Severus woke up with a groan.

His head was pounding. His whole body ached. He was sure he had some bruising along his ribs – if they weren't broken, and he was almost sure they were – and he couldn't fix it because of his lack of knowledge in healing.

The only way to know for sure is with a visit to Poppy and the witch hadn't wanted anything to do with him in months, going as far as to tell him not to come to the hospital wing unless he was bleeding to death. Or to not even come then.

He could not go to see her.

Sighing he pushed himself up slowly, only to be greeted with a wave of dizziness, and a jolt in his stomach that had him nearly tripping over his own feet to get to the lavatory.

Five minutes later he emerged pale and sweating, his thin white shirt was soaked through and his hair was in complete disarray, more so then normal.

It was settled he was sick.

Sitting on the edge of his bed he laid his head in his hands – he was tempted to not leave his chambers at all today, but the notion was quickly dismissed, as was the idea of taking a potion. He no longer had access to his labs, and he was now resistant to the potion's he needed, and again the notion of going to Poppy for help was laughable.

Sighing he stood and made his way over to his wardrobe. No matter what he felt like there were things that came first, namely the students and protecting them from the Carrow's.

He smirked bitterly. But then again it had been so long he couldn't remember what it was like to put himself first.


Minerva swept through the hallways.

She needn't do these this anymore, truly. Even the Slytherin's weren't going to tempt getting caught outside after curfew. Not in these times. But these nightly walks around the castle served to remind her what they were fighting for.

It also reminded her of Albus.

And subsequently it reminded her of who had replaced him as headmaster. Snape hardly deserved the position, he had earned the position by hatred and deceit, and she could never forget betrayal.

She had truly thought…

She suddenly snapped her wand out. Something was moving around in the next corridor, it was groaning much like that of a wounded animal. That or a terribly ill animal. By the muted coughs that bordered on retching that followed she leaned towards the latter.

She swore that if it was one of those terrible siblings then she was going to leave them there. Those retched beasts deserved whatever disease they had caught themselves.

She quietly turned the corner turning into a less used hallway. Whatever had been moving about had stilled now and it was unearthly quiet. She readied her wand incase she needed it and crept farther down the corridor.

The shadows were terribly long, and she could barely make out a step in front of her let alone see down the corridor.


Now that she could see somewhat better she made haste. Casting her lighted wand around from wall to wall she almost missed the mass of black that was leaning against the wall. She would have had it not been for the sharp hiss that said mass uttered.

Walking closer she kneeled by the figure and looked at the face. Only to contemplate leaving right then.

It was Severus.

The man looked horrid. His face was as white as a freshly starched sheet, excluding the flush that adorned his cheeks, his eyes were wide open and glazed over, his clothing was soaked through with sweat, and his breath rank like vomit.

All in all she didn't know if she should be disgusted or if she should pity him, he certainty looked unwell.

"Put it out…and leave me."

Minerva winced at how rough his voice sounded and was about to leave him. This was Serverus after all and he deserved to be left alone as much as the Carrow's did.

That was until he let out a low retch that brought up nothing and groaned almost pitifully.

That was it, no matter how much she wished to, she couldn't leave him here, perhaps take him to Poppy.

"Please leave…Minerva I'm fine."

Had he just asked her to do something? That was certainty new.

"Did you not hear me? I said leave, I'll be fine, and you don't want to be here so why can't you just go, with that obnoxious light of yours."

Minerva glared and swung his arm around her neck, almost alarmed at how light he was. "Minerva, leave me, I'm fine there's nothing wrong with me." Minerva only glanced at him out of the corner of her eye, she wasn't oblivious to the way he was leaning on her almost as a crutch.

"Where are you taking me?"

"To Poppy."

Serverus wretched himself out of her grasp steadying himself on the wall. "NO."

"And pray tell why I can't take you to Poppy?"

Something akin to grief flickered across his face, but it was gone and he sunk down against the wall. "Not allowed…not bleeding to death…not yet anyway."

She looked at him sharply "what do you mean by that?"

"Not dying" he gasped out, was he having trouble breathing? "She said not to bother coming…unless I was dying…and maybe not even then."

