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I tried to stop.

Honestly, I did.

I thought I was through.


These bitches are just to motherfucking crazy for me. Like honestly I can go through a whole page and not find anything I want to read.

It's summer so I've been riding the wave of the "summer burst," and honestly guys I've come across so much bullshit that I thought I was where manure was made. And I'm not talking about bullshit that is the obvious efforts of a beginner, no, that is called trying something new.

I'm talk about Grade-A, slowly cooked, and properly seasoned bullshit.

I can safely say that the cliche I've written about that I've seen the most of lately is fucking misspelling the name of every single fucking character or village. My biggest pet peeve.

Actually it's not a pet peeve, it's a fucking problem that would annoy anyone.

On an entirely different note…


Writers, writers, writers.

Everyone your character meets cannot fall in love with her.

No likes a fucking love octagon.

Sakura can't have the entire Akatsuki fall in love with her because she "not afraid to fight back."

Not everyone can be captivated by Hinata's lilac eyes and quiet, gentle disposition.

And your mother fucking Mary Sue cannot have the innate abillity to do something special that she didn't know would affect the guys in such a way. It always goes something like this.

*Me At Home*

Sasuke's hands shook slightly as he sat on the ground, a torrent of emotions running through him. The world of ninja was harsh, he knew, but this time was just so sad and furious and…hurt. Jane stared at the man she just randomly saw and haven't even said a word to or ever heard of or about in her life forlornly, not knowing what to do, so she did the only thing she knew to do (Me: here comes a mother fucking cliché cause that's what always follows that phrase). Jane sat down beside Sasuke, if he noticed or not he gave no sign (Me: another widely used phrase). She gently placed her hand on his shoulder and began singing. Sasuke froze.

'This is the lullaby that sweet, beloved mama used to sing to me when the thunderstorms came and made me have nightmares.'

When Sasuke stopped shaking and looked at her Jane gave him a warm smile that sent shivers through his body (Me: Of course) before finally saying the words that made him fall in love with stranger immediately, no questions asked or hesitations, or any sort of proper thought that is supposed to go into these things, quite frankly.

'Here, have a tomato.'

What the actual fuck.

Bitch, no.

Let's get to the root of this chapter.

What was the main problem with that story?


Not that.

I know what you're thinking that's not it.

It's the fact that the author set the story in the ninja world of Naruto that we all know and then proceeded to reveal her female protagonist…

Was named Jane.

Fucking Jane.

If I read another god damn story where the god damn OC, who's not even supposed to fucking be there in the first place, has this American ass name, I am goin to go crazy…er.

I wouldn't have even noticed the terrible plot, cause I wouldn't of gotten to it because, I would have fucking stopped after I realized that I was going to be reading about the adventures of fucking Jane in a world where no one has an American name. She already stands out enough, so don't make it so painfully obvious.

Because really.

It's fucking painful.

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Get cozy.

So I guess we can call my little discontinuation more of a hiatus.

So what's up with me?

Sophomore year (of high school) has ended. Junior year is approaching.

Hanging out a lot.

Watching Korean dramas a lot.

Sleeping a lot.

How've you guys been?

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One more thing! There is a story called:

Domineering What's Mine

I loved it. Can you guys look at it (honestly to get a feel for what it's like just look at the summary) and tell me of any good fanfiction, manga, anime, or even fucking books that have this kind of dark, twisted romance? Thanks in advance! If you guys want me to recommend any Fanfiction to you just leave what kind you're looking for in your review and I'll let you know if I've read any like that. Trust me, I read all types so I won't find anything weird.

And always remember:

Fuck bitches.

(Do you guys remember when I started saying that? Good times…)

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