Sequel to The Chosen - picks up directly where the epilogue ended

Fallen Angel – Chapter 1

Sam laughed. "Okay Uncle Dean come on get your ass up off the floor."

He couldn't believe that Dean had fainted when he found out that Zara was pregnant Man you really would think he was gonna be a dad instead of him. He'd only known for about an hour and despite his fears over being a father he was happy. He loved Zara and wanted this baby; he'd have months, years to worry about something coming after them. Right now he just wanted to enjoy the prospect of becoming a father and he needed his brother vertical to do that.

"Sammy!" Dean groaned as he sat up. "Son of a bitch! What hit me?"

"Nothing hit you Dean. You fainted! Fainted like a girl Dean!"

"No freaking way Sammy why the hell would I faint?"

Chuckling openly now, Sam glanced towards Zara. "Because Zara just told you she was pregnant."

"Pregnant?" Dean looked at Zara questioningly "Pregnant?"

At Zara's nod, Dean reached out a hand to Sam, "Help me up Sammy I need to hug my niece or nephews momma."

Sam reached down and pulled Dean to his feet, and felt himself pulled into his brothers arms a warm palm clasped tightly on his back "Congratulations Sammy!"

Releasing his brother, Dean turned to the petite red head that had made his brother so happy; reaching out he pulled her into a tight hug, "Congratulations little sis."

"Thanks Dean."

Six months ago she would have sworn that she would never see this day. She had been The Chosen, destined to be the mother of an ancient evil and die in the process. Instead she met Sam and Dean, they saved her, gave her a life and a future. Now she had a family and was going to be a mom to a precious child something that she had never dared hope for. Her life was good, great even, she couldn't ask for more.

"Right Bobby break open the good stuff. We gotta celebrate."

"Idgit." Bobby mumbled affectionately as he left the kitchen and headed to his study where he stashed 'the good stuff.'

"I'll leave you guys to celebrate I'm going back to bed." Zara said, a wide smile lighting up her face, conveying clearly the happiness she felt inside.

Stepping up to Sam she reached up and placed a soft kiss to his lips. "I'll see you in the morning."

"I'll come up with you."

"No you stay, have a drink with Dean and Bobby... oh you may want to call Cas too." Her hand pressed softly to Sam's chest. "All the family should be here."

Wrapping his arms around her Sam pressed a kiss to her forehead. "Okay, but I need pants-"

"Good God Sammy just let the girl go so we can drink." Dean interrupted loudly. The grin on his face unrepentant as he watched his brother and Zara's face colour at once again being so caught up in each other that they forgot everything around them, a habit which had formed not long after they had met. Not that he minded, it gave him plenty of teasing ammunition and if truth be told he wouldn't have it any other way. Sammy was happy for the first time in his life and Zara was responsible, a win win situation.

"Dean, go call Cas I'll walk Zara upstairs. I'll be down in a minute." Sam said, pulling a blushing Zara towards the stairs.

"A minute Sammy It normally takes longer than that even for you." Dean called after them, gratified to hear his brothers loud, 'Dean you jerk' in response.

Chuckling he made his way outside and stood on the porch. He hadn't seen Cas in a few weeks, the angel was still tied up with the mess that the Apocalypse had left in Heaven and he had only managed to come back for brief visits over the last few months. He worried about his friend, but knew that there was little he could do except be there and be his friend when the strains of Heaven got to be too much.

"Hey Cas you there buddy? Got some good news for a change, come join us for a drink if you've got time."

He stood for a few minutes, waiting intently for a sign that Cas would be coming. Not hearing any immediate response, he sighed disappointment stinging as his friend did not appear. Walking back into the house, he met Sam at the bottom of the stairs.

"No Cas?"

"No Cas, must be busy."

The brothers made their way into Bobby's study, each taking their usual seat at the old hunter's desk. Of all the things that had changed over the last months the one thing that hadn't was Bobby's study. Zara had turned the rest of the house into a home, directing the often grumbling men in the rearranging of furniture and the removal of clutter until the house resembled the home it had once been. Bobby had happily allowed her to do so, his only demand that his study be left as it was.

Bobby poured whiskey into three glasses and handed one to each of the brothers and raising a glass to Sam "Son-"

The sound of wings interrupted Bobby as Castiel appeared in the study.

"Hello. my apologies for being late."

"Not a problem Cas." Dean passed his glass to Cas and took another from Bobby. "Sam has some news."

"Glad you could make it Cas-"Sam grinned widely. "I'm going to be a dad...Zara's pregnant."

Castiel stared at Sam for a moment; head tilted "I was aware of this some weeks ago. Congratulations Sam you are most blessed."

