Arc Rise Fantasia 2

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The Rise

Those Who Lived On

"Miss Ryfia…" The young swordsman called upon the joyful pilot walking to the bridge of the ship.

"Yes?" She cheerfully smiled not leaving her sight from the road in front.

"Calm down, Roland! Just start a conversation…" The brunet's stomach growled in discomfort as the lady on the wheel waited patiently to her companion.

"Are you feeling alright, Roland?" Ryfia stood up of the chair putting the ship in auto pilot before turning to the sweaty boy.

"Yeah…!" Roland stammered.

"So, Ryfia…" The young lad began trying to regain some of composure in front of the energetic Diva. "Is it true that Simmah was your father?" The blue eyed swordsman inquired.

"No." She shook her head with ease, causing the latter to take a step back. "He is my father," she ratified walking towards one of the ships compartments, "and I will forever be grateful to him…"

"May I inquire the reason?" He ventured to ask of his friend.

"Well, it's just that he actually saved us and guided us more than once in our last quest…" She dejectedly smiled.

"That's what parents are supposed to do anyways." Roland retorted closing the gap between the Diva and himself. "I must confess I'm a little jealous of you…" He grieved.

"But Roland," Ryfia took the chestnut-haired swordsman's hand, "even without your mom here with you…" She softly passed her fingers into Roland's curly bangs of hair.

"That doesn't mean that you're alone." She solemnly uttered not leaving her gaze from the latter's, whose frantic condition was getting worst by the proximity of their bodies. "Not today, not tomorrow…" Her amber orbs dazzling with fervent light as they swelled a little.

"As long as we stay together," the kind hearted Diva hugged her friend, "you will never have to miss your mother again, ok?" Her tears rolled freely from her rosy cheeks.

"I'm sorry…" She said embarrassed walking over to the shelves she was browsing around once again. "I was supposed to be the one cheering you up and ended up crying for my own mother…" She took out a teapot out of the said shelf and poured water in to it.

"Do you want some tea?" She absently asked receiving a slight nod with the head as an answer from Roland.

"May I ask your mother's name, Ryfia?" Roland hesitantly asked afraid of his companion's condition and his own around her, but finally decided to speak up afraid of the uncomfortable silence that lingered between the two of them as the hot water boiled.

"Ciel…" She hiccupped discouraged touching the fabrics of the dress that once belonged to her mother.

"Well, my mother was called…" The apprentice swordsman began.

"Melia, correct?" Ryfia's cheeks blushing to the finest shade of pink. "I think I read it in the graveyard…"

"But of course…" Roland silently laughed of his mistake; after all they went to the graveyard together.

Soon enough both of them found themselves laughing at each other's awkward antics and enjoyed from a light-hearted talk about cultural developments of the latest century together as if they've been friends from ages.

"Ahem," Ryfia composed herself when she heard the kettle's whistle calling for a well-deserved cup of tea. "I think I should get the tea ready and see how our patients are doing…"

"Yes…" He agreed a little resentful of the short amount of time they shared.

"So the little princess came to play with us today?" A malevolent girl's voice echoed inside the blonde girl's head. "Such a pity! Boohooo! I wanted to play with you a little longer!"

"No…" She stared in awe at the elongated shape in front of her father's body. "This can't be!"

"Oh, but it is!" She wickedly smiled. "I have to thank you by the way for letting, little old me, get so close to your old Pops!" Her hands holding the old man's neck with inhuman force.

"You fiend! Show thyself!" The lady demanded as the wretched figured remained covered in the shadows of the room.

"Please!" The unknown female exasperatedly groaned. "Would you cut it out with that dainty old century speech?"

"How dare you profane my home and my father!" The lady glared at the monster in the shadows as she took out her trusty fan.

"Oh, you silly willy!" The blasphemous lass chuckled. "I don't care who you are and I certainly don't care who you are…"

"How dare you!" She defiantly confronted the latter.

"How dare I?" She chortled. "Let me tell you, missy, that I've been living in this land far before your family conquest this lands…!"

"And with the same right with which I've live this eternity in hell," her twisted voice growling like a ravaging beast, "I will take everything your forefathers took from us, girl!" She devilishly smiled.

"What is going on here?" The closed door of the room was forcefully opened. "Alice, is that you?" The man muttered trying to make up anything in the dark room.

"Phillip!" The lady ran to the man's arms. "A devil has attacked my beloved father!" The blonde's eyes swollen with tears.

"You…" The young lad roared filled with indignation. "How dare you ruin my beloved's precious face with tears?" He unsheathed his blade pointing it at the monster.

"I shall never let you get away with this!" He swore as he ran towards their enemy at full speed.

"My, my!" The girl cockily smirked at his adversary. As the blade pierced on the creature's flesh the unfaltering smirk of her face grew ever so fearful.

"Is that all you got, boy?" The woman cackled. "Now I will show you what a real attack should look like!" She said plunging her fist over the man's head and connecting it with a sequence of kicks that threw the lad a few meters above the ground making the latter crush his lower back to the wall.

