Chapter 3- Dethroned?

-One week later-

Marceline was wearing, old, tattered jeans, and a leather jacket. Those items of clothing were not the greatest to be wearing over, and over, and over again. For what, maybe a week and a half, Marceline hadn't bathed or showered.

She felt… Disgusting. Her teeth were practically rotting, since she was so used to brushing at least twice a day to keep up with Bubblegum's bubbly breath. She also felt helpless, nowhere to go at all.

Most of all, she missed Princess Bubblegum. In every step, every small bite of food to eat on her journey, she thought about her precious princess. Oh, how the two were made for eachother. But now was the time to move on! Marceline could keep her head high. She would see through this.

But she had her doubts. Little did she know that the conniving former Vampire King would have a say in this ordeal.

"Marceline." He said to her as she was walking down the long, dark, lonely road to nowhere.

"Vampire King?" She asked back to him. She was surprised that little bastard had the courage to say anything to her at all! After all, he was causing complete mayhem between Bonnibel's people, and the vampires, before she took over.

And, if it weren't for him, she would have never met Bubblegum, and had her shatter Marceline's heart into a million tiny pieces. "Former Vampire King." He corrected.

Marceline tried to say something else, but he put a disgusting, pale finger to her lips. "Just listen. I heard about you 'an old Bubbles."

"How?" She asked, rolling her sleeves up, staring at him menacingly.

"I know many things." He said back to her. Why was he looking so confident? "Anyways, I know how you can get your precious girly back."

Marceline's spirits lifted. The former Vampire King smiled. "Just dethrone yourself. Then you can be with Bubblegum," He paused to float right close to her ear and whispering, "forever."

Marceline stood there, shocked, as the former Vampire King turned into his menacing wolf form, taking off. "Forever?" she whispered to herself softly when he left.

-A couple of days later-

"Are you sure this is necessary?" Princess Bubblegum's candy cane butler asked her, opening a few of the windows in the castle.

"We need to open every single one of these windows!" She replied, giving him her most determined face. He complained no more.

After a painstaking while, all the windows were open, and Bubblegum took a deep breath. "MARCELINE!" she shouted as loud as she possibly could.

Candy Cane covered his ears. "Now I understand why this is necessary." He then left, still covering his ears as she yelled Marceline's name once more.

She began to tear up, sitting on the floor, with her arms hugging her knees. "I love you Marceline… I love you."


"Dude, dude, dude!" Jake shouted.

"Yo, you okay?" Finn asked back.

"I think I could hear something. Listen." He replied. They had been walking through the forest. They wanted to check out Marceline's place, y'know, to see if she was really gone? No one had really checked.

Jake made one of his ears huge. I think I just heard someone shout, Marceline!" He confirmed as Finn scrunched his nose on concentration.

"I heard it too!" He agreed. "Is that, the princess who's yelling Marcy's name?" Finn turned to his pal, Jake.

"Yeah I think…" Jake pondered. "Yeah! Maybe it was…" He thought aloud.

"Hey!" Shouted Finn. "We should go find Marceline for the Princess!"

"That's a great idea!" Jake agreed. They continued to walk through the forest, approaching Marceline's house. Her front door was wide open.

"So do we just walk in?" Jake asked as they stood just outside the front door. Something whizzed past them, a blur.

"Marceline?" Finn asked, as she saw the lanky, rocker Vampire Queen.

"Who did you think it was?" She replied.

"We were just going out to look for you." He explained to Marceline. "You seemed angry at us before."

"Yeah no shit." She huffed, tuning her bass, something she always did whenever she was nervous or had something on her mind.

"Are you okay?" Jake asked her. She turned her head away from the two. It was painful for her to be so close to Bubblegum, yet so far away.

"I'm… I-I'm fine." She wiped merging tears on the back of her sleeve. Her eyes stung from all this crying- she wished that it would all stop.

"Are you back?" Finn asked Marceline. She still refused to look at her friends.

