Title: When We Stand Together

Rating: M

Genres: Romance/Friendship

Pairing: Harry Potter and Cedric Diggory

Summary: Harry came out during his fourth year at Hogwarts. His friends support him all the way. He was also able to tell Cedric how he really felt. Now with the start of his fifth year approaching, Harry must deal with a homophobic school, along with a Wizarding Community that refuses to believe that Voldemort has returned.

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Chapter 1

The Dark Lord Returns

It had to been a mistake. It just had to be. At least this is what Harry Potter thought when the blue flash dimmed and he along with the other Hogwarts Champion, Cedric Diggory appeared in a muggle graveyard. The only explanation that Harry could come up with was that someone had turned the Tri-Wizard Cup into a portkey. Cedric was busy examining the graves.

"Do you think this is part of the task Harry?" Cedric asked, his grey eyes locking with Harry's.

Harry however shook his head as he turned around to look at the grave marker that was directly behind him. The letters were difficult for him to read for the entire marker was caked with grime and dirt that Harry doubted even a scouring charm would be able to clean it. Reaching up, Harry slowly traced the letters with his finger. His finger spelling out TOM RIDDLE SR. 1905-1943. In shock and fear, Harry whipped around to face Cedric.

"Cedric We gotta get out of here now!" Harry says his emerald green eyes wide in fear.

Cedric walked over and pulled Harry into an embrace. You see not only were Harry and Cedric friends, they were also boyfriends. Recently Harry had come out and told his friends that he was gay. His friends had pledged their support to him and made sure that Harry wouldn't feel any different then he already was. It was also recently that Harry admitted his feelings toward the elder Hufflepuff. At first Harry was afraid that Cedric would not only return his feelings, but call him a faggot or some other derogatory name. Cedric however admitted himself that he was having more than friendly feelings for Harry. To say that Harry was surprised was an understatement as the two shared a chaste yet passionate kiss.

Harry looked up at Cedric and said softly "Cedric you don't understand I've been here before in my dreams."

Before Harry could explain himself more, he fell to his knees as his scar exploded with a white-hot searing pain.

"Harry what's wrong?" Cedric asked as he dropped to his to knees in front of Harry. While Cedric was trying to get Harry to tell him what was wrong, he didn't notice the robed figure that was walking towards them. It was only when the figure stumbled and snapped a branch that Cedric turned around and held his wand up high.

"Who are you?" Cedric asked, his grey eyes looking at the figure questioningly.

Suddenly a high-cold voice cut through the night, "Kill the Spare."

After that, a more squeaky voice shouted into the night "Avada Kedavra"

The jet of green life-ending light headed straight towards Cedric. It was if time slowed for Harry as he watched the curse heading towards Cedric. Acting purely on instinct, and probably his seeker skills as well, as he scrambled up to his feet and tackled Cedric down and into the grass, the deadly curse missing Cedric by inches.

"Cedric Find the Cup and get back to Hogwarts, NOW! " Harry hissed slightly looking down at the older boy.

"No Harry, I'm not leaving you" Cedric replied.

"Cedric I love you and I WILL NOT lose you, now get your loyal Hufflepuff arse to the cup and get back to Hogwarts" Harry said.

Cedric muttered something before he raised his wand "Accio Cup". Before the portkey took him back, Cedric promised that he would return with Dumbledore. In a flash of light, Cedric was gone.

With the other boy gone, Pettigrew who Harry was able to guess who was under the robe flicked a wand and made Harry tied to Voldemort's dad's tombstone. Now with Harry tied up, Peter placed the bundle down which was hissing slightly as Peter began to pull a solid stone cauldron across the grass. From the wheezy breaths, it was obviously heavy. Once the cauldron was in place, Peter bent down and lit a fire under the cauldron.

Once the cauldron was lit, Peter picked up the bundle and dropped it into the cauldron. Once that was done he turned to the tombstone and grabbed a bone and dropped it into the cauldron "Bone of the father unknowingly given, you will renew your son" Pettigrew says.

Peter's breath started to get more ragged as he produced from the inside of his robe a long, thin dagger. "F…Flesh of the servant w...willingly given, you will revive your master" Harry closed his eyes as Peter swung the blade down, a piercing cry filling the air as something splashed into the cauldron. Climbing to his feet, Peter staggered over to where Harry was and made a cut down his right forearm. Harry hissing in pain as the blade cut him.

Peter slowly walked over to the cauldron, some of Harry's blood on the tip of the dagger. "Blood of the enemy, forcibly taken you will resurrect your foe". As he said that, Peter tapped the dagger, a drip of blood falling off and entering the cauldron. Almost at once the potion turned a blinding white color.

Harry slowly opened his eyes to see Lord Voldemort stepping out of the cauldron, robes of black smoke surrounding his body. Finally after thirteen years, Voldemort had returned.

Peter then presented Voldemort's wand to him, and after he took it, he pressed the tip to Peter's dark mark, the mark turning jet black and started to wiggle. Almost at once, Witches and Wizards began to apparate and appear at the graveyard. As they did, they stood in awe and shock, for none of them had seen their master for thirteen years. Many of them believed him to be dead.

"Hello my friends" Voldemort says looking around at his followers, "Thirteen years it's been since we last met"

At once, the witches and wizards sank to their knees and began muttering "Oh Master, it's amazing that you returned to us".

"Many of you thought I had lost my life when I failed to kill little Harry Potter" Voldemort says gesturing to Harry's tied form.

"Before I could not touch him, BUT NOW" Voldemort says as he appears in front of Harry, "I can touch him now!" Voldemort said as he presses a long thin finger to Harry's scar.

At once Harry's scar exploded with pain, his cries of pain egging Voldemort on.

However it seemed fate seemed to smile down at Harry tonight for before Voldemort could even contemplate on what way he would kill Harry, there was a flash of blue light and there standing in the graveyard appeared Dumbledore, Cedric, Ron, Hermione, and Sirius Black, Harry's godfather.

Voldemort's red eyes flashed as he saw all these people appearing and ruining his come-back party.

Voldemort's mind began doing some quick thinking; he knew that he and his death eaters would only be as strong as their weakest link. Flicking his wand, he shot a powerful memory charm at Pettigrew removing all the memories of what has happened these last several months. When this was done, Voldemort shoved Pettigrew forward before he apparated out of the graveyard, his followers following him.

At once before Pettigrew could apparate, Sirius stunned him cold. While the others took care of tying up Pettigrew, Cedric, Ron, and Hermione walked up to where Harry was tied up. Flicking her wand, Hermione untied Harry's bonds and Cedric reached up and picked him up, placing his feet back on solid ground.

Instantly, Harry pressed his face into Cedric's chest and nuzzled lightly as the elder boy wrapped his arms around Harry's waist and held him close.

"Told ya I'd be back" Cedric whispered into Harry's ear.

Once Pettigrew was tied tightly, the group gathered around the Portkey, each one pressing a finger to the cup. With a flash of blue light, the portkey transported the group back to Hogwarts.

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