I opened up the gate, and walked up the little path, towards the door. I hesitated to press the door bell, but in the end I did. I regretted it immediately. "KAREN! GET THE DOOR!" I heard a woman yell from the open window above the door.

"Do I have to?" I heard a young voice reply.

"YES!" the woman yelled back. I heard loud footsteps getting closer. A girl who looked about 10 answered the door, only sticking her head out.

"Yeah?" she said.

"Ummmm, hi, my name is Ray, I'm here for guitar lessons with Jake?" I said. She disappeared from the door for a minute.

"JAKE!" she yelled.

"WHAT KAREN?" I heard a male voice yell.

"There's a girl here for guitar lessons!" she replied.

"Get out of the way Karen!" he said. Jake appeared at the door. "Hi Ray." He said.

"Hi." I muttered. He opened the door, and I walked into the house. There were loads of toys around. Dinosaurs, and fairy dolls mainly.

"Just go up the stairs." He said. I nodded, and ran up. I took my guitar off my back, as I ran up. I waited on the landing for him to follow me up. He went into another room, and I heard arguing with the woman whose voice I'd heard earlier. Something about being too young for something. I then stopped eavesdropping and took out my iPod. I put the earphones in and pressed play.

A few minutes later, Jake came up the stairs. He pointed to the room straight in front of me. I nodded, opened the door and went in. I took out my earphones, and opened up my guitar case. "So, the first thing you should learn is the string names." He said, picking up his own guitar. I nodded. And that was how it all started.

An hour later, I had finished my first guitar lesson. Jake had managed to teach me the names of the strings, and a simple tune. I was quite pleased. "Thanks Jake. And the teacher at school said I was un-teachable!" I said. He nodded.

"Yeah. The problem was is he moved on to something else before you managed to learn the last thing you were working on." He replied. I nodded. School guitar lessons had always been disastrous for me. They all ended in me getting thrown out and the teacher yelling about how I didn't listen and I would never end up being a good guitar player like I'd always dreamed.

"Thanks again. So should I come over same time next week?" I asked. He nodded.

"Yeah. And I'll see you at school tomorrow." He said. I smiled and gave him a hug. Then went out the door.

"Homeward bound." I muttered as I shut the little garden gate behind me.

A one shot that could be turned into a multi-chapter depending on the reviews. And in case you couldn't tell, Ray has a little crush on Jake ;)