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One day before abortion.

Tia was flopped on her bed. Her wheels were outstretched, lying equally with her body. Superficial red contrasted heavily with the white sheeting. The light scent of washing detergent from the cotton sheets lingered in the air. It was a nice scent, one of Tia's favorites. The aroma of optimism.

While Apollo did a little dance in Tia's undercarriage, the candy-apple red Mazda closed her lids. She felt fresh and clean, she should start putting off make-up more often. Maybe Tia should even go make-up free.

Currently, Tia was in deep meditation. Normally in mediation thoughts are blocked so the meditator could find a center of peace and internal understanding of one's self.

Tia didn't block her thoughts though. She let them flow randomly through her conscious, like salmon in a river.

I want this baby.

I want to watch him grow.

I love this little guy…but would I be a good mother?

Of course I would. I'll love him unconditionally and provide for him the best I can!

Tia smiled. Her eyes still closed.

I'll go to school and work hard and move to a nicer place that's calm and inviting. Just like Mom would want me to do, like both of my mommies would want me to do.

While Tia dreamt of the future, Apollo squirmed. The little car demanded apple fuel.

The cravings come down hard, don't they?

Tia giggled, she opened her azure eyes.

"Okay little guy," said Tia. Her voice was smiling. "Let's go get you some apple fuel."

Tia pulled her wheels back into their normal positions, gently hopped off the bed and drove out of her room. Her wheels pounded literally pounded into the carpet. It was such a small distance of height, how could she make so much noise?

When she went into the living room, and froze. Tia thanked the manufacturer that she had her room sound proofed internally and externally.

Tia almost gagged from corniness.

In the living room like always, Mia and D.J were having a "love fest ".

Sadly the couple didn't notice Tia.

"No you're cuter!"

"No you're cuter!"

"I love you!"

"Well, I love you more!"

"No, I love you more!"

"No I do!"

"No me!"

"No me!"

Oh, I'm going to be sick.

D.J playfully growled and geared into a pouncing position like a jaguar. Mia giggled and tried to race away.

But it was too late, Mia squealed shrilly.

Tia winced, she sighed irritably.

I have to wait for this to be over so I can get some apple fuel. I need apple fuel, I need it! Really bad!

"Devon no," said Mia in an excited high shriek, as D. J swerved to face her. He was blocking her. He smiled.

Before Mia could react, D.J had cleverly nosed her on her roof.

They are so not going to…

Mia exploded in giggles as Devon impishly kissed the belly part of her undercarriage.

Okay they weren't going to…err. Who cares, I need apple fuel!

It's still nauseating though.

Enough is enough, thought Tia. I need some freaking apple fuel.

She loudly cleared her throat.

The couple froze, all the giggling stopped.

D.J pushed Mia around so she could see Tia.

Mia still upside down, scolded at her twin. "Ya know if you didn't want to watch it, you could've just ignored us."

Tia tried not to giggle; she couldn't take Mia seriously upside down. "How about you and your fiancé get a room?"

D.J and Mia's mouths widened in surprise.

Tia looked at them blankly and raced to the refrigerator in the loathsome pink marble kitchen.

While Tia received one of the gallons of apple fuel, D.J and Mia whispered to each other and started to laugh.

After gulping at least half of the gallon, she returned into the living room waiting for an answer.

Tia only stares back at them, wondering why they're laughing.

Why are they laughing?

"Are you serious Tia," said D.J while he shook with amusement. "I sometimes I just can't believe her!"

Mia let out an airy giggle. Her little body shook equally with D.J's.

What! What is it!

It's not that funny! Whatever the heck it is!

While Mia shook and Tia patiently waited for her twin to stop, D.J looked on at Mia yearningly.

Okay, it's not that funny Mimi even D.J stopped laughing.

Mia stopped abruptly; the atmosphere instantly felt bare and vacuous.

Hmm got kinda quiet in here…

"Oh mah gah Tia, that was so funny," said Mia. A giggle threatened to effervesce. "Okay Tia, I thought you were like the smart one here like hello!"

Tia rolled her eyes.

"Okay Mia, what is it-"

Mia groaned. An agitated scorn appeared upon her face.

You really had to interrupt me?

"Okay Devon toss me back on my wheels, I'm getting a totally icky headache like right now." Her was voice was almost like a whining mew. Mia wiggled her wheels in aggravation.

You got to be kidding me Mia.

Despite Mia's childish extremities, D.J replied to her with as much adoration as a fiancé would.

"Got it Mia baby," said D.J in a sweet loving tone. He eased her back onto her wheels.