"Phillip!" The fair princess ran towards the battered man. "Please answer me!" The blue eyed beauty whimpered as he shook his savior's body frantically.

"Alice…" He mumbled recovering his consciousness. "Run!" He commanded her pushing her away from the coming blow thrown by the girl.

"Than-thank you, Phillip." She gasped noticing how close the creature's attack was from drilling her chest.

"Don't thank me now, my queen…" He absently looked her way. "Run and find some help! Run, now!"

"But why would I let the preaching princess leave, huh?" She blurted out in indignation. "I can just finish her now and end with all this problems with you two…"

"NO!" Phillip leaped towards his enemy with his full body. "Run now! Leave the town!" He yelled at the lady who's petrified frame could hardly let her move from her apparent state of shock.

"Now! Damn it!" He repeated wrapping his adversary in a potent two-end lock.

"I will do my best!" She finally answered back running towards the exit. "But, promise me you'll come back to me…" She demanded of his fiancée stopping right outside the room.

"Fine! I promise!" He chuckled as the beast tried to fight his way out of the lock. "But you promise me you'll get that fine body of yours to the altar with me as the lucky man!"

"I swear upon my life, Phillip Galliardos!" She finally agreed leaving the man alone to fight the creature.

"Where… Where am I?" The blonde maiden resting on the berth groaned in discomfort.

"The beast…" An unknown voice mumbled in a whisper beside the waking lady.

"Beast!" Alice jolted from her slumber and got up remembering what had happened in the castle just yesterday.

"Oh! You're awake!" Ryfia contently strode towards the lady who was still very much confused on the reason why the Diva was there, but most importantly, she wanted to know where she was.

"Lady Ryfia, is that really you?" She asked a little bit less unsettled noticing the Diva walking towards her with a tray of brimming hot tea and some sugar cubes.

"Yes, it is me!" She laughed it off. "I mean, who else could I be?" She started pondering in her head as she placed the said tray beside the bunker's head on a small table.

"Ryfia," a man's voice was heard from another room, "I don't think that's what Her Majesty meant…"

"Excuse my rashness," the fair princess began as she took the cup of tea ushered by Ryfia in her hands, "but thy the mystery voice be as gentle as to present itself before starting a conversation about my person as if I was not present at the moment?"

"I apologize for my lack of manners, your Royal Highness…" Roland quickly came out of the other room and bowed to his knees in front of the blonde lady drinking her tea.

"My name is Roland Oigen," he said somewhat hesitant, "direct descendant of the Heroe Ratan Oigen and the Child of Eessa L'Arc Bright Lagoon…"

"No need for that much decorum or presentations," she smiled delighted, "it's just that I don't like when people are not straight forward when talking about somebody else's affairs!" She sighed.

"But…" Ryfia thought out loud. "Isn't it kind of the same thing you did the first time you met us?" She carelessly asked.

"W-whatever do you mean, Ryfia?" She stuttered ashamed spilling some of the tea from her mouth.

"Oh no…" Alice gasped. "I ruined my dress…"

"Here," Ryfia offered a handkerchief to her friend, "with this you might be able to scratch off the stain of lemon tea!" She reassured.

"It matters not dear." She kindly smiled to her. "The important thing is that the Imperial Kingdom of Meridia is under imminent attack!" She jolted placing her cup down and looking straight into the Diva's amber eyes.

"I need to talk to the Child of Eessa." She stated out flatly. "Ryfia, would you be as kind as to tell me where I can find him to talk about these pressing matters?"

"Well, you see…" Ryfia took Alice's hand and conducted her to the other room. "He's been unconscious lying on the bed ever since the earthquake and the Rogress left him…" She grieved, her eyes showing such remorse at not being able to help her partner in this moment of great peril.

And there lied in a very deep slumber L'Arc, his skin flustered red as the perspiration from his forehead soaked all his face. The unbearable sight of the ancient hero remitted to the abyssal figure in front was breathtaking to the every one of the ship's crew as he hoarsely mumbled two words over and over again in his nightmares… "The beast…"

"I can't see my brother like this any longer…" Roland shut his eyes abruptly turning his gaze from L'Arc to Alice. "I'm sorry to say this, my ladyship, but he won't come back to us anytime soon…"

"Interesting…" She mumbled under her breathe before continuing with her trail of thought. "Ryfia, for how long has L'Arc had this type of nightmares?" She inquired.

"Ever since we took one step inside Diamant…" She answered very secure of her answer. "But the first two times I thought it was just a side effect of all the grievances he had never let off from our past journey…"

"True," she agreed with Ryfia's supposition, "well then, when did his severe fever come to be?"

"Actually…" Roland spoke first this time. "If I may say something, your Royal Highness." He bowed to the blue-eyed lady in green cloths.

"Alice, just Alice if you may be so kind as to address me…" She cheerfully helped Roland to straighten up. "And don't ever bow before me like this!" She slightly blushed.

