HM14: Pokémon Black and White

Chapter 1: The Invitation

"Open it up, Ash!"

"Yeah, I'm eager to see what's inside, too!"

Ash, Iris, and Cilan had made their way to Castelia City. Castelia City was the business metropolis of all of Unova, and a major commerce center of the entire Pokémon World. As they had come in here, Professor Juniper had called Ash on his X-transceiver.

"Hey, what's up, Professor Juniper?" Ash greeted the Unova Pokémon Professor enthusiastically.

"Hey there, Ash. I called you to let you know that an important letter for you and your friends has arrived in Castelia City."


"Yeah, check out the post office inside Castelia City. It's close to the entrance, so you can't miss it."

"Will do, Professor Juniper."

Ash quickly made his way to the post office. The manager there happily handed off the letter of to him.

Back to the present time, Ash tore open the envelope and began to read its' contents.

"To Ash, trainer of Pallet Town, and his friends Iris and Cilan,

"Representing the company OLM, Inc. as a whole and as par tradition with us working with Ash's services, we, the people…"

"This is beginning to sound like the Declaration of Independence." Iris yawned.

"Axew!" he agreed with his bored trainer.

"Continuing the letter from where I left off…" snarked an irritated Ash.

"We, the people of OLM, Inc. ask you and your friends to come here to Tokyo and film the 14th Pokémon movie. We will be delighted to work with you again Ash and we look forward to working with your new friends. You know where our studio's at. We'll be sending a private plane to Castelia City to pick up you and your friends as soon as you press the button included in this letter."

Cilan's eyes widened with surprise. "A button… in a letter… is that even possible?"

Ash unfolded the letter further to see a depressible button inside the letter.

"Well." stated a befuddled Cilan. "That's… unique."

"Relax Cilan. I've done this plenty of times before."

"Still, we get to be in a movie!" he cheered happily.

"Pansage! Pansage!" his Pansage shouted happily, mimicking the expressions of his owner.

"Well… what's the big idea about being in a movie anyway?" she muttered.

Ash looked at Iris like SHE was the crazy one. "What are you talking about? Being in a movie is one of the coolest things you can experience!"

"Pika! Pika!" nodded his Pikachu.

"Well… I just…"

Cilan took the letter from Ash and examined it closely. "Hey Ash, there's a postscript on here."

"A what?" Ash asked confused.

"A postscript."

"Umm… what's that? Some sort of Pokémon?"

Iris facepalmed. "No, Ash! It's NOT a Pokémon! A postscript is what you can add at the end of a letter!"

"Uhh… do you mean that 'P.S.' thing?"

Iris tensed up for a moment, but was able to release her tension and tell Ash, "Yes."

"Anyway, I'll read the postscript." Cilan told them. "It says, 'P.S. – Victini, Reshiram, and Zekrom have already arrived at our studios to begin filming. They anxiously await your arrival."

OLM, Inc.

Iris smiled widely and giddy as a schoolgirl upon hearing of the special guest stars. "RESHIRAM AND ZEKROM!" she grinned with glee. "The two Unovan Legendary Dragons… we… we get to film a movie with them! Seriously? No joke?"

"Nope." said Ash. "I've worked with Pokémon Legendaries more times than you can count!"

"Really?" posed a curious Cilan. "You've recorded films with legendary Pokémon before?"

"Absolutely! Mewtwo, Lugia, the Legendary Beasts, Darkrai… oh, and let me tell you something, Shaymin is a complete psycho. Don't ever work with her. EVER."

"Umm…" Cilan backed up a few steps. "OK then. Shall we call our private jet?"

"Go ahead."

Cilan pressed the button in the envelope and it emitted a signal. Now, the trio of friends would have to wait before their private plane came.