"For now. You see- there's a very important conference, and I have to go to it. And then, I don't know what will happen after that." She explains to them, and the three of them head to the Candy Kingdom.

-At the castle-

"Have we prepared for the conference yet?" Earl Lemongrab asked the Princess.

"Not much to prepare for. Since she won't be here." Bubblegum explained to the next in line for her throne.

"Are you talking about Marceline?" He asked her as she sat down. She nodded to him as he added, "Because she's coming to this conference."

"Really?" Bubblegum asked, jolting upright in her chair. She straightened herself, not wanting to look improper. She mustn't lose her cool, even after exciting news such as that…

"Yeah. Really, what this whole conference is about is-"He stopped himself. "What I mean to say is, that you, I, Marceline, and the long-time-ago Vampire King are going to be here." He muttered 'unacceptable' under his breath before continuing, "So I don't understand why all this is necessary!" He pointed to the long table they had just spent over an hour decorating.

"I wanted to show-how little or how many-guests that we have our hospitality!" She replied.

He smiled, "I'm sure Marceline knows all about your great sense of hospitality, Princess." He chuckled to himself. "Or at least that's what I heard."

"Don't you go starting something like this now! We still have food to prepare! Or rather, food to pick out." She lectured all but pulling Lemongrab by the ear to the kitchen, where they would spend copious amounts of time taste-testing food, although food even as good as hand-picked by Bubblegum was hardly ever touched at these meetings.

-A while later-

"I'm so glad you're back, Mars." Finn said, as the trio approached the castle.

"Thanks, I guess." She replied, trying to look unfazed about the entire event, although this conference was solely made to bring her and Bubblegum together. As awesome as shit might get, she did not want to lose her cool in front of her friends. Instead, she maintained a regular Marceline pose, and thought of an excuse to make up that would help her escape and catch some alone time with PB.

"So, are you staying here after the conference, or are you just going to run away right after?" Jake asked Marceline. Now was her chance.

"Ow!" She shouted, clutching her stomach, chirping wildly to get their attention.

"What's wrong, Marceline?" Finn asked her as she howled in pain once more.

"I think… I think I might be having some cramps." She explained to him and Jake. Jake turned away, and Finn looked uninterested to hear any more about her fake menstrual problems. Instead, she quickly made an excuse.

"Maybe I should get, you know, supplies from Princess Bubblegum!" She shouted all of a sudden, hunched over in 'pain'.

"Okay, go ahead, bye!" Jake stammered, she smiled, and then floated away, happy that they had fallen for her bait.

-In Princess Bubblegum's room-

Bubblegum was in the midst of changing, literally, she was naked, when she felt a tongue lick up one of her candy breasts. She moaned out, hot and loud, hoping that it wasn't just a figure of her imagination. Oh, the day she leaves her bedroom window open, again.

She looked down. It was Marceline who had begun to caress her other light-pink breast with her tongue, swirling circles on it, saliva dripping down from it.

"Mar-Mar-Marceline?" She asked, barely able to speak already. Sure, she and Marceline had done it before, but never had it made Bubblegum feel so good, so fast, with only a few sweeps of her long, grey tongue.

She didn't reply, when all of a sudden, Marceline entire mouth was sucking one of her breasts, and when she thought it couldn't get any more pleasurable, Marceline licked her breast from inside her mouth, electric pleasurable shocks flaring up across her breast.

She moaned, wanting more, wanting everything, she was so happy to see Marceline; she could just kiss her, which is what she did right after Marceline stopped sucking her boob. Their kiss was an agreement, a silent agreement between the two, acknowledging that they could do it, as hard as they wanted to, for the conference was starting soon and they didn't know if they'd be seeing eachother after then.

Marceline's clothed pant leg, or rather her thigh, slipped in between her legs. Bubblegum moaned a bit more, as Marceline pushed her thigh against PB's vagina, emitting load moans from PB.

