Title: Treasures: Bestowed & Received
Author: sarhea
Fandom: InuYasha
Categories: AR, gen, het, romance, drama
Summary: Kagome finds herself noticing things about Sesshoumaru. Her curiosity leads her to reach out to him and she finds herself the unexpected recipient of his largesse.
Characters/Pairing: Kagome/Sesshoumaru, InuYasha, Rin, Sango, Miroku, Shippo
Warnings: not true to canon, some spoilers
AN: Please note the myths, tales, beliefs, etc regarding gemstones in this story have been gleaned from various internet sites. Any errors are not intentional.
For: LJ Community Dokuga-Contest, Seven Treasures Challenge. And Red's Gemstones Challenge on Dokuga forum.

Summary: When Kagome starts to look past her first impressions of Sesshoumaru

AN: LJ Dokuga-Contest, Seven Treasures Challenge – Gold


~ooO Gold: Seeing Past Perceptions Ooo~

Kagome could not look away. It was a car crash, no a train wreck. She winced as Sesshoumaru beat InuYasha into a bloody pulp. She was so tempted to interfere, like she had in the past, but this time something stayed her.

His eyes.

Kagome had seen Sesshoumaru enraged. He was not enraged right now. His eyes were clear pools of yellow gold, free from any tinge of red. He was in complete control. His words, his insults and jabs… they were almost mechanical, with no passion behind them.

In contrast InuYasha was enraged, out-of-control. If it wasn't for Tessaiga Kagome was certain he would have gone feral, been overwhelmed by his youkai blood. When she had first arrived in the past she had believed InuYasha to be the better warrior. And he was… to a point. But Sesshoumaru was on a whole other level. InuYasha was dependant on the attacks of Tessaiga, like Wind Scar, or Adamante Barrage. Sesshoumaru in contrast could easily duel and win with just the edge of his blade.

At that moment Kagome realized the Lord of the West could have easily killed InuYasha many times in the past, but he never had. But then why does he keep coming back and goading InuYasha into a fight? Kagome wondered. It's almost like InuYasha and Kouga, but not. Except every time Sesshoumaru showed up in the middle of a battle (with an enemy or one of Naraku's detachments) he made a point of having first rights to kill InuYasha.

The daiyoukai turned in her direction, catching her eyes with his.

Kagome froze then flushed, at being caught staring, but she refused to look away. Even from this distance she could see the gold of his eyes, cool yet molten, distant yet compelling, bland yet knowing… And then it hit her.

He didn't want to kill InuYasha… Not really.

Almost sensing her conclusions he inclined his head in her direction before turning and walking away, leaving a bruised and bloody InuYasha to be tended by his friends.

It took several nudges from Shippo before Kagome began moving, unpacking her first aid kit to treat InuYasha's wounds with a distracted air. She had done this so many times she didn't need to think about it. Good thing because her thoughts were focused on one particular daiyoukai with molten gold eyes.


The End.


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