Summary: Kagome decides to give Sango a nudge.

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~ooO Jade: Butterfly Love Ooo~

Sango and Kagome were relaxing in a hotspring while Rin and Shippo splashed each other, playing games more than cleaning up.

"It's been a long time since we've done this," Sango murmured when they finally dragged themselves out of the pool, finished drying and were dressing in night clothes.

"I know. I'm going to ask Sesshoumaru to guide our path so we stop at more hotsprings." Kagome grinned at the taijija. "He doesn't have InuYasha's preferences for avoiding baths. In fact he prefers us to practice good hygiene. Easier on his nose."

Sango shook her head. "I never understood why InuYasha always makes such a fuss. I mean wouldn't it be nicer for him as well? To not smell our body odour all the time?"

To their surprise it was Shippo who had an explanation.

"He uses your smell to track you down," he said. "He's not good enough to track your scent if you're really clean, without a strong scent."

Kagome and Sango made a face. "Eww!" Kagome groaned. "I'd rather use some sort of perfume if he needs a strong scent to track."

Shippo shrugged and went back to playing with Rin, entertaining her with his trick-top.

"Oh Sango, before I forget, I have something for you too. Something to help in love, life and battle," Kagome said with a wink before thrusting a hand into the net bag holding her toiletries. She pulled out a small flat package wrapped with several layers of rice paper and held it out.

Curious the taijija accepted the package and tore through the thin layers before blinking at what was revealed: A pair of carved green jade butterflies and beads dangling from two steel hooks. She shook her head and thrust the gift back at the younger female who stepped away, lacing her fingers at the small of her back.


"I didn't buy them. They are my own, a gift from an old classmate but I never wear them. But I wanted to give you something and I didn't have money to buy anything new."

"Kagome, you shouldn't have!"

"I wanted to," the schoolgirl corrected the taijiya. "Jade symbolises the virtues of wisdom, justice, compassion, modesty and courage, everything you have in spades. It also increases the body's strength, increases the mind's serenity, and adds longevity, protects against enemies and attracts good luck, fortune, friendship, and loyalty. You of all people deserve these benefits."

"My ears aren't pierced," Sango protested weakly. But Kagome could see Sango was being won over.

"That's okay," Kagome responded cheerfully, "We can have them pierced in the next village we stop in. We can use the needles in my sewing kit and alcohol to reduce the chances of infection."


Kagome did not forget about it the next time the group stopped in a village. When they left Sango had pierced ears and she was wearing dangling earrings made from carved green jade, jade shaped into beads and butterflies.




AN: People from olden times wore jade to find good luck in romance, as it promises mutual love to its wearer. The butterfly, as a symbol of good fortune, combined with jade, is believed to bring success in romantic affairs.

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