Hello again to all of my readers! This is a spoof that my brother wrote for me. I just had to share it with all of you that read AMM. I love it! I couldn't think of anything that…I just love it! It's hilarious. He wrote it to spite me, I think, but it turned out really good. It's only like a page long, but it's really neat. There are so many things wrong with it that you just can't help but laugh! Anyway, please review with your thoughts. I'd love to see what you think of it. I'm rather curious, actually. Tell me if you like it or if you don't, and then tell me why. Here is AMM 2!

A Misty Mystery 2

Once upon a time, a Sherlock Holmes wannabe named Nancy Drew had a sister that she previously didn't know existed. Then her father, who misty didn't know existed, banished this new sister, Misty, to the dungeon of the Bastille. Misty was there several years when she met a traveling magician named Yohnyock who taught her several transforming tricks. Then one day Misty—now dubbed Darth Natasha by her new master Darth Yohnyock—set out on a path of ultimate revenge that would in the end lead her to the dark side of the Force. She transformed herself into a cheap RC car and drove through a window out of the Bastille and into the French countryside. Then after transforming into Godzilla and razing Paris to the ground, Natasha set out to find her old family and exact her revenge.

It was not hard to find her family. They had nothing to fear; she was locked up in the Bastille after all, and they could not perceive a way that she could escape. Even now, when Paris had been stomped to the ground by a fire breathing dragon that somewhat resembled their kin, they could not even begin to imagine that this beast, whose attacks had seemed to originate from the Bastille, might somehow be Misty.

Five days later, Nancy was sitting on her porch enjoying a fine Cuban cigar along with her half glass of smoke colored whiskey, when suddenly a cute bunny rabbit hopped by.

"Dad," she yelled, "I tawt I taw a bunny rabbit. Get the shotgun and we'll kill this varmint." Suddenly the bunny rabbit transformed into a genuine Occupy Wall Street guy!

"Oh no!" she screamed, "anything but that!" Finally, Natasha had mercy and instead transformed into a Velociraptor and ate Nancy up in three gulps, cigars and all.

Suddenly, Carson Drew—their father—burst out of the house, looked around, and fell on his knees with shock.

"How could you!" he screamed, "My cigars! Those cigars were actual Cuban cigars! Do you realize how much I paid for those! You're going to pay for what you've done!"

"No," said Natasha. "You will pay!" she said as she licked her dinosaur chops.

"Wait," Drew said, "there's something you should know…I am your father."

"NOOOOOO!" screamed Darth Natasha/Misty. Then out of nowhere, Steven Segul darted out from behind the bushes doing a cartwheel while blasting away with his navy standard issue H&K 9mm semi-automatic sidearm. In his haste he killed both of them, but that's okay because I couldn't decide who the bad guy was in this story anyway. They all lived happily ever after—or, at least Segul did.

The End

List of references in order of appearance:

-Sherlock Holmes

-Nancy Drew

-The legend of "The Man in the Iron Mask"

-Star Wars


-Looney Tunes

-Occupy Wall Street Movement

-Jurassic Park (not necessarily a reference, but could be perceived as one)

-Steven Segul