Iris was still fangirling over the fact she would get to meet Zekrom, the Black Yin Pokémon. Iris was quite the crazy fangirl over Zekrom. She didn't care if Zekrom was a guy or a girl; she just wanted the chance to meet the awesome, dark, and handsome Zekrom. Secretly, Iris kind of hoped Zekrom was a guy 'Mon.

Cilan too, was looking forward to starring in his first film. He knew Ash previously traveled around Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh, but he didn't know that he worked with Legendary Pokémon in film making. This was an experience that he was looking forward to, and he couldn't wait to start filming.

The trio stepped outside Castelia City's post office. As Ash began to walk down the streets of Castelia City and close to the harbor, Iris and Cilan couldn't help but wonder why Ash was leading them there.

"Uh, Ash?" began Iris. "Can you TELL me what logical sense there is in going to the harbor, which has water, to wait for an airplane?"

"Don't worry too much about it, Iris." Cilan told her. "I'm sure Ash knows what he's doing… this time."

"Yeah," Iris chuckled. "Hopefully, this won't be like the time when you 'knew what you were doing' in that first battle against Lenora and ended up getting your butt kicked."

"Hey, neither of you guys saw that Mean Look and Roar combo coming either!" Ash tried to defend himself.

Iris held a hearty laugh. "You can be such a kid."

Even though Iris called Ash a kid, she knew in reality that Ash had many more years of experience behind him. Ash traveled from Kanto, to Johto, to Hoenn, and to Sinnoh in an impressively short 5 years. Now, he was hitting 16 and traveling Unova. Iris still had plenty of catch up to do before she could reach his level.

The trio had reached the harbor of Castelia City and took in the gorgeous sunset closing over. The feeling of experiencing such a beautiful sight for the first time in Castelia City was… great. It just felt great.

"Wow." Cilan awed in amazement. "Look at those colors! The pinks and the reds and the oranges blend together in the sky to give us such a spectacular phenomenon to witness!"

Iris looked up in the sky, too. She had never been to the big cities before, having spent almost all of her life living in the Dragon Village. Big cities were something very new for Iris and she was a little scared to be honest, but looking out at the beautiful sunset simply soothed her soul.

"…Still looks like a pink Dragon Rage gone wrong." she couldn't help but kid.

She turned to Ash whose head was lost in the clouds, and to another girl he had met before. Iris walked up to him and attempted to snap him out of it.


Ash, still staring at the clouds, finally had Iris' words sink into his head and shook it.

"Yeah?" he asked, turning back to her.

"I kinda noticed you were… spacing out there for a second. And my sixth sense is telling me that something's up with you. Are you thinking about someone?"

"No!" he shouted loudly, startling even the usually alert Iris.

Iris could easily tell Ash was lying. Ash never could lie very well; he was without a doubt, the WORST liar she ever met. She excelled much better at the pastime.


"…Well… kinda." he admitted. "It's… it's Misty, again."

"Oh." she realized. "You mean that girl that you said that you traveled with across Kanto and Johto, right?"

"Yep." he smiled. "The same redhead who always loved to call me out on my mistakes and harassed me ever chance she got."

Iris chuckled. "Sounds like she and I would be great friends."

"Oh, believe me, you two would be best friends in no time!"

"Yeah…" Iris drifted. The silence between the two became deathly. You could take Mewtwo up against the silence and it'd devour him alive.

"…I just… how do I say it?"

Iris knew what he meant, but before she could give a good answer, the engine of a plane roared loudly overhead. It circled Castelia City around and began to descend.

"Wait a minute!" shouted Cilan over the fierce plane engine. "That plane's coming down here, but Castelia City doesn't have an airport! Where's it going to land?"

Two out of the trio looked on in sheer horror as the plane circled back around the Castelia City harbor again and began to go directly at them. Iris and Cilan were panicked out of their minds, frozen in fear staring at the plane. Even the other citizens of Castelia City near the harbor were frightened. The duo were just about the recollect their guts and run for it when Ash reassured them.

"Relax guys. You don't need to go in a panic." he told them calmly.