"What!" Dean said "You knew!"

"Yes, I was aware of Zara's condition on my last visit. I detected the child's presence."

"Why the freaking Hell didn't you tell us?"

"I did not believe it was for me-"

"It's fine Dean." Sam said "So are we gonna toast my new baby or debate this all night?"

"Okay idgits." Bobby said "I believe I was about to say something."

The two men and the angel turned to Bobby and raised their glasses.

"Son, when I first met you, you were this wriggling bundle the size of nothing but you grew up to be a man that any father would be proud of. I've had the honor of watching you grow-"

"And grow." Dean interjected with a laugh.

"Into an amazing man and I know that you are going to be an amazing daddy to that little bundle when they're born. Congratulations son!"

"Congratulations Sam."

"Congratulations Sammy. You did good little brother."

Sam looked at the three of them as they drank and took a drink of from his glass. "Thanks. You know I'm gonna need you all. I have no idea what the future holds for us, but with all the demons and monsters that we've pissed off over the years –"

"Sammy-" Dean growled. "Nothing is gonna hurt Zara or the baby. I promise we'll all be there to keep them safe."

"I know it's just-"

"No Sammy. We're not getting into this tonight. You're having a normal night celebrating your hot girlfriends pregnancy and the fact that you're getting to have a normal life for once." Dean interrupted again. Pouring another drink into each of their glasses he raised his glass. "To Sam's hot girlfriend Zara and the newest Winchester."

Bobby raised his glass and took a drink. "Another Winchester, God help us."

"God is not in Heaven at present so he will not be available to help with the baby." Castiel interjected with a small smirk. "I however will always be available to assist with the child Sam."

"Thanks Cas. I have a feeling I'll need all the help I can get." Sam drained the whiskey and held it out to Bobby who refilled it.

Bobby looked at his boys and the angel who had become his family. "Holy Hell what if its a girl?"


Dean awoke to darkness, a feeling of unease slipping down his spine; he reached under the pillow at his head searching for his ever present gun, cursing internally as he realised that he'd fallen asleep on the sofa in Bobby's study whilst celebrating with Sam. Dammit!

Straining to see in the darkness of the room he tried to focus on the source of his unease. His gaze flickered towards the window, and the figure silently entering the room unaware that they were being watched. He stayed still waiting for the intruder to pass his position on the sofa. It took only seconds, but in that instant Dean rolled from the sofa and kicked out, his boot connecting, sending them falling to the floor.

Kneeling beside them he pressed a hand firmly on their back. "I'd stay down if I was you. You son of a bitch!"

"Yeah right I'll do that."

Dean reached roughly for their shoulder. In that instant they struck, head connecting with his chin, throwing him back into the sofa.

"Son of a –"Dean cursed ducking to avoid the elbow aimed at his head.

The intruder rolled and came quickly to their feet. The darkness making it impossible for Dean to see anything more than a shadow, one thing he did know was that whoever they were they were female. There was no mistaking the scent of the perfume lingering in the air.

"You're not getting out of here sweetheart, why don't –"

"You attacked me asshole."

Moments later, he found himself thrown back as she attacked, fist connecting squarely with Dean's jaw.

"Dammit!" He reached out, grabbed hold of the her arm and pulled hard, her body connecting solidly with his. "Hold still and I won't hurt you."

"It's not me I'd be worrying about." The girl in his arms said as she struggled against Dean's hold.

"Or keep wriggling sweetheart; I kind of like it." Dean smirked, laughing internally as the intruder froze.

"That's better, now who are you and why are you in my house?"

"Your house, I don't think so!"

He felt his breath leave his body as the girl's elbow connected with his stomach, pulling all the air from his lungs forcing him to release her. The girl spun out of his hold, throwing a punch which connected hard. Dean felt the blood pour into his mouth from the force of the blow.


He lunged forward the weight of his body barrelling into her smaller form, sending them both flying to the floor. Dean rolled, his body pressing the girl into the floor.

"Let me up you asshole-"

Suddenly the light to the study flew on.

"Hold it right there. I'd rather not make a hole in ya that'll put your insides on my rug." Bobby said as he cocked the shotgun in his hands, his intentions clear.

Sam stood at his side, handgun loaded and aimed at them.

Looking down into the doe brown eyes of the girl underneath him Dean grinned as her eyes flashed dangerously. "You ready to give up sweetheart? Cause I could do this all night long."

Turning her head she looked up at Bobby. "Uncle Bobby, fancy getting this oaf off of me."

Startled, Bobby lowered his shotgun, instantly recognising the voice of the young woman.

"What the Hell... Stacey?"