"Yes, your kinship!" He retorted gaining an angry glare from the maiden in emerald garments. "I mean, Alice, what I was just trying to say was that it seems as the Child of Eessa got in such a grave state after the so called fabled Rogresses left his side…" He noted as he pulled L'Arc's left arm straight up.

"Can you see, your lady…?" He stopped. "Alice, yeah Alice, can you see it….?" He pointed out at two small freckles of light shining over the slumbering hero's arm.

"What are those…?" She inquired intrigued of the story behind those powers emanating from his arm.

"They're called 'Dragon Gems' and they hold the spirits of the Rogress." Answered the fair Diva in a matter-in-fact tone.

"But right now I can only see two…" She placed one of her hands on her chin. "I thought the fabled 'Heroes of Noire' were 12… and thoust the Child of Eessa received their approval and strength from all of them…" She mused pacing herself around the room frantically.

"We don't know why they left him…" Ryfia shamefully admitted. "But Allul told us to follow their trace to save your Kingdom and L'Arc's life," she commented aware of the many questions that plague them all, "and I will trust in her and my father in this one…"

"Your father…?" Alice snapped back to the conversation and out of her tray of thoughts.

"Simmah, Simmah the Liberator…." Roland whispered to the princess's ear.

"Very well then," Alice sighed deeply trying to calm her nerves, "so where are we going to?" She asked.

"Oh! We're going to one of the few places where time is relative in our world!" She sheepishly smiled.

"Which would be…?" Roland raised his voice a little bit over the edge thanks to the Diva's rambunctious answers.

"Oh, right…" She courteously bowed. "I forgot not everyone can feel the changes in Ray in our world the way I can!"

"On the contrary," the maiden in green cloths stood up and walked her way towards one of the lightship's window, "we're going to the 'New Moon' Inn a place that for a long time has been kept by the royal family safe…"

"Only those of the royal line shall gain access to that holy site," she carelessly commented. "But to be honest with you, my friends…" Her eyes lighted with a great burst of excitement.

"I have never seen the outside world before!" She gently touched the window's crystal case and looked at the outside world for the first time in her life.

"This might as well be the end of our world, but for me this is the best day of my life…" She gaily left a hidden tear roll freely. "Thank you, Child of Eessa and to you grandmother…"

"Alice!" Ryfia came running beside her friend. "What's wrong?" She hugged her friend concerned.

"Why are you crying, my lady?" Roland held his handkerchief to the young maiden of Meridia's crown.

"I'm just plain glee!" She assured them with a truthful smile. "This is my first time in the 'outside world'" She remarked as the small island where the inn resided became visible to all of the crew members.

"And here we are!" Ryfia exclaimed as the lightships entrance opened so that everyone could leave the ship freely.

"Unbelivable!" Alice ran towards the waterfall behind the old hut that looked exactly the same way it was 500 years ago. "The magnificent display of 'Mother Nature's true power' in action once again was able to marble me to no ends!"

"Hey Alice!" Ryfia called for her friend's attention as she approached the place where she was standing in frenzy. "Wait for me!" She waved her hand hoping to soak her face on the clear fresh water falling from the cascade.

"I'm coming!" The tired swordsman came carrying on his lap his ancestor. "Please don't leave me!"

"No, Ms. Ryfia!" She waved her hands at the two incomers. "Please don't come any closer!" She yelled alarmed.

Due to the wet soil and the fast pace the careless Diva was going towards her friend, the inevitable tiding came to be as the Diva's left foot tripped over a tree's root and felt over his head to the floor making the following swordsman fall as well. All the way they rolled down the little hill both bodies covering L'Arc's unconscious body of getting serious damages. "Ouch!" Was the only thing they could say after such a painful fall.

"What was that all about?" Ryfia asked flustered from the 'trip' she just took thanks to the scandalous warning from the princess which face was now red as a tomato and laughing to her heart content.

"Please forgive my rudeness!" The princess begged her companions helping them stand once again on their feet. "There's supposed to be some kind of barrier keeping those with no 'royal blood' in…"

"I wonder…" Roland said walking towards the entrance once again. "No!" He screamed as an incredible zap of electricity and ray flowed over his whole body and blew him away.

"It seems that it just works on those blessed with Eessa's bloodline…" Ryfia commented as she walked freely from one side to the other without being hit by the protective barrier.

"Well at least the barrier does acknowledge you as a descendant of L'Arc, Roland!" She kindly held a hand over to the fallen swordsman.

"What do you mean?" He raised a dubious eyebrow at Alice. "I was just zapped by that barrier…!" The brunet swordsman groaned.

"It could've been worst…" The emerald orbs of the fated princess ominously glared at him. "Much, much worst trust me…" She ended making the latter shiver as he once again tried to pass that barrier.

"Well, it seems that the inn is still intact." Ryfia commented as she gently asked Roland to place L'Arc in one of the beds inside the in. "The problem will be finding that teleporting pentagram once again…" She walked towards the area where it once was.

