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Hello all. My name is Aiko Hanashi. Let's begin shall we!

When all else fails, blame Ino:

Where would any classic fanfiction be without it's, what I like to call, DPS.

Drunken Party Scene.

Whether it is thrown by the most popular guy in the school, a cleverly put together surprise party, or just a simple late night at the bar, they are always there. There we often watch as our favorite character makes a mess of his or herself, shows off their "curves in all the right places"-

I'm sorry, I have to stop there.

Okay. What the fuck is having curves in all the right places! Where are these places! Why are their curves always there? What the fuck do I picture. Is there some hidden picture in fanfiction of a picture of a girl with "curves in all the right places" we're supposed to refer to when we read that ? Please enlighten me so I can avoid moments like this:

*Me at Home*

Italics: Words from the story

Normal: My reactions

"Cascading curls…Oh how nice…Full lips…Shit brown eyes…Wow! This is such vivid description!...Curves in all the right places. Wait what the fuck. How does that look."

It causes the what the fuck do I picture effect. Which…is a new post of its own.

Anyways at these drunken parties you can always expect the character to do one thing.

Drunkenly confess their love to their crush.

Or have Sex with them…

It all depends.

One thing remains however, why does this always happen? Well I have an answer.


Damn that scheming bitch.

Always sneaking into the plot and making the protagonist aware of how they've "Been working too hard" or "Need a break" or "Need to go on a date" or some shit like that. This often creates a scene like this:

*Me at Home*

"He likes her!...But she's not gonna let up that easy, oh yeah…there you go…make him chase you- Wait What the fuck. A party?...Damn you Ino…"

We've all been here.

Or maybe it's just me.

It might be just me…


Just me.

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