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First and Last and Everything in Between

His alarm rang and almost instantly, Booth knew he was alone. He turned it off with a small pout. Less than a week, but he was already addicted to waking up next to his partner.

Reaching over the side of the bed, he picked up the boxers Brennan had discarded so efficiently the night before and padded to the kitchen. Immediately, he smelled coffee. The rich aroma still lingering in the air told him that she'd left not too long ago.

Booth spied a folded piece of paper next to the coffee maker. As he read it, his brows rose in surprise and then he was chuckling out loud.

I had to go into the lab earlier. I left breakfast for you in the microwave. I've been assured this is an appropriate gesture of affection when one leaves their partner to wake up alone. Which is why I made what you like to eat instead of what you should be eating. Your eating habits are very unhealthy, Booth.

There was another paragraph informing him of the importance of a nutritious breakfast and Booth couldn't wipe the smile from his face. He popped open the microwave door to find his breakfast. He lifted the plate she'd used to cover the food and keep it warm and sighed in contentment. Pancakes that were fluffy and soaked in syrup and two perfect strips of bacon greeted him. There was also a small bowl of oatmeal and when he spooned some of it into his mouth, he knew she'd drenched it in brown sugar.

Oh, Bones.


He let himself into Brennan's apartment and called out her name. When there was no answer, Booth knew he'd beaten her home. He dropped the pizza box on the kitchen counter and kept going into her bedroom.

With a sigh, he took off his jacket and gave it a considering glance. Eyeing her closet, Booth figured he should probably hang it since he was wearing his last clean suit. His suits had been ready for pick up from the dry cleaners for days and he kept forgetting to get them. But in his long list of to-do things any given day, laundry pick-up was usually at the very bottom. Booth loosened his tie and opened Brennan's closet. He reached for a hanger and then stopped, hand in mid-air.

He blinked. Once. Then again. As if by magic, his suits hung there inside clear, plastic garment bags. Of course, it wasn't magic, but feeling slightly amazed, he ran a hand over the neat row of hangers.

Booth tried to think back, trying to remember whether he'd even mentioned anything about the suits. He'd made a passing comment the previous week, he'd recalled. She'd been engrossed in some squinty magazine and murmured something, but Booth had been sure she hadn't even been paying attention. Except, obviously she had been.


Her voice startled him out of his trance. He turned to the bedroom doorway with a foolish grin. "Hey, Bones." She walked in and he nodded to the closet. "Look, the laundry fairy picked up my suits."

"What?" Brennan dropped her bag on the bed and gave him a puzzled look. "That's preposterous, Booth. There's no such thing."

"I –I know, it was a jo—" With a rueful chuckle, Booth walked forward. He stepped in her path and settled his hands at her waist. "Thanks, Bones."

"Of course." She looked at him strangely and Booth knew it was probably because he was grinning like an idiot. "I'm hungry."

"I brought pizza."

"Great." She placed a quick kiss on his lips and stepped out of his hold. "Let's go eat. I'm starving."

Smile in place, he followed her out of the bedroom.


Lunchtime came and went and Booth's stomach grumbled in protest. He disregarded the sound and reached for another file.

He'd been foregoing lunch for days in an attempt to get home at a reasonable hour. Not that he had really succeeded. Most of the time, Brennan was already sleeping by the time he dragged himself through the door. Not for the first time, Booth cursed the two agents who'd quit without so much as a heads-up the previous week and dropped their massive caseload on him. In all fairness, it hadn't all gone to him, the cases had been redistributed among various agents. But as one of the most senior agents in the office, he'd gotten the more complex ones and he'd been spending all damn week desperately trying to play catch-up.

Trying to decipher the chicken scrawl on some of the case notes was giving him a headache. Or perhaps it was the hunger. With a groan, Booth let his head fall to the desk, right on top of the pile of files.

When soft fingers stroked through his hair, Booth raised his head. "Bones!" Brennan raised a hand, showing him a familiar brown paper bag. "Is that …?"

She smiled. "Soup from Mama's."

Immediately his mouth watered and his stomach roared, desperate for food. "Oh god, you're the best."

"There's a burger and fries in there too." Brennan handed him the bag. "I stopped by the Founding Fathers on the way here."