"What do you mean, Ryfia?" Alice curiously inquired.

"Oh! It's just that I'm pretty sure that the place where the most Rogresses came towards was here." She tapped the green grass with her staff with no respond from the latter.

"Why would they come to such a desolated place in the world?" She pondered as she brought her fan out. "But you said that the entrance we're looking for might be hidden, correct?" She started blowing wind frantically with her fan.

"Yes," the clueless Diva answered, "I'm pretty sure that if this place is still intact there should be an entrance to a place called 'Allwize Maze' where all the information of every living thing in the world are kept forever…"

"Including their souls?" Alice gapped very much petrified of the idea of disrupting a place that might be better not to trespass.

"That I do not know…" Ryfia sighed deeply. "But I'm sure we'll get the answers we need from coming to this place." She confidently nodded with her head converging her Diva's powers and her Ray Hymn as an echo tracer and find any hidden objects in the area.

"Most astonishing thing I've ever seen in my life…" Alice mentioned to the coming swordsman.

"Indeed…"He mumbled taking up the marvelous scene of the amethyst colored hair of the Imaginal's Diva take a blissful golden shine and the thousands of golden orbs of dazzling light fall from the sky. All around the young maiden singing the most beautiful notes neither of them had ever heard in their lives before…

"Here do you see that glistering light on the steepest part of the cascade?" The princess pointed out at the only site on the surroundings where the Ray was deflected.

"Yes, it seems we have found!" He ran towards the site. "But after Ryfia stops singing how are we going to make this place visble for us to freely enter?"

"Have you already forgotten?" The princess held her fan proudly high over her head. "I, Alice Meridia XVI, by the powers of this symbol of the Royal Crown order this portal to open for us!" She commanded as a strong northern wind came blowing towards them and blew the invisible blanket away revealing the entrance to the maze.

"This was harder than I thought…" Alice gasped plunging on the floor out of air.

"Yeah," Ryfia agreed walking towards them with a tired look on her face, "it seems this seal drained more of our energy than we thought, didn't it?"

"No," Alice shook her head trying to stand by herself, "I've been this way ever since I was a little girl so there's nothing to worry about, please…" She begged at the worried two members of the crew.

"Good, we're finally here…" The leader of the 12 Heroes of Noire came to the trio in front of the warping point carrying L'Arc on her hands.

"Indeed…" Simmah who was walking right behind the leader opened up his wings breaking that way the last seal towards the unfathomable labyrinth of time.

"What is this place…?" Roland gawked as he placed his first step on the over-worldly network of memories and magic.

"This is the 'Allwize Maze'." Allul stated walking towards the middle of the great hall in front of them. "Maybe the last link to Eessa in fact…"

"Eessa?" Everyone questioned her. "I thought 'She' was destroyed…" The group mumbled unde3r their breaths.

"Of course I'm dead…" A young girl with blonde hair and a sky blue bonnet came walking towards them.

"Luze!" Ryfia jolted as she picked up her staff ready to battle her. "I won't let you hurt L'Arc!" She assured.

"Is she an enemy, Ryfia?" Roland swiftly took out his sword and prepared to fight.

"Who are you?" Alice demanded from the unknown girl who was approached by the other two Rogresses.

"She is the one and only, Singing Stone, she is Eessa…" Simmah bowed before the latter before joining her side.

"Father!" Ryfia sullenly called the Rogress. "Are you really joining her side after everything she did to our world?" She bite her lip turning her head feeling betrayed.

"Ryfia as hard to believe," she walked towards the group, "I'm not a threat to the world anymore as my existence is constricted to this world alone…" She gently smiled.

"I can't believe you," the maiden in blissful green clothes glared at the fake Goddess, "It is thoust fault that my forefather lived in perpetual hell for the rest of his life as you condemned our bloodline for your own selfish reasons!" She professed taking her fan out and charged it with her mystical powers.

"That is enough, Alice." A kind man around his forties came walking towards the group with a gentle smile. "Greetings, Lady Alice…" The man bowed as he walked towards her making the latter tremble on her feet.

"It can't be…" She mumbled as her face paled from utter horror. "You can't be alive! You're a phantom!" She jolted taking a few steps back.

"Who is he, Alice?" Roland asked pulling the maidens behind him.

"I'm sorry if I scared you," the man gently took a few steps back walking towards Luze and the Rogress, "but I think Ryfia here would be able to tell you better than my successor over there." He pointed at Alice who was still very much upset.

"Do we know each other?" Ryfia walked towards the newcomer as if something about his face called upon her.

"Well, that depends." He mischievously smiled. "If every time I tried to end your lives for the stake of Adele and fighting L'Arc on the Vect Skywalk was a simple dream I guess we've never met before…" He laughed.

"Alf!" Ryfia chirped making her way towards him and jumping on the man's arms. "You've changed so much!" She added.

"That's what happens when you grow, Ryfia." He kindly lifted the girl on his strong arms.