Mia batted her heavily made-up eyes at D.J, his wheels wobbled slightly.

"Thanks baby," said Mia in a low purr.

D.J swayed slightly.


Mia turned her sky blue eyes from D.J's lavender blue eyes. Tia noticed that D.J's eyes were the same color as the Periwinkle flower.

They look so gentle…

I bet his mom has those eyes, maybe even his dad.

"Umm Tia?" D.J's voice was slightly bothered and creeped out.

Tia shook out of her pondering state to find Mia and D.J both staring at her. "Huh?"

"You okay Tia?" Mia's voice sounded worried, a little more than Tia would've thought. Tia assumed that Mia wasn't worried about anything. Happy go-lucky Mia.

Tia was starting to have doubts on the Mia she characterized in her mind.

"I would feel better Mimi, if you tell me about the rim already," said Tia. She just wanted to finish her apple fuel and go take a nap, then maybe go get some cheese or something.

"Okay," said Mia in a hushed voice. "Me and Devon are a F.W.B!"



"Friends with benefits," said Mia quickly.

Stay classy Mia, thought Tia sarcastically.

D.J's periwinkle eyes glittered.

I better not wait around for another "love fest."

Tia frowned. "Okay, so what's with the rim...?"

Mia laughed. "Devon gave it to me, don't worry Tia. It's nothing serious."

Tia glanced at D.J and swore that his hood dropped slightly. Tia looked at Devon a second more curiously, maybe it was her imagination, she wasn't exactly sure, but she thought that she saw water slowly pool into his windshield.

Mia stayed beside Devon, not noticing, her mind was loitered with other things. Her F.W.B rim sparkled in the early afternoon sun.

Devon drove into the bathroom.

As Devon left the room was silent, until they heard the bathroom door shut.

The soft sound of the door closing was like that of an alarm, it shot across the loft, bounced across the walls; hit the walls' plaster with a sharp gentle cry. After the sound ended a second later, Tia felt something strange snake up her throat.

This makes me think of apple fuel.

"I guess I better get some apple fuel," said Tia. She smiled a little, thinking about Apollo. "I really need some."

Mia smiled cheeringly. "Yeah, Tia cravings do that."

Tia jumped internally.

What did she say?

What did she mean by cravings…little Apollo?

No! Stop it!

She meant things like munchies you know when you want food really bad but you don't really need it…

Yeah. Yeah. That's it. I feel silly.

Tia smiled. "I know what you're saying; remember when you used to get the munchies a lot Mimi!"

Mia sighed, like she was in deep pain. "Do you know what's like serious Tia?"

Tia's smile fell like a piano in one of those classic American cartoons. "Huh?"

"Serious is like getting pregnant by Lightning McQueen," said Mia. There was no joking in her voice; in fact her voice was quite serious and fierce.

Tia's eyes widened with shock. "W-What?!"

Wasn't expecting that…

Uh Oh…..

Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh.

"I don't know what you're talking about," said Tia quickly. She flipped out her phone and began to scroll. Her eyes glued to the screen.

Hmm…there's an unopened text message on my phone.

She felt Mia's stare bore into her chassis. Tia's metal sheeting prickled with anxiety.

Just go away.

"You know Dodge well what I'm talking about," said Mia. She clenched her teeth behind her lips.

Tia didn't look at Mia; she was still pretending that she found something interesting in her phone.

"You think I'm really clueless don't you, I mean like come on you even look preggy!"

Instinctively Tia looked up sharply from her iPhone. Her eyes wide with alarm.

I look pregnant?!

Tia looked around herself; her wheels were slightly puffed and her undercarriage seemed to have stretched, only a couple of millimeters from dragging the ground. She looked like she was in those few awkward early stages of pregnancies, when your family starts to take notice. Surprise!

Oh my gosh! I do look pregnant; I've never been this big before.

But the baby is supposed to be growing very sloooowwly, how could I?

Tia gasped mentally.

The baby vitamins, it's making the baby grow faster?

No it can't be!

Could it?


I mean..no?

That means I can't have the abortion, the baby is too developed!

Wait, isn't it bad that the baby is growing this fast?

Too fast, it's been in me for five years!

But what if I change my mind, that I don't want the baby?

Mia stared at Tia, while Tia was having a mental argument. Tia eventually noticed.

Mia didn't look too happy. Her eyes boiled with anger and envy, maybe even a little dash of hurt.

Gotta think of a good excuse.

