.

"Alright, men! Back to work!" Mr. Lam yelled.

Sooo….what did you think?

Peace, Love and Baby Ducks