It was the last Friday of the month. Wally had arrived at the front gates of Wayne manor, which opened automatically. An odd, but probable, thought passed through the speedster's mind; Daddy Bats is probably watching me now… creepy.

Wally's transportation: super speed, obviously. And being the only one on their team to know Robin's true identity came with some perks. It was movie night and every month Dick and Wally got together to watch a marathon of movies. Since it was the last week in October, the theme was horror.

"Master Wallace, come in. Master Richard is waiting for you in the theatre room." Alfred said as he opened the double front doors. Yup, one of the perks was the awesome theatre room with huge projection screens.

"Hey, Alfred! Call me Wally," Wally said with a sloppy salute in the butler's direction before he sped backwards past the spiraling stair case over to the Wayne's' miniature movie theatre and up to Dick, who was already seated in one of the many red cushioned chairs. "Hey, Bird boy."

"And hello to you too, Mr. Ketchup and Mustard. Ready for movie night?" Dick asked holding up the stack of DVDs. Wally nodded eagerly and snatched the first movie off the stack, earning himself a well-deserved smack on the back of the head which even the speedster couldn't even dodge, and sped over to the DVD player and placed it inside.

By the second movie, there was a mess of tangled limbs on the couch and Dick was leaning on Wally. The crazy murder guy was about to ambush one of the kids on the camping trip. Suspense rose. Then... BAM! Suddenly Wally wrapped his arms around Dick's head, squishing his nose oddly against Wally's chest. Noise only came from the screen.

"What are you doing?"


"It doesn't look like no-"

"I'M PROTECTING YOU!" Wally interrupted. Quiet. A half an hour went by. Wally was still clutching onto Dick.

"From what?" asked the acrobat, but the speedster wouldn't say. The next time the murderer popped out, Wally flinched. Dick knew they would never have a horror movie marathon again.


First fic. :D This was co-rewritten (does that even make sense?) with my bestest buddy Blazing in the Wind. I would love to get some constructive criticism on this! Any response would be great, even flames with be accepted and given to my stuffed dragon who can't breathe fire… so he needs some… maybe.