Booth opened the bag, the scent of burger and fries making him nearly salivate. "Oh, Bones, you have no idea how hungry I am."

"I think I do." Brennan reached inside and poached a fry. "You've been skipping a lot of meals lately, Booth."

He chuckled a little at the sudden role reversal. "C'mere, Bones." Booth pushed back from his desk, turning his chair a little and snagged her hand as she rounded the desk. "I've barely seen you all week."

"You've been working late." Brennan leaned against his desk and feathered the tips of her fingers over his face in a quick caress. "And you haven't been eating."

"Ah, that's my line, Bones." He raised her captured hand to kiss her knuckles. "You gonna eat with me?"

"No, I had lunch with Angela earlier."

"So you came here just to bring me food?" His mouth kicked up in a lop-sided smile.

Brennan fought a slight flush. "Yes."

Booth smiled widely and turned back to his desk and his food.


It was half an hour after dinner when Brennan got the first text message.

I'm sorry, Bones. I don't think I'm getting out of here any time soon.

That was the first, but not the last.

Hacker won't stop talking. Damn it, I'm gonna miss my game.

Man, he's boring. And his voice is kind of annoying.

Brennan smiled at that one, but texted back an admonishment for him to behave himself.

When Booth got home, he was surprised to see her bundled up on his couch, apparently watching TV.

"Bones," he smiled automatically and took off his tie and jacket. "What are you doing still up?"

"Waiting for you."

"Aw." Booth plopped next to Brennan on the couch. "How come?"

"Do I need a reason?"

"No." He scooted closer and got under the blanket with her. Draping one arm over her shoulders, he cuddled her into his side. "No, you don't."

"There's take-out in the kitchen if you're hungry."

"Kinda am, but don't even wanna move at the moment. God, Bones," he groaned, pressing his forehead to her shoulder. "A three hour meeting on productivity and efficiency. How freaking ridiculous is that?"

"It does seem counter-productive," she agreed, one hand patting his thigh in comfort.

"And I missed my game," he whined poutily.

Brennan smiled and reached for the remote. "This game?"

His head snapped up to the TV. It took him a second to process and then he turned to her with wide, shining eyes. "You recorded it?"

"It would appear so." Her brows furrowed slightly. "That's the one you wanted to watch, right?"

"Yeah." He reached for the remote and paused the pre-game show. His hand curved over her cheek and he placed a sweet kiss against her lips. "Why are you so good to me?" he murmured against her mouth.

It was a rhetorical question, but she answered anyway. "Because you deserve it." Her lips rubbed his softly and her voice teased gently. "And because I sort of like you."

"Sort of, huh?" Booth chuckled warmly, enjoying the small tease. "I sort of like you too."

Cupping a hand around her nape, he brought her closer, kissing her more deeply. Her lips parted easily, fusing against his with a barely audible moan. His fingers inched up from the back of her neck, burying into her hair and as he kissed her firmly, Booth's head fairly spun.


It was the end of the second inning when Booth saw Brennan climb the metal stands and find a seat next to Rebecca.

"Hey, Dad, Bones is here," Parker told his father, sending an enthusiastic wave towards the stands as he ran to cover his position at third base.

"I saw," Booth replied, sending another glance in her direction.

The game got underway again and Booth couldn't help sneaking glances at her every once in a while. He was genuinely surprised to see her because she was supposed to be in limbo all day, catching up with her backlog of reconstructions since they were case-free at the moment. But here she was. Over the next four innings, he saw her clap, cheer and pepper Rebecca with questions. At one point, they high-fived and Booth laughed out loud.

But at the end of the game there was no more high-fiving because Parker's team lost by one run. Booth walked with his dejected son to the edge of the field where Rebecca and Brennan were waiting.

"We lost," he informed gloomily.

Rebecca immediately hugged him. "You were great."

"You were very impressive, Parker." Brennan backed up the sentiment with hard statistics. "You reached the base every time. No one else did that."

"Yes," Parker smiled briefly but added, "We still lost."

"There's always next game, bub," Booth reminded him. "How about some ice cream?"

Parker gave a rather subdued yes, but after a loaded hot fudge sundae, he was feeling a lot peppier. It was Booth who lost his cheerful mien when he had to give his son a goodbye hug and send him home with his mother.