"Mimi I'm not pregnant," said Tia. She tried to sound annoyed. "I'm just kinda fat!"

Yeah. That's a good excuse!

Mia shook her hood, not believing.

"That's bull Tia," said Mia. "How could you like do that, Lightning is like married to Sally, I know he's hot and all but still…"

Who told her…how did she find out!

"I'm not pregnant," said Tia. She rolled her eyes as she flipped her phone back into her rim.

"He's like married now that is so unlike you, what'd he see in you anyway, did you guys do it in the trailer or something?"

Apollo squirmed anxiously.

Though Mia's words sounded probing, her voice was soaked in hurt.

Is that why she was late in the next race, is that why she was missing, thought Mia. This doesn't make any like sense, Tia is waiting for marriage. I don't understand…

Tia tried to stop herself from shaking; she had to get out of here.

I have to get an excuse.

Umm… I have an appointment? No.

Mia's eyes were dissecting her, tearing her piece by piece slowly, breaking down her shields, exposing all her secrets, all without rolling a tread.

Tia had to say something, anything to stop Mia.

Without warning, the worst thing that she could possibly say flew out her mouth.

"I didn't have a baby with Lightning," said Tia. She didn't know what had become of her; she was just so scared, if she could wish for anything, anything in the world. She would wish to take back those very words that flew out of her mouth. "I had a baby with D.J!"

Tia gasped. Her mouth amplified like she was trying to stretch her lips to catch those words.

Mia was frozen like a statue, unprepared for the sudden blow. She looked like she had been slapped. Sky blue eyes radiated with hurt. She rolled back slightly.

Tia could believe it. I hurt my sister…

Her twin, a reflection of herself.

Same womb, same body, same heart.

She hurt her.

"Mia...I didn't mean-"

"Y-You're wrong," said Mia in a hushed voice. She shivered. "You liar!"

"I'm sorry-"

"You're wrong," said Mia in a scream. A tear ran down her hood, staining the carpet. "You're wrong!"


"Don't Mimi me Tia," said Mia. "I hate you!"

The word hate struck Tia with such a blow, she felt like she was dying; it made her heart fall and shatter, Apollo stir uncomfortably. Tia felt blind for a second.

Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me…yeah right.


Tia's voice was small and weak.

"I hate you! Get out! I can't believe you're my sister!"

Tia raced out the house into the outside, thoughts swarmed in her head like angry wasps. Tia had kicked the nest. She didn't even get another sip of apple fuel.

When Tia left, Mia slumped into herself. She thought she heard her someone crying.

The soft canyon wind caressed her chassis.

It was too beautiful for words, being on the peak was like entering her own little world.

The air was cool and crisp.

Tia's lungs filled with recreation, though her soul still steamed with fire and regret.

As Tia cruised upon the unnaturally smooth terrain of the peak, the sand swished and swirled under her wheels familiarly. Her eyes lit up at the spectacular mixture of the heavy precipitation in the air and the ravenous sunshine, the sky was full of pearl clouds and blue depthless. It reminded her of her mom, pearl body and deep blue eyes.

Tia closed her eyes.

Tia remembered her last time being there, only a few days ago. She's changed so much. Tia imagined the confused and lost girl she was but now it was different everything was different and she didn't mind that one bit.

What made me say that?

She had never hurt her sister before, was there something deep inside Tia that made her say it?

Something that wanted Mia to hurt, to face reality for a little bit, just so Mia could suffer like Tia did, like Tia does.

All this was so hard, the baby, Marc, self-esteem, Mia's sudden knowledge, life.

Tia sighed in relief.

Even though she was going through hard times, at least she was going through them on the right path.

I still can't believe it, first Marc then Mia, she must be so upset.

and Marc.

Okay, when I get back I'm going to apologize to Mia and tell her the truth.

A soft breeze flew though her, she faintly heard the words I love you. Then they were gone like a passing breeze, a vanishing but permanent emotion.

Tia opened her eyes. Self-evaluation time was over.

Suddenly a thought bubbled in her mind

Didn't I have one missed text message?

Tia flipped out her phone and read the message. Her eyes radiated with something strong.

It was from Marc.

He sent it 20 minutes after their fight.

Marc: Even though these words are completely understated to the emotions I am feeling. I want to say sorry. This wasn't what I planned and I apologized for that. I had no right to use you. I want to invite you to my home, for an American dinner because I want to apologize in person. If you don't want to come I understand.

Tia smiled faintly, she cringed thinking about the recent argument. No fight is worth a friendship. She reread it a couple more times, it was the neatest text message she has ever received.