"Alf?" Roland noted. "You can't possibly mean His Royal Highness, Alfonse Meridia III, can you?" He gawked as his whole frame shrouded the great fear he felt of talking to someone who's already dead.

"Didn't Ryfia tell you beforehand?" Luze finally spoke again making all the present to turn to her. "This place breaks the laws of time and space where even dead is a relative term…" She gently nodded making several chairs and a table as well as a bed to appear from the nothingness.

"Please, have a seat…" She kindly suggested. "We have something very important to talk about." She gloomily added.

"So Alf," the kind Diva began, "may I ask, how is it that you made up with Eessa?" She wondered.

"Ryfia, when you grow older and realize that it was your own foolish acts that caused such pain in everyone's hearts and stop blaming somebody else for your own mistakes…" He sighed as if remembering a precious memory from his past.

"You'll be able to see towards the future and learn how to keep true to yourself," he looked towards Alice, "and that way, no matter who or what you are you'll always do what is best for mankind as it's our duty as rulers and human beings!" He ended making everyone speechless after such a deep answer he gave to Ryfia's question.

"Yes, Your Majesty." Alice abided. "I will forever keep this advice close to my heart!" She gently nodded as he turned to listen what the manmade Goddess wished to communicate to them.

"Anyways," Luze called their attention, "Imaginal Diva, Ryfia…" She referred towards the girl who was sullenly looking towards the unconscious body L'Arc. "You shouldn't worry about L'Arc not right now that is…" She walked towards her.

"Ryfia, I have to ask of you…" The young girl with lustrous blue eyes looked with a scrutinizing gaze towards the violet haired maiden of light. "Do you know why I became to exist?" She inquired.

"You mean before you became a 'god'?" Roland interrupted.

"Yes, before the 13 Heroes of Noire came to existence, even before Allan, Allul, Kudoan and Mashgar ever met in their perilous adventures…" She prophetically began her lecture. "There were evil beings that caused chaos and destruction to our world with the power of a dark essence called 'miasma'."

"Miasma?" They repeated at unison. "I've never heard of it..." They all agreed.

"It is a toxic substance to all creatures in this world that is created through hatred and darkness in people's hearts." Allul explained walking towards L'Arc placing herself right beside Luze as her eternal bodyguard.

"And it was thanks to Hozone and Ray that we purged all demons from this lands forever," Simmah noted as he held a claw towards her daughter signaling her to follow him.

"But I thought Hozone was harmful to humans in the past too, wasn't it?" Alice muttered.

"True, it is because of the high levels of miasma that the substance itself absorbs that caused it to be so corrosive towards all living creatures." Luze continued always looking back at L'Arc. "It was Hozone's duty to transform miasma into Ray and serve as power and a natural poison to the demons…"

"What does it has to do with you or the chaos on Diamant for that matter?" Ryfia pondered trying to understand the reasons behind Eessa's explanation.

"Because I, the Singing Stone," she raised her hands towards L'Arc pouring some of her mystical energy over his body, "creator of Hozone was once targeted by those foul demons in an attempt to stop me from completely eradicating them from existence." She declared.

"Those same demons where trapped in another dimension in the depths of a mountain considered once the 'end of our world'," Allul transformed into her armored self and presented herself as a Rogress, "and was sealed by the power of Eessa and her siblings forever in that place…"

"Are you suggesting that the seal has being broken and those demons are ravaging this place because Eessa is not around anymore?" Roland reluctantly asked.

"Not at all," she gently shook her head very much in pain as all her power drifted from her towards L'Arc, "even if I died the seal should have remained intact as Hozone should absorb all impurities from the world and kept miasma abbey…"

"But since Hozone has been 'neutralized' it lost its effects to subdue the amount of miasma and the current amount of Ray isn't enough to keep the seal completely close letting out some of the creatures from that place out." Allul's frost power overflowed thru L'Arc's veins.

"And for that same reason have the Rogresses left L'Arc in an attempt not to be all targeted in one place and destroyed while they're in their 'gem' form as they are the main source of Ray in our world…" Alf finally came over walking side-by-side with Alice and Roland.

"But they can't live as they were before either," Eessa sighed as she took one last look at her best friend, "can they, Allul?" She asked well knowing the answer to that question.

"No, they can't…" She said as her essence dissolve inside L'Arc making the latter shine in a beautiful pale blue light waking in that instance from his slumber.

"Allul, don't do it!" L'Arc yelled before he realized the process had already been done.

"L'Arc!" Ryfia tightly hugged the Child of Eessa with tears on her eyes. "You're finally awake…"

"What happened to Allul?" Roland inquired noticing she had in fact vanished in the instance the binding light flowed inside of L'Arc.

"She gave herself in." L'Arc sighed. "She became a part of me and granted me her powers and memories…" He straightened up and walked towards the fallen Goddess embracing her with deep affection.

"Please forgive me, Luze" He begged of the blonde maiden in blue.

"It's alright L'Arc!" She assured. "It is needed for the Rogress to find a new form that can safely pass through the enemy's radar and in younger and much full of strength than us old ones…" She faked a smile walking back to the table.

