Two young girls yawned and sat in their beds at the Heartbreak Hotel.

It was Christmas Eve today, and they were really excited. Today the Bohemians were performing for friends and family at the Heartbreak. It was late and they whispered and giggled at how late they were up and thinking of what treats awaited them in the morning.

Hearing footsteps they lay down and pulled up the covers as light spilled into the room. Taking a peek they saw the other kids from the Heartbreak.

Bowie, Demi, Selena, Cobain, Mercury, Jovi, Jett and Tommy Lee. The ten children sat in a circle talking about christmas. Thinking of what they might find beneath the tree Macca and Brit had brought in a few days earlier. Laughing at how some of the adults trying to decorate it after a few too many vodka and cokes.

And how Pop had sat them down in the large room where all the couches were to tell them a christmas story he had read in the Seceret Histories.

When the small digital clock Bowie recieved for his birthday read 5:57 the children could wait no longer. They crept into the corridoor to stand outside their parents rooms. Looking down towards Bowie, he signaled for them to open the doors silently like they practiced.

Once all the doors were open they looked back down the corridoor. Counting down with his fingers in the air.