I should apologize, thought Tia. I was overreacting.

Tia gasped. The message was sent 20 minutes ago.

I hope he doesn't think I don't want to go.

I better text him back.

Tia: Bring apple fuel and sent me directions

Immediately a text message appeared.

Marc: Bien sûr, Tia, merci merci merci!

Directions appeared seconds later.

Tia closed her iPhone and sighed blissfully.

First Marc, then Mia.

She drove to the direction of Marc's house; sand swirled around her tires as she did a U-turn, leaving sand and dust to linger in the air like a spirit in the wind, as she drove away.

Tia stopped in front of the old large Spanish house. She looked at the time-worn wooden sign for reference.

Carrera Multifamily Homes.

"Yeah, this is the place," said Tia as she stared at it. It was an old house, mansion like, wizened by time.

The house was a Four-flat, a Spanish colonial style home. It was most likely built in the 1920s based on the recolonization of Spanish architecture booming during Radiator Spring's development. The low-pitched clay tile roof was a sun kissed fiery orange. The house had plain white smooth plaster (stucco) walls. Its decoration was basic and elementary. The only thing that made it exciting was its gargantuan size and the fact that it was Spanish. The dusty concrete driveway was connected to the semi-circular wooden garage door. It had no lawn; it was just clayish sand with a few cacti.

It was obvious that Sally renovated it due to its lack of rot and the automatic wooden garage door.

The sun beamed down on Tia's roof, she entered the house.

Inside the house was very cool and bright yet hollow, like a brand new roomy house with no one living in it. It had that new house smell, fresh carpet; linger of paint, and leather. A beautiful body with no soul.

Light shined in every corner of the house, which made sense, the windows were colossal.

It smelled like cactus also, a dry bitter smell.

This is probably what Spain smells like, thought Tia jokingly.

The house was silent and void; it didn't remind Tia of Marc at all. Every sound she made echoed like thunder. Tia didn't like this house. She hated mansions.

Rich cars buy mansions because it's the only ones that have space for their egos, thought Tia.

I guess I better go and go to Marc's room this place is getting weird.

Tia look around to find a large wooden slope, she drove up the polished slope to a long hallway that was eerily bright.

She scanned the number until she found the very last one, Marc's number.

"Room #12," said Tia victoriously.

Tia rapped on the dark wooden garage door gently with her wheel; she flinched at the loud noise it emitted.


Stupid house.

The door rose with a creak, Tia's heart sank; she immersed in warm chestnut-brown eyes.

Marc nuzzled Tia gently, catching her off guard. She filled with a strange heat. Apollo cooed.

"Tia," said Marc in a heavy French accent. His tongue rolled. "I'm-a so glad you came!"

"Me too," said Tia shyly. Her eyes looked down.

He nuzzled me?

Could this mean something?

I never knew his body was so warm...

Stop it Tia!

"S'ill vous plait enter en," said Marc. He gestured his front wheels to the open door. "Please come in."

Marc's voice wavered slightly, he seemed nervous. Was the nuzzle unexpected?

Tia didn't notice Marc's body language; she was preoccupied with her own thoughts.

She drove in.

Marc's house was neat and organized. Everything felt small and cramped compared to her loft. For some reason it made Tia think of the intimacy between her and Lightning.


Tia cleared it out of her mind.

Overall the house was modernly bland, there wasn't a trace of Marc anywhere…so far. The walls were white and everything was Spanish themed, it seems that the building was one of those already furnished multi-family houses. Sally's signature cones were everywhere…

Marc probably doesn't feel at home here, thought Tia.

This must feel so foreign to him.

The only good thing

Thought the home was cramped, it was based upon an open space flooring plan. Tia cruised in the open dinning room with Marc behind her, he wasn't saying anything.

Tia noticed that the table was covered in complicated looking papers.

Must be still working on that essay thing.

Where are we going to eat?

"Sorri awboute de tawble," said Marc. His accent had betrayed him. He looked down. "I mean sorry about the table, sorry about everything Tia."

Tia's eyes watered for Marc. She felt her heart rip. "No Marc I'm sorry."

"Non, I was a traitor, I have betrayed your trust, "said Marc now looking at Tia intensely with honesty. It hurt Tia to look at them.

"Are you kidding me Marc? I freaked for no reason!"

"Your reaction was natural and understandable, I was being an imbécile. I was wrong, I will never hurt your again Tia. I can only beg for forgiveness."

Tia was lost for words. What else could she say?

That was the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me, no one has ever apologized to me before like that, he actually meant it.