"That doesn't sound like Poppy, are you sure that's what she said?"

Serverus glared before hefting himself up and starting to walk. "I'm positive, now leave me, your friendliness quota is filled for the night, I'll survive, and if not then you can be happy with dancing on my grave."

Minerva took a step back as if she'd been slapped.

"Severus where are you going?"

"My chambers."

"Surely you aren't seriously going to go back to your chambers, you're in no condition-"

"For the last time, I'm fine."

With that said he turned around the corner – his robe's billowing out behind him, honestly so theatrical – and was gone.

That insufferable man.


Severus was vaguely aware of his bed. But in his mind the sheets weren't sheets, on the contrary no. They were the death eaters that were still loyal to Voldemort, ones who would never dream of betraying him, he had been found out.

They were going to kill him. Voldemort was going to kill him. He was going to die. NO he had wanted to see that foul creature fall, see him pay for Lily's death, and for the countless other's he'd killed. The battles hadn't begun and he was going to die.

At least there was a possibility his sins had been repaid, maybe he would get to see….


Without even realizing it he stumbled out of bed and into the bathroom, to spend several miserable hours retching into the toilet, before falling into a fitful and restless sleep. In reach of the toilet and leaning his head up against the cool porcelain of the bathtub.

He dived back into the world of his nightmares once more.


Minerva climbed the stairs up to the headmaster's chambers before knocking on the door. When she received no answer she knocked again. Perhaps he was still sleeping? It was Saturday after all, and he did deserve his sleep as much anyone…

Still she could feel it, something was very wrong.

Knocking with a little more force this time, she got no answer. She almost turned around, she shouldn't be here after all, this man had done terrible things, and was a death eater to boot, but still she couldn't just leave not with this nagging feeling of unease, it wouldn't go away until she knew he was alright.

Knocking again she received no answer. She sighed, she would have to try and figure out his password herself she supposed. What was that flower he was always carrying when leaving the castle on the 31st of every month?

It wasn't a rose. Not a Petunia either. It was white…but it was also tinged with yellow. LILY! It was a lily!


The giant stone gargoyle moved out of her way and gave her access to the door knob.

Minerva knocked a final time before sighing and opening the doors. Careful of any protective spells that could hit her – he had a problem with paranoia after all, and it would be just like him – she, already familiar with the layout from when these were Albus's headed for the bedroom.

Stepping inside she was glad to see a fire crackling away in the hearth. Only to notice no one was in the large four postered bed, and the black and silver sheets and blankets were thrown all over the floor, twisted into impossible knots.


No answer.

He had been ill perhaps…

Minerva moved across the room and knocked on the bathroom door. "Severus?" Again she received no answer. Cracking the door open she peaked inside and her heart nearly stopped.

Lying on the floor, between the toilet and large clawed bathtub was Severus. Hurrying inside she kneeled by him side. First and for most she checked for a pulse, and was relieved to find it still there. Rolling him back over onto his back, she gasped at the sight that awaited her.

Severus's whole right side was decorated by large and painful looking bruises that seemed to deepen right along his ribs. Wiping his sweaty hair away from his forehead she felt for a temperature and was reworded with scalding heat.

The poor man.

He winced in his sleep and groaned, but otherwise stayed asleep, if anything his coloring looked worse than it did last night.


His eye's fluttered beneath his lids but otherwise she got no reaction. Sighing in frustration she stood and made her way back into his bedroom and walked over to the fireplace. Looking around she found a jar full of floo powder and grabbed a handful.

Tossing it into the flames she spoke "hospital wing, Poppy Pomfrey's office." Stepping into the flames she stepped out on the other side into a surprised Poppy's office.

"Minerva are you okay?" Poppy already had her wand at ready casting diagnostic charms. "I'm fine Poppy, really but I do need your help with something, or rather someone."

Poppy made a move to redirect her to a chair but Minerva waved her off "we don't have time, I'm worried about him, please come with me."

Poppy furrowed her brow but let Minerva lead her over to the fireplace grabbing a handful of floo powder she threw it into the flames and spoke "headmaster's chambers" and before Poppy could protest, Minerva had pulled her into the flames along with her.