"Of course not." Ash said, looking at Iris then the airplane. "That plane will land here safely in three…"

Iris and Cilan still appeared scared out of their ever-loving mind and couldn't take reassurance to his words.


"We're gonna die." muttered Iris.


Cilan was quick to get his last words. "Iris, I always wanted to tell you…"


Suddenly, the plane dropped straight down in front of them, and into the water. To the Unova natives' surprise, the plane was FLOATING on the water. Afloat or buoyant, whichever you prefer. This left Cilan and Iris VERY confused.

"What the…? But how? But the plane should be…!" Cilan stuttered.

Iris was just as fazed as Cilan was from the ordeal. Sure, Iris knew she wasn't the smartest person when it came to technology, but even she knew that an airplane should not float in water.

"Ash… you have explaining to do."

Ash smirked. "I'll leave that up to Airplane Driver."

The trio walked up onto the harbor of Castelia City and approached the airplane still floating on the water. The airplane door opened and out stepped a tall, skinny man with black hair, wearing a very nice suit.

"My, Mr. Ketchum. It's a pleasure to see you again."

"You too, Airplane Driver."

"Uhh, Ash." Cilan interrupted. "I don't want to come across tacky to you, but I'm sure Mr. Airplane Driver has a name."

"He does." Ash told him. "His name IS Airplane Driver."

"…Are you kidding me?"

"Nope!" Ash said with a confident grin on his face, indicating that he WAS NOT KIDDING.

"And I suffered through all of high school with that name…" Airplane Driver muttered to himself.

"Well… OK then." Cilan shrugged. "So, we REALLY get to go to Tokyo to film a movie?"

"Yep! It's custom for Ash to invite his friends for the movie and everybody's at the studio waitin' for you guys!"

"What are we waiting around here for?" exclaimed Iris. "Let's go!" Iris ran into the airplane, eager to go to Tokyo and meet the Unova Dragons, Reshiram and Zekrom. Cilan, Ash, and Airplane Driver all walked in behind her. Airplane Driver went to the cockpit and prepared the plane. Iris sat on the right aisle of the plane with Axew in her arms, in a row with 2 seats. Cilan sat down next to her, making Iris blush slightly and Ash sat in the row in front of them.

"Are you guys buckled in?" Airplane Driver shouted over the intercom. "Because this baby can FLY!"

"We're ready, Airplane Driver!"

"Then here we go!"

The plane's engines could be heard starting up and the plane moved through the water, picking up speed.

"I still wonder…" Cilan muttered to himself. "How IS this plane going to take to the skies?"

Cilan got his answer when the plane picked up enough speed through Castelia City Bay and began to ascend to the air. Dismissing the possibility of magic right off of the bat, he just assumed that it was an incredibly advanced plane.

Eventually, the plane turned away from Castelia City and began to make its' way to Tokyo.

Meanwhile, at OLM Studios…

"Ah, come on, Victini! You little cheater!"

Victini and Zekrom were inside Victini's luxurious trailer at the studios, playing Halo 3 on his Xbox 360. After a long campaign playing against Victini, Zekrom sighed as the Psychic / Fire type won YET ANOTHER round.

"Ha HA!" the tiny 'Mon rubbed in Zekrom's face. "That makes ME 27 and you zero! Zilch! Nada! Noth-!"

"I GET it, Victini." Zekrom rolled his eyes. Sure, Zekrom was glad that he had invited to the studio along with his wife, Reshiram, but did Game Freak REALLY have to put Victini in the movie? His spoiled and obnoxious attitude was a bit more than Zekrom could handle. Zekrom set his controller down.

"Where are you going, quitter?"

"I'm going to go and tinker with my inventions again."

"You just can't handle the awesomeness that is Victini!"

Zekrom left the trailer, leaving Victini to kill Zekrom's immobile avatar as many times as he pleased.