"I understand." L'Arc held his cape back. "I swear upon my name that I as the new bearer of the Logos of Foresight and 'lock' of the 'Door of the Doomed' won't let these creatures overrun the land we fought to protect!" He swore to the fallen Goddess.

"It's good to see you haven't change, L'Arc!" Alf gleefully smiled to his old friend.

"Wow! Alf!" L'Arc shook his friend's hand taking every detail from his friend's new look. "Nice beard, by the way…" He chuckled.

"What can I say?" He dismissively rubbed his hand over his bushy beard. "Women like beard men!"

"I guess you really made a beautiful choice of a wife," he chuckled taking hold of Alice and bringing her beside him, "otherwise I wouldn't be standing with such a gorgeous lady as herself!"

"Yes," he carefully placed a hand on Alice's cheek, "I turned out giving birth to such a beautiful descendant that will surely make a wonderful Empress for our kingdom…"

"I have to remind you," Luze walked towards L'Arc, "that the Rogress are still been targeted by our enemies and that they are doing what they can by maintaining their zones in control but without a new bonding they'll die…"

"Do you know where to find them?" Roland inquired.

"To tell you the true we noticed how two of them came directly to this place to take refugee," Ryfia commented as she turned to Luze's wisdom, "but I don't see them anywhere…"

"Actually something's been bothering for a time now," the chestnut haired bearer of Foresight stated, "we've been here for a while yet the only person we've met so far is Alf…"

"That's true." Ryfia remembered how the last time they came to this place they were able to talk with Dynos, Niko and even Adele.

"I can explain that for you," Alf sullenly answered their friends' question, "When the Rogress came here to seek guidance from the Singing Stone they never expected that they would be in such a grave state of health…"

"I tried to keep them alive as much as I could," she grieved with much pain in her heart, "but then the Real Diva seeing the state in which Girtab was, asked my strength to give him another chance to live!" She gleefuly remembered.

"And just like that," Alf continued, "a miracle occurred as both the Real's powers and Girtab's fused inside of Adele…"

"Does that mean…!" L'Arc took hold of Alf's arms and shook them wildly.

"Yes, a true miracle came to be as death itself was reversed and the 'Real Key' became part of the Logos of Ruling…" The young girl in blue garments assured the group.

"Where is she?" L'Arc demanded his heart throbbing inside his chest as if a light that had been extinguished inside his heart a long time ago had been lite after an eternity of darkness.

"L'Arc…?" Ryfia worriedly turned to see his partner in a sea of tears tugging the blonde's frame up high and with a very flustered face.

"She has already left, L'Arc." Alf gently padded his friend's back. "I know you wanted to see her but she needed to find the place where she will unlock her full power…" He mysteriously whispered to L'Arc's ear.

"So she already left to get the 'key'?" He mumbled. "Wait, did she go all by herself?" L'Arc venomously glared at the fallen Goddess and the fallen Child of Eessa.

"No, she did not." Alf kindly took a letter from his pocket. "After we noticed how successful the Rogress bonding was one other volunteer came in to save Mashgar's life and protect Adele…"

As L'Arc unfolded the letter and swallowed every word he couldn't tell if he would die out of happiness or if the guilt that was consuming his heart would give in and take him all the same. It wasn't until Ryfia placed her hand over the trembling swordsman that he gave in and handed it over to his mate.

"These are…" Ryfia's cheeks flustered crimson red. "These are wonderful news, L'Arc!" She hiccupped trying to hide her tears.

"What does the letter says, Ryfia?" Roland curiously placed his head behind Ryfia's neck trying to take a look at the contents of the message.

"Well…" Ryfia mumbled before beginning reading the letter to the others.

Dear Mr. L'Arc,

I hope the 500 years sleep hasn't made you forget about me. I know for a fact, that I'm not much of a memorable person or the best of fighters… But I really hope that when this letter reaches to you, you'll trust me in this one!

I, Niko Bennex bearer of the Logos of Solitude, swear to you that I won't mess up the way I did before! And that Adele will be in safe hands with me, yet I don't want you to blame Adele for leaving you before even saying 'Hi'. The truth is that neither of us is strong enough to face you right now as we know all the pain we caused you with our mere existence, so we've decided to go alone on this one and atone for our mistakes!

Besides, what could possibly go wrong? I mean, I'm the bearer of the Logos of Solitude, aren't I? Being alone is my thing! Hehehehe! Now that I come to think about it, I've always been alone, well that is before I met you, Mr. L'Arc! Yet every time I actually did something of great importance or something that proved that my life was of any value I was indeed by myself…

I guess that's why Mashgar accepted me, right?

Good luck in your quest and may our paths cross again,

Niko Benex.


Tell Mrs. Ryfia I say 'Hi'!

"Oh, Niko…" Ryfia kindly laughed at his friend's awkward letter. "Hi…"

"I wonder why Adele didn't write anything to me," L'Arc mumbled as he walked towards a corner of the great hall alone, "does she hates me that much?" He wondered remebering the day he used Simmah against Adele and Girtab's attack.