Stepping out of the flames Poppy rounded on Minerva. "I'm not helping that man, I thought you were as mad as I was at him, and you don't have to deal with all the children that are injured by him and those blasted Carrow's."

"As far as I'm concerned he can rot, I told him-"

But they were interrupted by the sound of retching, which came from the bathroom. Minerva winced that didn't sound comfortable. "Please Poppy for me, he told me not to go looking for you last night when I found him, but I'm worried, just to ease my mind?"

Poppy sighed and made her way into the bathroom, opening the door she swept in and kneeled by the toilet next to him. "Severus." The man looked up before continuing to retch "Severus what's going on?" He somehow managed to shake his head and crack a weak smirk.

"I'm not dying, nor bleeding to death, so please tell me why you're here."

Poppy scowled and eased him back onto the floor "not by my choice Minerva here seems to be worried about you, and-" She gasped "Merlin's beard, what happened to your side Severus?" He laughed weakly and moved so his head was leaning against the tub.

"What do you care? I'm not supposed to go to you unless I'm dying, and being kicked repeatedly hardly counts as dying."

Poppy scowled "and just who has been attempting to bash your side in?" He turned away as she moved to place a hand on his forehead "I didn't satisfy his curiosity and was punished, nothing more than that, I'm used to it."

Minerva kneeled on the other side of him "Severus, do you believe anything is broken?" He nodded and again evaded Poppy's hand when she tried to place it on his forehead "I believe at least three ribs are broken."

Poppy nodded before picking up her wand and muttering a spell that led to three sickening cracks and a short grunt from Severus. "Now will you stop evading my hand and let me check your temperature?" Severus scowled but allowed Poppy to place her hand on his forehead.

"You're burning up."

Severus flinched at the noise and ran a hand over his face and groaned the recent bout of retching and the pain of bones popping back into place and healing had increased the pounding in his head to unbearable levels. He was tempted to just close his eyes and ignore the witches in favor of sleeping.

He closed his eyes and rolled closer to the bathtub only to be rolled back over by Minerva.

"Severus we need you to tell us what's ailing you."

He groaned and made an attempt to roll back over and get away from the annoying witches but was unsuccessful and only ended up getting rolled back over by said witches.

"Severus tell us what's wrong, and then you can go to sleep."

He glared at them "see Minerva he's the worst patient I've ever had the misfortune of taking care of" Minerva clicked her tongue and brushed his hair away from his forehead "please Severus, we want to help."

He laughed "no one wants to help me, I'm not worth it."

"Severus, you can't truly think that can you?"

He nodded "I do, and no one has given me a reason to think differently in months. Minerva last night and today is the first time you've spoken to me in months, but don't worry I can't blame you, if I were you I'd do the same."

Minerva wiped the sweat away from his forehead "Severus, please?"

He groaned but nodded "fine you win, the sooner I get back to sleep the better" easing himself up of the ground he leaned himself up against the bathtub sighing when the cold porcelain met his to hot flesh.

"stomach hurts, which you can already guess, also very nauseous, head hurts, throat hurts, my whole body hurts, dizzy, hot and cold, now leave me to sleep."

He sank farther down against the bathtub, his head lolling to the side listlessly, eyes still wide open but she doubted he truly saw either Poppy or herself.

Minerva glanced at Poppy who looked almost concerned "Severus?" But she received no answer and she watched in horror as his eyes closed and he sank over in a dead faint.


Poppy launched into action and caught him before he could hit his head on the floor, and wasn't shocked by the heat that radiated off of him. "Poppy what is wrong with him?" Poppy pierced her lips and cast a diagnostic charm.

"He's severely dehydrated, and is running a dangerously high temperature, from what he's said it is most likely a bad stomach flu, but it also could be a lot of things. Right now the best thing we can do is to try and get his fever down and get some fluids into him."

"He's in very bad shape isn't he?"

Poppy nodded "what I can't understand is why he didn't come and see me before he got so bad" Minerva looked down "we've hardly made him feel welcome. We've openly opposed him, scorned him and spat at him."