"Hey Uncle Bobby it's been a long time."

Dean's startled gaze flew to the face of the girl beneath him. "Stacey Singer?"

Turning her gaze on Dean, her expression furious. "Do you think you could get off me asshole?"

Dean grinned. "That's Dean to you, assholes my other name. I only use it on special occasions."

Relaxing as he realised that Stacey was not actually an intruder, but Bobby's niece. They had spent the summer together at Bobby's as kids; she and Sam had been close.

"Winchester, Dean Winchester?" She pushed on Dean's chest. "I might have known urgh get off me!"

Getting to his feet Dean stretched out a hand towards Stacey. After the briefest hesitation Stacey reached out and allowed him to pull her to her feet.

Turning to Bobby she shrugged, a sheepish grin on her face. "Surprise."

Bobby look stunned. "Surprise, SURPRISE! Stacey you've been missing for two years. Your parents thought you were dead. They buried you!"

"I know. I found the obituaries-"

"Found the obituaries Stacey where have you been. It's been two years?"

Stacey glanced around the room, her expression changing from one of confidence to uncertainty. "I'm sorry Uncle Bobby I don't know."

"How can you not know?"

Zara watched from her place in the doorway as the young woman looked panicked. Her face pale as she stared uncertainly at Bobby. Taking pity on her she stepped between Sam and Bobby and stood in front of her.

"Hello Stacey, I'm Zara would you like something to drink, eat. You can explain when you've rested."

"Zara." Sam said stiffly "Step back."

"Sam she's Bobby's niece, family. We don't need to interrogate her like a criminal." Zara said softly before turning back to Stacey "Come through to the kitchen."

Ignoring the disapproval emanating from three men Zara turned and left the room calling over her shoulder as no one else made a move "Sam bring Stacey to the kitchen."

Sam looked from Bobby to where Dean was standing stiffly, arms crossed over his chest and then at Stacey who looked on nervously; sighing he stepped forward.

"Stacey, it's been a long time."

"It has Sam, you got big."

"Yeah, I get that a lot-" His memory filling in the gaps as he remembered the summer spent with Stacey as a child. She had grown up, but he could still see the young girl that she once was shining from her dark brown orbs.

"-Dean, Bobby, Zara's right we could do this in the kitchen as easy as here. Let's get Stacey checked out then we can let her tell us what's going on."

Bobby lowered his shotgun and stepped further into the room. His mind still not truly processing that the young woman in front of him was his niece, he had thought she was dead, killed just as the shit had hit the fan with Michael and Lucifer. He had mourned her and now here she was standing in front of him very much alive. Huffing softly he reached into his desk drawer and pulled out a small flask and tossed it to her.

"Take a drink of that."

The three men watched as she took a long swallow from the flask, the Holy water not having any affect on her.

"I'm not possessed." She said softly, as she pulled a knife from the back of her pants and showed the blade to the three men who were watching her warily. Pulling back her sleeve she drew the silver blade down her arm, a slight flinch her only reaction as the blade sliced cleanly down her arm.


Bobby looked at her for a moment longer, his mind a whirl of emotion, his niece was here and alive. Dropping the shotgun onto the sofa he rushed forward pulling her into a fierce hug.

"Stacey girl, Christ we thought you were dead."

Dean glanced from where Bobby was holding the slight woman tightly to Sam and raised an eyebrow. He remembered Bobby telling him that she had gone missing, but he had just returned from Hell and had landed straight in the middle of the Apocalypse and Sam's demon blood addiction. Bobby's loss had hardly registered in the shit storm that had become his life. Now though he could see how much that loss had affected him.

Coughing uncertainly he uncrossed his arms and stepped forward, placing a hand on Bobby's shoulder.

"Maybe we should move this to the kitchen before Zara comes searching for us. I wouldn't want to piss off the pregnant lady."

Pulling back Bobby wiped a hand across his eyes, clearing the moisture which had gathered there. "Good idea. Go on Stacey you know the way. We'll be right behind you."

The three men watched as the young woman made her way down the hallway and disappeared into the kitchen.

"You okay Bobby?" Dean asked as Stacey disappeared from sight.

"Yeah... just where the Hell has she been? It's been two damn years and she looks like she hasn't changed a bit."

Sam and Dean shared a look, sensing that there was more to this than a lost girl showing up, the unspoken "What now?" passing between them.

"Dean, you go call Cas he might be able to help." Sam said "Bobby and I will find out what we can from Stacey."

"Bobby, you're sure this girl is Stacey? " Dean said, ignoring for now the stricken look on the older man's face.

"Course, I'm not sure idgit, but it damn well seems to be. I'll hang my hat on that for now."