"Pshhhh!" Alf called L'Arc's attention.

"What is it Alf?" He turned to find Alf with yet another broken sheet of paper on his hand.

"She wasn't sure what to say, you know?" He kindly tried to explain. "And don't worry about me!" He patted his friends back.

"Alright," the Child of Eessa gulped as he opened the brittle piece of paper, "here we go…"

-Dear L'Arc,-

-To my best friend L'Arc,-

L'Arc I'm sorry,

I'm so sorry! -I deserve to die!- Please forgive me for letting my selfish feeling get between our friendship and your happiness. I feel so ashamed to even write this now… (being as Alf is here with us)

I know it wasn't just you that I caused pain and senseless suffering, I really want to make it up to Ryfia who treated me as a sister and I backstab her. Also, Dynos, if I hadn't meddled with his emotions I'm pretty sure Cecille would've gotten a second chance with his older sister…

The sins that I've committed to every single living creature in this world are by far worse than Eessa. Taking on account the short time I lived in this planet, yet I did things not even the Goddess did in all her time living. So as a new Adele, or rather to show everyone the 'old me' is still there I will save the same land you fought to protect!

I gave this letter to Alf so that if anything happened to me, he would give this to you. Why you may ask? Well, the reason is quite simple you see… After all I did and all I said… I never, not even once, did I said to you what my feelings were towards you…

Always implied, forever encrypted in confusing signals when the only thing I want was for you to know what I felt. So here goes or nothing… L'Arc… I love you with all my heart…

Gosh! How could I write this! Well the good thing is that I told Alf to give it to you ONLY if I died! And because I have no desire whatsoever to die until I atone for my mistakes… I don't have to worry of you reading these contents!

Please believe in me,



Don't listen to whatever Niko wrote in his letter, he's a klutz! Besides, if someone is going to protect somebody else… Make no mistake that our friend is in my trusty hands! Good luck!

"So she doesn't hate me," L'Arc felt as if a huge weight had been lifted from his shoulders, "thank goodness…" He finally smiled the way he did before he even became a mercenary way back to the day he received a gentle kiss from his best friend as a sign of gratitude for the missing diary.

"How could she hate you, L'Arc?" Alf grimly sighed remembering the crude reality of his unrequited love. "She loved you with all her soul and even came back from death to atone for every time she hurt you…"

"So where are the keys?" Roland asked the old Goddess.

"That I do not know," she stopped drinking from her cup, "when my siblings came to be as sentient manifestations of Ray and Hozone they decided that just as I would bear a Child who would share the same genetic code as I do…"

"You mean the Child of Eessa?" Alice interrupted as she wrote everything in a little notepad she kept on her dress.

"Correct." She avowed. "It was then that the chosen ones commonly called 'Divas' came to exist…"

"And it was our duty as Divas to follow the Child of Eessa no matter what." Ryfia added.

"Yes, because besides the role of guiding the Child of Eessa to pick one of the two Laws your true calling was as keepers of the seal to that horrid place." Luze revealed much to everyone's astonishment, excluding of course L'Arc who's shared memories with Allul had given him enough insight to know what he would have to deal with.

"So this key Adele set to find is actually the Real Diva taking absolute power over Hozone as Real once had?" Alice insightfully commented not liking at all that the traitor to the world would have to become such an important person in their mission.

"So she had to embark herself before you because she needs more time to find her true strength," the blonde girl smiled at Ryfia, "while you my dear will have to go to Lascardes one more time and talk to my brother and get him to tell you where to find your inner powers…"

"But I don't know if I'm strong enough to get him to listen!" Ryfia jolted from her seat very much remembering how their first encounter with the god of Noirism had gone.

"That's why, Ryfia, I decided to entrust you with my essence…" The regal Rogress of Deliverance came walking towards her with a gentle smile in his giant fangs.

"But father that would be the same as ending your life!" Ryfia refuted pushing him away from her. "I already lost Mother I can't possibly lose you too father…" Roland swiftly approached the wretched girl in an effort to console her but was beaten by L'Arc's as he embraced her in a delicate clasp.

"Ryfia," the Rogress of Light approached to his beloved daughter not as a Rogrees but as his old self, "I've lived more than any man should have and knowing that I'll forever be a part of you makes me the happiest father alive…" Hardel shimmered as a thousand suns as his hand touched Ryfia's frail skin.

"No!" Ryfia struggled as L'arc held her tightly not letting her move while the process was taking place. The painful cries of the Diva could be heard in every corner of the hall, every one of the expectators holding on to their hearts trying as hard as they could not to intervene in the painful process his father was putting through to his daughter.

"Ryfia, please forgive me…" L'Arc's green eyes never left Ryfia's rattled face as she continued to whimper in silence.

"Please, just let me a moment by myself." She absently mumbled walking towards the Hologram Pentagram and out to the inn.