"You're with me all next weekend, okay, buddy?" he said, giving Parker a fierce hug.

"Can we work on my bunting?" Parker requested very seriously.

"Of course," Booth laughed, ruffling his hair affectionately.

But his merriment turned wistful as he watched the car drive away. Brennan stood next to him and looped her arm through his. Booth turned his head and placed a kiss against her cheek. "Let's go home, Bones."

He was still quiet by the time they arrived at his apartment. As they walked into the bedroom, Brennan turned to him, framing his face in her hands. "I hate when you're sad, Booth."

"I'm not sad."

She gave a soft smile. "You always are when you have to say goodbye to Parker."

Booth sighed and wound his arms around her in a gentle hug. It was true. He was always bummed when he saw his son for a bit and then had to say goodbye. "Okay, yes," he admitted. "But you make it all better, Bones."

Her lashes moved up and down in a near slow motion blink. "I do?"

"You don't even know how happy it makes me just to see you." Raising his hands, he brushed her hair away from her face. "Thanks for coming today."

"I didn't want you to come home alone," she confessed shyly.

Eyes glittering, Booth could do nothing else but kiss her. His arms tightened around her, holding her impossibly closer. She snuck her hands under his t-shirt in a wide stroke and he groaned softly, raising his arms to help her take it off.

With sure hands, he caught the zipper of her jeans. As he drew the denim down, she lifted her own shirt. In her matching bra and panty set, she stood before him, looking so incredibly soft and beautiful. Booth fitted his hands to her generous bottom, pressing her against him and relishing the feel of her against his naked torso. He squeezed her rounded curves and kissed her throat and locked glinting eyes on hers. "I want to stroke every single inch of you," he said in a voice gone hoarse. "Everywhere," he added, the words soft but electrifying. "Touch you everywhere. Kiss you all over." His fingers pressed her even more firmly against him. "Say yes, Bones."

"Yes." She kissed him. "Yes." She unsnapped his pants. "Yes." She let him remove the rest of her clothes and did the same to his. "Yes. Yes. Yes."

Holding her close, Booth walked backwards until they hit the bed. She landed on top of him and his legs spread automatically to cradle her between his thighs. Brennan braced her palms on the bed for leverage and rubbed against him. He let her, content to stroke his hands over the softness of her back.

She peppered kisses on his throat and shoulders and lips and everywhere she could reach. The feel of her hair sliding all over his skin was incredibly arousing. He could feel himself growing harder, his back arching into her with every movement of her gorgeous body on top of his.

"My turn, Bones," he whispered, unable to stay passive any longer. Cupping her hips, he rolled until she was under him. Her eyes were heavy lidded and hazy with passion as she gazed up at him. "God, I need you so much."

He crushed his mouth against hers and let his hands roam over her curves. She moaned into the kiss when he caressed her breasts and Booth groaned in response. Helplessly, he rubbed against the incredible softness between her thighs. Long legs wrapped around his waist, urging him to sink inside her. Booth resisted, wanting to touch and kiss and leave her mindless before falling apart.

His hands caressed up and down the sides of her body, his mouth leaving a trail of kisses across her shoulders, between her breasts, along her throat. She arched beneath him, gasping his name, until the battle to keep from drowning inside her became a losing one. But he entered her slowly, inch by inch, attention rapt on her face. When he moved, it was even slower, cataloguing every reaction, savoring every part of her fused against him.

Fingers lacing with hers, he kissed her mouth, absorbing the way she rippled around him. With a shuddering gasp, Booth dropped his head back and then forward, burying his face against her silken throat. "Oh, Bones."

Booth flipped on his back, taking her with him and Brennan rested her head on his chest. Panting breaths ghosted over his skin and he stroked his fingers through her hair. After a bit, Booth pulled the sheets up and tucked them securely over their bodies.

Holding her close, his fingers smoothed over the line of her spine, almost unconsciously. The top of her head tucked neatly under his chin and her splayed hand rested on his chest. It was unquestionable that they fit together like perfect puzzle pieces.

Booth sighed, whispered softly. "Bones?"

There was no response, but for a tiny little snort that Booth found incredibly cute. He pressed his lips to the top of her head and thought to just how new their relationship was, but how incredibly satisfying.

"You're everything," he said softly against her hair and let his eyes flutter shut.