Alec 1/2

The Good News

Alec didn't know how long he'd been standing in front of Magnus's apartment building. Stupidly long, most likely, so long that he was starting to get on his own nerves. Come on Alec. Just, walk forward. Open the damn door. Climb the damn stairs. You've done it before. You can't stand here all night.

He groaned and stared down at his sneakers. Honestly, he didn't know how to face Magnus after the whole magic watch debacle. Sure, Magnus had been the one to call him over thus proving he was still interested in him, but it didn't stop Alec from agonizing over the possibility that he'd prove to be too bland for the vibrant warlock.

"Excuse us." Alec snapped out of his pity party long enough to notice he'd had wandered in the middle of the walk, blocking traffic into the building.

"Sorry," he muttered as he stepped aside to let two young men past. They were impeccably dressed in matching white button down shirts and black ties, though the similarities ended there. The first, the one which had spoke, was awkwardly tall with long slicked back brown hair complemented with a batch of zits that had colonized his chin. The second was half a head shorter than Alec, about the same size he would have been if he was still Alex. He made up for it with shaggy blonde hair like Jace's and being better built than his companion. If Izzy were there, she would have called him cute, maybe cute enough to buy a drink with.

"No problem." The shorter one muttered, receiving a dirty look from his companion for lagging behind. He gave Alec a forced smile before scurrying after him, apartment door swinging shut behind him.

Alec sighed, watching as a handful of other residents walked in and out. After feeling sufficiently creepy after the third young woman gave him the stink eye, he gathered his courage and walked inside.

He had no trouble locating the staircase (there was no elevator, and Alec doubted he'd trust it even if there was) and did his best to focus on each step forward. No turning around. No stopping. No getting roofied. No passing out. He sucked in a steadying breath and looked up when he reached Magnus's floor.

However, as he approached Magnus's flat, he saw the two guys from before waiting outside of it. Alec's heart picked up pace as a whole slew of scenarios plauged his mind. Was I so late that Magnus gave up and invited them over instead? Are they friends of his? Is this game night or something? Are we going to play scrabble? Oh shit what if it's a gay orgy...

He slowed to a stop several paces behind them. Just as he was going to ask who they were, the door swung open to reveal a rather... flamboyant looking warlock. Magnus looked like he had just returned from a night of clubbing; his hair was spiked to perfection with a few splashes of neon green streaked through with a dusting of silver glitter. Khol eyeliner emphasized his feline eyes and his shirt-a tight-fitting black tank which cut off at the naval-had "Rich Bitch" eblazoned across its front in gold sequins.

Thankfully, unlike his first time on Magnus's doorstep, Alec was able to stay on his feet. But the anxiety still built on itself, and would have become too much if it weren't for the tallest of the two well dressed men said next.

"Ah, hello. We're representatives from Fallsgate Evengelical Church and we were wondering if you had a moment to tell you about our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ."

Magnus blinked. Alec blinked. It was only then that he noticed what one of the boys had been clutching over his starched shirt; a bible and a few crumpled pamphlets. While he didn't know much about mundane culture, he had picked up enough from TV and movies to figure out what these two men were. Something he had only occupied the realm of campfire stories and urban legends, a creature so relentless it has driven people to lock their doors and become recluses. One that even a shadowhunter like himself was powerless against.

They were missionaries.

"I..." Magnus sighed, running a hand through his sculpted hair. Obviously this wasn't the first time he had been hit by doorknockers. They must visit this neighborhood often Alec thought sympathetically. The warlock appeared to be internally debating weather or not to slam the door in their faces and leave it at that when his gaze drifted past the two men and onto Alec. Alec stiffened, suddenly self-conscious.

Magnus grinned. "Actually... yes. Yes I do."

The shorter missionary's eyes widened. "Wait... you do?"

"Wonderful!" The other chirped. They must not get positive answers often.

"But could you two do me a small favor?" Alec stiffened when the warlock nodded to him, eyes glinting with a wicked brand of mischief. "Let my boyfriend through. He's had a long day and I don't think he'd appreciate waiting out in the hall as we discuss the son of God."

The two froze. "Boyfriend?"


It was a miracle Alec didn't keel over.

All eyes went to Alec. Once again, the missionaries had two entirely different reactions. The taller was predictably scandalized, the shorter seemed... intrigued? Alec couldn't quite tell what the look on his face was when they both turned to look at him. They glanced back to Magnus, then back to him, gears of thought visibly working as if they couldn't quite wrap their heads around the fact that a cosmetic soaked glitter bomb and scruffy sweater wearer could possibly be involved. To be fair, Alec had trouble with this as well.

"Come on, sweetie, don't be shy." Magnus cooed, winking as he held a ring-laden hand out to Alec. The missionaries split like the Red Sea, making way for Alec. That's when Alec noticed what had originally been obscured when Magnus had first answered the door.

He wasn't wearing any pants.

The sight of glittery boxers slapped Alec in the face, making his heart leap to his throat and his cheeks burn hot. He didn't know if what he was feeling was embarrassment or arousal, but he didn't feel comfortable finding out in front of an audience. He tried to keep his cool, but by the warlock's amused expression he was already found out. It's the watch all over again.

Magnus pulled Alec into a hug, the scent of sandalwood thick in the shadowhunter's nose as he hesitantly returned it. "Sorry about this, hun," he breathed into Alec's ear, sending shivers down his spine. "I'm just having a little fun, that's all. We'll be alone in no time."

With a nip of Alec's ear, which would have sent him tumbling to the ground, if it hadn't been for the warlock's firm hold, Magnus pulled back only to hook his arm around Alec's waist. Before Alec could protest, Magnus addressed the baffled missionaries. "How about you come inside. I have tea on the stove and an open mind; we should have a proper chat."

A/N: What's with me and cutting Magnus's scenes into twos? Also the pitiful lack of kissing? Ah, well. Part two should be coming up sometime this next week! :)