Outside the trailer, Zekrom met up with his counterpart (and now wife), Reshiram.

Reshiram chuckled. "Victini getting to you again, Zekrom?"

"THAT would be an understatement."

"I don't blame you AT ALL."

Reshiram and Zekrom got along very well, unlike many other of the counterparts that had been created. Maybe it was because they had once been one being, but now they were separated, with their own unique personality and quirks. And maybe it was because now they were separated, that they shared a strong bond between each other. After all, Yin and Yang are like two sides of the same coin. You can't have one without the other.

When they were called, they were slightly nerved that they would be fighting each other in the new movie. However, they easily came to realize that it WAS just a movie, and that such a fact wouldn't affect their relationship.

Victini, for Reshiram and Zekrom, was an entirely different story. Reshiram and Zekrom were really looking forward to their first movie and meeting Victini… but had they known Victini was such a spoiled condescending jerkass, they might have reconsidered.

"Oh well," Zekrom shrugged. "At least I'll get to see Ash again… and apologize for that trouble I caused him."

Zekrom remembered that day very clearly. It was Ash's first time in Unova and Ash was eager to explore Unova. Zekrom was curious in the new visitor and wanted to check him out. Unfortunately, he was suffering a power overload that day after exhausting his powers the previous day trying to get an invention of his to work. The thunderclouds came to replenish his energy, but he unintentionally ended up taking Pikachu's powers to restore his, accidently shocking both Ash and Pikachu and ended up looking like the bad guy. To make himself look even worse, he had to subject Pikachu to horrible pain in order to give him his powers back. Zekrom knew he should apologize to him for the trouble he caused.

"When do you suppose Ash and his friends are getting here?" Zekrom asked curiously.

"Well, Airplane Driver just called me. He said that they left Unova an hour ago. They should be here in 30 to 45 minutes."

Zekrom chuckled. "Who names their kid 'Airplane Driver'?"

"Someone who obviously does not care about that child's social life."

"Couldn't agree more." laughed a human voice behind them.

Reshiram and Zekrom turned around to see Damon, an actor who would have one of the main roles in the new movie.

"Hey Damon, how are you doing?" Reshiram greeted him.

Damon sighed. "My hair is STILL drying from the black and white hair dye the studio told me to use. I honestly don't know WHY I have to use this, aside from the blatant symbolism. I'm just fine with my brown hair anyway…"

"Yeah." Zekrom agreed. "This might be a kid's movie, but I don't think they're THAT stupid. I don't think they really need the symbolism, but then again, it's not my call to make."

"So, how is the rest of the cast doing?" Reshiram asked Damon.



Reshiram, Zekrom, and Damon turned around to see a steaming mad Victini storming onto the set and towards the director.

"Oh boy." muttered Reshiram. "What's that brat all up in arms about NOW?"

"MR. DIRECTOR!" the Psychic / Fire type shouted in the director's face, having jumped up on his lap. Instead of the director losing his cool, he simply looked down at Victini and said,



"How so?"

To avoid any further possible ear damage, Reshiram, Zekrom and Damon all covered theirs, as they value the ability to hear.


"Well Victini…" the director said gently.

"…Yes?" griped Victini.

"This is my movie." he said quietly, holding back festering anger. "And if you want to stay in, you'll do what I say. Does that sound fair?"


"…Victini?" the director asked again.

Victini, remaining quiet, jumped off of the director's lap and flipped the bird at him. The director snapped. It took two security guards, Reshiram, Zekrom, Damon, and a box of donuts to keep him from killing Victini. Even then, he still managed to land a hit.

Once Victini left the premises, the director slumped back in his chair.

"Mr. Director?" Zekrom stated cautiously. "Are you OK?"

The director sighed. "This is going to be one hell of a movie."

Pokemon (c) Nintendo / Game Freak

Co-credit for the story title 'HM14 – Pokémon Black and White' goes to Flare Dragoness Reshiram.