"Merlin I can't recall saying a word to him besides to tell him how much I hated him…I haven't talked with him since before Albus..." she trailed off.

"Albus is the reason we haven't."

"Yes but he must have had a reason and he didn't betray us before and certainly he had opportunities to."

Poppy narrowed her eyes "what are you saying?"

"I'm saying that perhaps we've been too hasty judging him."

"So you believe he's innocent? Trust Me Minerva he is far from innocent, apparently you haven't had the pleasure of treating him after he returned from those wretched meetings, he used to come in covered head to toe in blood, most it his own but the rest..."

Minerva's brow furrowed "no I don't believe he's completely innocent but there must have been a reason. Albus never did tell anyone why he suddenly switched sides…"

"Perhaps, but Minerva he's still a death eater and I'd prefer to not think about that in depth."

Minerva nodded before standing and grabbing a hand towel and wet it in the sink kneeling down next to Severus she wiped his forehead, before using a corner to wipe his mouth, before folding the cloth and laying it on his forehead again.

"Shouldn't we take him down to the hospital wing Poppy?"

Poppy shook her head "no, his fever is far too high for him to be moved that far" she paused "and it would cause an unnecessary stir around the castle that would cause more trouble than it's worth, plus Severus should be more comfortable in his own chambers."

Minerva nodded "however it would do him good to be off the lavatory floor and into bed" Minerva nodded and bent down taking on of Severus's arms and swinging it over her neck while Poppy did the same supporting his weight they managed to get him out of the bathroom and tucked into bed.

"He's lost far too much weight."

"Could that have contributed to-"

Poppy nodded "yes, he's never had much weight to lose and his body would be trying to compensate for what's its lost and leaving him wide open to illness."

"What can be done?"

"First and foremost he has to get through this, and then we work to fatten him up."

Minerva nodded and settled herself in front of the fire in a worn leather chair while poppy conjured a glass of water and set it next to his bed along with a black bucket. "Is there nothing we can do to ease his symptoms?"

Poppy sighed.

"For the fever yes there are potions but I doubt he could keep them down, which means we'll have to do things the muggle way, getting his fever down will alleviate the chills, we can do nothing for his throat while he's asleep, his head I fear we can do nothing for either, the aches come with the stomach flu, and finally the dizziness is caused by the dehydration."

Minerva nodded

"It's a sad truth but there really isn't much we can do for him excluding staying with him" she took a breath "which I wouldn't sentence anyone to, when he's ill he's worse than normal, and that's saying something."

Minerva chuckled it was true his usual disposition was far from sunshine and rainbows.

"I'll stay with him Poppy; you have to be in the hospital wing."

Poppy nodded hesitantly "are you sure of this Minerva?"

She nodded "very well I'll leave you with a few potions, if when he wakes he doesn't become sick, give him the red one it's to try and settle his stomach, then give him the green one it's for his fever, and finally give him the blue one for his headache."

Poppy quickly stood and made her way out of the room and Minerva settled herself back farther into the chair.

She didn't particularly like the idea of playing nurse maid to Severus Snape but since no one else would she would.

Even he deserved to be cared for when he was sick.

And if no one else could or would do it then that left the job up to her.


Continue or not?

Poor Abby is sick and decided that the best way to be rid of some of the symptoms (well not quite but hey a girl could hope) she sat down and wrote a sickfic. Originally it was SasuSaku but i decided against that (i will probably get around to writing it someday) But i was struck by inspiration this is set sometime in the seventh year. I noticed something though first i became a Itachi fan-girl after being sucked into Naruto. And now after rereading the Harry Potter books (wouldn't watch the final movie unless i did) i am now a Severus fan-girl. So here's my question WHY DO I BECOME ATTACHED TO THE CHARACTERS THAT ALWAYS MAKE ME CRY!

I really need to fan-girl over someone who's not dead (Severus Snape, Itachi Uchiha...all though he's a zombie now, so does that count as being alive?) or we one we all know is going to die a very painful death (Sasuke Uchiha) it's settled i have to stop crushing on the wrong dudes, that translates to real life as well.

Hope Sev feels better quicker then i am!

Peace out and may the force be with you,