Arc Rise Fantasia 2

Emil C.: "Hello everyone! This story was given to me by Trace Carter! It seems he didn't have any more ideas for this story... It is very sad Right Happy? Tenebrae?"

Happy: "Aye! Everything here is delicious!" -staring at a huge bowl full of fish-

Tenebrae: "Lord Emil, would you be kind enough to tell me why I have to work with this..." -points at Happy eating like a pig- "Blue, short and ill-mannered cat?"

Happy: "Emil! Ten-Ten is being mean!" -starts crying-

Tenebrae: "Why you little-! How many times do I have to tell you! I AM NOT CALLED TEN-TEN! My name is Tenebrae, Centurion of Darkness Tenebrae..." -hits Happy in the back-

Emil C.: "Quit it you two! Please stop..." -Happy throws the bowl full of fish to Emil's face- "O.K.! THAT IS IT! I am tired of your crap" -green eyes suddenly turns red- "If you two runts don't want me to get mad and call Erza and Marta..." -points at the two creatures in front of him- "YOU BETTER START BEHAVING! GOT IT!"

Happy: "Aye, sir! Gomennasi, Emil! But, please, don't call the 'Titania'!" -makes little puppy eyes-

Tenebrae: "Lord Ratatosk!" -stares with fear and disbelief into Emil's red eyes- "Please don't punish me! I am but your most humble servant! -kneels down- "I beg of you, don't tell Lady Marta anything or I'll dread for my life!"

Emil C.: "Well, well..." -looks at both of them with an evil smile in my face- "aren't you being quite dramatic, now?" -starts laughing like a maniac- "Very well then, you better NOT misbehave or I'll call the girls, got it?"

Tenebrae and Happy: "Yes, Master!"

Emil C.: "Now, then..." -points at them with a murderous grin- "Disclaimer!"

Tenebrae: "Yes, Master! Emil C. does not own Fairy Tail, Tales of Symphonia or Arc Rise Fantasia! But he humbly wishes for all of you readers to enjoy it!"

Happy: "Please, enjoy!" -moves towards the reader, far from where Emil C. is- "He is even more scary than Lucy and Erza together" -starts chuckling-

The Rising


"So Ryfia, shall we?" L'Arc turned to see Ryfia in the eyes. "Let's go the world we fought to protect." Holding Ryfia's hand tightly, almost savoring every instant he was by her side.

The Holy Land of Noire, stood up as always magnificent to the view of anyone who might take the time, it looked different, though. What seemed long stairs that took over deep mazes and frightening creatures, was now quiet. The maze was unraveled and one could easily access the Core's Room from the warping hologram in the entrance, the walk might have been short in question but it could be appreciated that while the two stood silently walking side-by-side a story was already being told…

As L'Arc and Ryfia walked out of The Holy Land of Noire, they noticed a familiar lightship waiting for them. The brunet was very amused seeing the old Lightship still intact waiting for them to take off to a new destination.

"What is the 'Cecille the Brave' doing here?" asked L'Arc, still puzzled at the new surroundings that enveloped him, trying his best not to show any trace of excitement.

"Oh, I used it to get here!" Ryfia said nonchalantly running towards the entrance of the Lightship. "Remember? I had to sleep with the divine race and came all the way from Lascarde to see you," answered Ryfia turning her face to L'Arc, "Cecille taught me how to fly it so I could welcome you when the time for you to wake from your sleep came." With her last statement a small giggle escaped Ryfia's lips.

"Then I guess you can fly us to Diamont to check on Alf's legacy." L'Arc traced down with his finger towards the place were Imperial City used to be.

"That sounds nice." Taking hold of the Lightship's controls in her hands, "here we go!" She yelled, igniting the machine's core and blasting towards the sky at full speed.

"WOW!" L'Arc yelled trying to hold to his seat as Ryfia crossed over the clear morning sky of Fulheim. "Ryfia, slow down," the swordsman shrieked unable to hold his fear as they passed close to Ellgode Volcano's crater at full speed, "if you don't we might crash!" L'Arc closed his eyes as they passed the fuming gasses released from the crater.

"Oh, L'Arc…" The girl trailed off as they left Elligode's Volcano behind. "Don't you trust me?" She smiled as they started their descent to Diamant.

"Men, this girl is dangerous…"He told himself, "luckily she's on my side and I will never let her go this time," he whispered taking Ryfia's hand again and walking out of the Lightship and towards the Royal City.

Emil C.: "I know it's kind of short... I humbly want to apologize but don't fret! The next chapter will be long!" -winks-

Happy: "Aye! Emil is so confident of the new chapter after he asked Lucy for help" -gets close to the reader again- "He liiiiiiikes her" -purrs as he says this-

Marta: "Emil! How could you!" - a petite girl with light brown hair appears from nowhere- "Don't you want to be the father of my children!" -points with her finger accusatively to Emil-

Emil C.: "M-Marta..." -looks to the floor- " We haven't even passed from a kiss and a second date and..." -stammers- " want to have chi-children!"

Marta: "But of course! The sooner, the better!" -throws daggers to Emil- "Now, come!"

Emil: "Marta, we are not even 18 years old and you want to...have s-se-..." -stutters-

Marta: "What? SEX? Well of course! Or do you want to wind up like Lloyd and Colette?"

Happy: "What do you mean?" - Happy asks innocently-

Emil C.: "They've been going out for 3 years and they still blush when the kiss each other!" -Emil starts flushing- "Isn't that romantic?"

Marta: "Hell, NO!" -stares at the cat- "One year, sure! BUT THREE GOD DAMN YEARS! I WANT COMPROMISE!" -pulls out her spinner and points at Emil- "Now, come!"

Emil C.: "Sorry Marta , but I think we need a break!" -starts running away from the girl- "C'mon, Happy! Today we'll stay at Gray's!"

Happy: "Aye, sir!" -wings suddenly appears on the back of the cat- "Let me take you, Emil!" -Happy pulls Emil to him and both of them fly away-

Emil C.: "Thanks Happy!" -smiles to the cat- "I'll make sure to make some fish Quiche just for you!" -pulls a thumbs up to the cat-

Tenebrae: "..." -looks towards the fleeting silhouette of Emil and Happy- "What did I missed?" -asks to Marta-

Marta: "Tenebrae!" -smirks deviously towards the centurion- "You're Emil's personal assistant, right?"

Tenebrae: "This is no good..." -starts backing out of the scene-

Marta: "Oh, Tenebrae-!" -uses a high pitch tone on him-

Tenebrae: "You won't get me!" -starts charging his powers- "Powers of darkness, take me where my Master is!" -Tenbrae disappears in a cloak of darkness-

Marta: "I will get you, Emil!" -looks towards the sky in a dramatic way- "I SWEAR!"