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(A/N By the way, in this fic, Ziva broke up with Ray).

Tony walked down the corridor, on the way to Abby's lab. Why? Why did she love a man who just gave her an empty ring box? Why didn't she love him? The man who'd shot the man playing her, the man who'd gone 1500 miles to get revenge for her 'death.'

Speaking of Ziva David, he heard her taking. At first, Tony dismissed it, thinking that she was just talking to Abby or something. But then he heard Ray's voice. And realized that Ziva sounded agitated, almost harassed.

"I told you Ray," Ziva's accent filled the air, "I'm not interested. I broke up with you for a reason. I like someone else." Tony walked slightly forward, and crouched next to the door, taking in the silence.

"And who is that?" "What does it matter? You'll just go and tell him!" "So I know him, do I?" Tony's expression remained unreadable. She liked someone? This was great. A cherry on top of the ice-cream week he'd had.

"Go away," Tony heard a slight shove, "I don't want you anymore. You were working with my father and you did not tell me! Plus, I heard that phone-call. I'm not stupid, Ray. The man I love came to flipping Somalia and told me that he couldn't live without me! The man I love comforted me after many deaths." Tony's heart skipped a beat. She loved him! Ziva David loved Tony DiNozzo. She could have any guy, but she'd chosen him!

"Listen Ziva, I have a proposition for you," Ray's voice seemed so desperate. It haunted Tony's head.

"I'm not interested in anything you have to say, Ray," Ziva countered.

"One last night of passion and I will leave you alone. I'm been pursuing you for a month or so, Zeeves." Tony shook his head, praying that she'd say no. Then he was struck by a thought. Ray had been at Ziva for a month? Why didn't she tell him? Maybe she didn't want Ray dead.

"Pursuing? Is that what you call it? More like harassment," Ziva's laughter hung in the dry air. Ray's voice came again, "If you didn't like it, why didn't you tell someone. Like Tony?" The mentioned man's name's ears pricked up.

"As much as I hate you right not, Ray," Ziva sighed, "I guess I didn't want you dead." Ray breathed in relief. "I'm going to g-," Tony gasped as he heard Ziva get cut off. That idiot was kissing Ziva against her will. That wouldn't stand!

"Nothing," Ziva told Ray as they broke apart. However, the CIA man ignored her and went in for another kiss. Tony's blood boiled and he stormed in the lab.

Ray immediately backed off from Ziva. She looked between the men, whose eyes were locked into each other's.


He shoved him. Ray shoved back. 30 seconds later, and Ray was on the ground, crying his eyes out. He stood up and ran off, very quickly.

"Are you okay?" Tony walked up to Ziva. She nodded, "Thank you. How much did you hear of it?"

"All of it," Tony whispered before crushing his lips against Ziva's. She kissed back. It lasted for 2 minutes. Before they had to break up to get oxygen.

"I love you, too," Tony added, adding perfection to perfection.

Ziva smiled and slipped her hands into Tony's as they walked out. "Shall we not tell anyone?" Tony nodded, happy that she thought that way.

10 Minutes Later in the Bullpen.

"Hey, guys," Abby ran up, waving a tape in the air, "The Director wants to talk to you about setting harassment charges on Ray. Oh, and I saw the end. I'm so glad your dating!"

"Who knows?" Ziva asked, slightly scared.

"Everybody," Gibbs greeted them with a head slap.

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