"Ryfia, are you feeling any better?" The princess silently walked towards Ryfia who was sullenly letting her feet submerged under the waterfall's cool water.

"Oh, Alice it's you!" The Diva gasped looking towards her friend's gloomy aura.

"You don't look so well," the violet- haired priestess commented, "it's almost as if all happiness was drained from your body…"

"Is it then here where the wretched meet, then?" The blue-eyed beauty heartedly laughed. "You know when I escaped the Capital I left my father's life in the hands of a complete stranger who I don't even trust?" She slowly placed herself besides the troubled Diva.

"You did?" Ryfia snapped back from her trail of thoughts to hear what her friend was telling her.

"Yes, it is indeed one of the most painful things one, as a daughter, would ever have to pass through," she gently placed a hand on the Diva's arm, "but at least you know that he is there with you, can't you feel him talking to you?" She insightfully commented.

"Ryfia, my beloved…" A voice deep inside Ryfia's heart whispered in her mind.

"I guess you're right," she quietly stood away from the waterfall and rejoined her friend, "what I can't get is why it that L'Arc agreed to all of this…" She grimly groaned.

"Maybe he thought you would be the best person to take care of Simmah's," she coughed taking on account the Diva's feelings," I beg your pardon, your father's legacy…"

"But then," she gazed towards the sleeping figure of L'Arc inside the inn through one of the open windows, "why is it that Alf gave him a letter he hasn't shared with us?" The amber-eyed maiden shook her head feeling once again the feeling that plague her heart while Adele was alive.

"Is he going to choose her?" She whispered thinking her words haven't reached a snoopy young swordsman's ears that had curiously been following the ladies conversation.

"Trust in him as much as I do in my forefather, Ryfia!" Alice kindly tilted her head to one side. "And it would be best for us to rest as tomorrow first thing in the morning we'll be going to Lascardes…"

"Yes!" She cheerfully smiled. "Tomorrow will be a new day and a new chance to protect our world!" She jolted rushing towards the small hut to take a good long rest from her jumble feelings.

"When I said we should take a rest," the lady turned towards the bushes where Roland was cunningly hiding, "I meant everyone!" She mused calling a small breeze with her fan that uncovered the swordsman from his shrouding spot.

"How did you found me?" He embarrassedly questioned the blonde girl laughing with a mysterious light on her aquamarine eyes.

"My hearing abilities are one of my most prominent features, Roland" She helped the latter stand on his feet. "Besides, any change on the air around me gives me a huge warning of enemies closing up on us…"

"And well," she teasingly poked the swordsman's nose, "your heavy breathing didn't pass heedless from me." She sighed walking towards the cabin herself.

"Good night, sir Knight!" She chuckled before closing the door behind her.

"What was all that about?" Roland growled putting a massaging his temples as swarm of confusion took ahold of his mind and heart. "But most importantly, what is this throbbing pain in my chest whenever Ryfia cries for him?" He wondered as he closed the inn's door behind him.

Trinity: "Me no likey!" –Pouts around- "I hate Adele and L'Arc together as a couple!"

Luke: "Oh, shut up and help us reconstruct Gray's house before he comes back!" –Slaps the girl on the back-

Emil C.: "Hey! No bullying fateful readers!" –Punches on the face- "Besides Trinity-chan, I haven't decided who's staying with whom on the end…"

Tenebrae: "Master could you tell me why I have to be used as a mere laborer's tool?" –Looking like a demolition truck-

Emil C.: "Well, we don't have the tools to rebuild a house so you'll have to take over all those tools and materials' place" –evilly glares-

Natsu: "I want to drive that truck over Gajeel's place!" –Jumps up and down as an hyperactive kid-

Everyone: "NO!"

Natsu: "Geeeez! You people are no fun..." -Sctaches his back-

Gray: "WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO MY PLACE!" -Runs towards Natsu at full speed in a fit of rage-

Natsu: "I think he saw us!" -Starts sweating- "I guess we're really in fo it this time right guys?" -Turns to find himself totally alone- "No! Don't leave me!"

- Meanwhile in a little Café inPalmacosta-

Trinity: "Are you sure it was ok from us to leave Natsu-san alone, Emil?" -looks worriedly towards me-

Emil: "Maybe not, but he has to learn his lesson one way or another..." -Sighs deeply as I look at the menu-

Luke: "Totally..." -nods with the head-

Tenebrae: "Agree..." -looks at the desserts menu- "I don't really like eating though..."

Colette: "Oh! Emil!" -runs towards me and trips on my lap- "Ooooops! Sorry! Where were you? Marta's been deadly worried?" -hugs tightly making Luke try to punch Colette on the face-

Marta: "I knew it! Emil! How could you have an affair with Colette and that other girl beside you!" -starts yelling like a psychopath taking out her spinner-

Emil C.: "EVERYONE RUN FOR IT!" -Jumps out of a window-

Trinity: "But... (sniff) But... My bannana split is going to go to waist!" -Starts running while crying over her wasted dessert-