She bucked her hips against Marceline's thigh, causing it to shift more, emitting even louder groans from the other. Marceline's mouth however, was beginning to trace along Bubblegum's neck.

"Marcy…" She trailed off, moaning and bucking, melting into Marceline with desire. Marceline then bit her ear lobe, sucking around it and practically shoving her tongue in her ear, while shifting her thigh.

Together, while in their pleasurable embrace, they made their way over to the bed, flopping onto it, Marceline topping her precious Bubblegum. She shifted her thigh a little more viciously, creating loud groans from the other.

She then kissed the other girl, Marceline sucking on Bubblegum's bottom lip, her bucking her hips hard into her thigh now. "Ma-Ma-Marceline, you're such a ahhhhhhhhhhn tease." She moaned halfway through the sentence, and said those words in what must have been the sexiest voice imaginable to Marceline.

Heck, she practically pounced on Bubblegum, knowing their [insert appropriate music here] smexy time, was coming to an end. Literally.

So, she hovered on top of Bubblegum, tracing a tongue across her neck, then her tongue in a long line down her body, just resting on her inner thigh, tracing circles there. Bubblegum moaned, knowing how close Marceline was to delivering something that she would never forget.

Marceline hovered there, teasing, as Bubblegum said in her super-sexy, tantalizing voice, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhn, Marceline..."

Having her name being moaned out, twice, by the super-sexy, eye-drawing, Princess Bubblegum was the best feeling ever achieved by the Vampire Queen. Before long, Marceline had pushed her long, slimy tongue into PB's wet pussy, making Bubblegum moan, longer than the other times, and more as a snarl than anything else. Was that even possible? She was a Princess after all.

Her tongue lingered in her entrance, making Bubblegum want more of it. She bucked her hips, as Marceline's tongue went right into her, Bubblegum moaning like crazy at this point, the sexiest thing ever according to Marceline.

Marceline and the princess established a rhythm in which she would push her tongue into Bubblegum, and for her to buck her hips, and moan in that sexy, mind-blowing way. Bubblegum bucked her hips, and Marceline pushed her tongue in. It was a nice rhythm.

When it was all said and done, and Marceline had taken her tongue out of Bubblegum, leaving a trail of saliva from Marceline's tongue, to Bubblegum, Marceline wanted to confess her love for the other. Bubblegum panted for a while, before finally finding the strength to sit up and look at Marceline.

"How did you like it?" Marceline asked Bubblegum, wanting to know.

Since Bubblegum hadn't quite settled down yet, she still spoke in the sexiest voice that Marceline had ever heard. Mid-sentence, she fell onto Marceline, practically speaking heavily into her ear.

"It was… Awesome, Marcy. I love you so much." She breathed into her ear, "so much."

Bubblegum had taken the words right out of her mouth, and her voice just turned her on, so much, she just had to agree with Bubblegum.

"I love you too, Bonny." She confessed. "That's why I'm dethroning myself as Vampire Queen. So that I can be with you."

By now, Bonny's voice had gone back to normal. "You don't have to. I agreed with some people, and we can work on it, Marceline. So that we can be together, without that Vampire King creep ruining our peaceful alliance."

"You would do that for me?" Marceline asked, as Bubblegum pulled her in for a long, deep kiss.

"Of course I would Marceline." She replied, and the two girls hugged. When they broke apart, Bubblegum asked Marceline, "Would you help me get dressed?"

And so it was. The conference ended smoothly, the two girls were happily on each other's arms once again, and as for the Vampire King…

-The conference-

"What do you mean you aren't dethroning yourself?" The Vampire King asked Marceline harshly.

"It means you can take that idea and shove it up your ass!" She roars back at him.

"Noooooooooooo!" He shouted loudly, looking at that cursed Bubblegum, for ruining his plans. He would get revenge. Just you wait.

Thanks guys! It was a lot of fun writing my first fanfiction, and I hope to do many more very soon, just you wait!