….uhhh what do I say.

I can't say thank you.

A thought popped in her head.

Exactly nothing.

Maybe it was the lazy mid-morning sun that streaked across Marc's chestnut-brown, iris flecking them with a dull bronze or the mystic silence of the house of the moment, or a combination of both.

Nervous azure eyes defined with newfound knowledge sank into warm gold flaked dark brown eyes, with more meaning than Tia could have ever given to Lightning.

Somehow they were very close to each other, their lips barley touching.

Every breath they expelled on the other's lips sent shivers down their wires. It was so tempting.

Marc was never prone to acts of impulsiveness based on emotion, pros and cons of kissing Tia calculated in his head, within moments he has made his choice.

I can't do this to Tia; she is my friend, thought Marc. We will be stronger as friends than a couple.

Marc's lips parted, his voice was whispery and coaxed in his French accent.


"Don't speak," said Tia.

No one moved.

No one knew who made the first move, their lips touched and that's all that mattered.

Marc's lips were soft and delicate; it sent waves of warmth down Tia's wires and made her engine purr. His kisses were far different than her ex-boyfriends' or Lightning's. His were meaningful; they expressed respect and friendship in every caress of lips.

The world stopped. Sound was nonexistent. Thought is invalid. Emotion was prevailing. It was paradise.

Their lips separated, they were only kissing for a moment or so, but it felt like forever too short.

They both sighed.

"I forgive you," said Tia breathless. She had forgotten that she had lungs*.

"I hope you forgive me because of my apology," said Marc sadly.

"Of course," said Tia earnestly.

The kiss wasn't half bad either.

"Okay," said Marc through a dazzling smile. "Since we are friends again, how about some American cooking?!"

"Oui," said Tia happily. "Got any apple fuel?"

"Bien sûr, mon cher ami, "said Marc. "Of course my dear friend."

Marc shifted his wheels to the refrigerator in the kitchen which is only separated from the dining room by a white marble island. "It is on the bottom shelf."

Tia raced to the refrigerator, and with the robotic hand's assistance, had gotten herself a nice gallon pour of apple fuel. She gulped it down in two seconds to Marc's astonishment. Apollo cooed with bliss, his belly was full of apple fuel. He went to sleep.

"Wow," said Marc in his heavy accent. Tia giggled at the sound. "You were really thirsty."

"Nah, I wasn't thirsty at all," said Tia. "It's Apollo, he really wanted some apple fuel, I get cravings bad now."

"Oh, I didn't-a know it was a boy," said Marc. "Apollo is a nice name; it's the-a god of music, intellectual pursuits, and healing right?"

"Yeah," said Tia. "Well I don't know if it's a boy yet or if it even has a gender but, it sure kicks like a boy, and yes you are correct, but Apollo is also the god of the sun sometimes. I really like Greek mythology"

Marc looked at Tia. "I don't want to-a offend you with this but you are starting to show, you are a lot bigger then you were yesterday. Babies grow fast."

"I know," said Tia. She poured herself another gallon and drove to the dining table, to find that Marc cleared it. Her belly thundered. "Can you start on the American dinner, I'm in the mood for something cheesy, and I forgot breakfast."

"Oh my," said Marc. He rushed into the kitchen.

Tia watched Marc in awe as he flipped and tossed food in the most precise proficient ways. It was quite entertaining to watch.

Five minutes later, Tia had a hot steaming plate of five stacked blueberry pancakes, two sunny side up eggs, and two strips of bacon. She was literally drooling at her plate.

Oh my gosh, this looks so good, it'll be even better when I scarf it down.

I just want to eat everything!

She wasn't sure if it was her talking or Apollo.

No, I have to wait for Marc, it's rude to eat before everyone else in France.

He'll get over it.

No, I got to be nice and wait.

Tia waited for Marc to park at the table, after he came and parked comfortably. Marc said something to Tia. "Why aren't you eating?"

Tia looked shocked. "I thought it was wrong to eat before everyone was parked."

"Of course," said Marc. "But in France it is also rude to eat with your front wheels on the ground, it should be on the table."

Tia looked on the ground to find her wheels on the floor. "In America its proper table manners."

"I know," said Marc. "That is why in America I am quite liberal when it comes to table etiquette."

After minutes eating and small chatting over the table, it came down to Tia talking to Marc about her thoughts.

"I want to say thank you," said Tia. She took a bite of her apple fuel and yolk soaked pancakes.

"You welcome," said Marc. He cringed at her blended plate; it was starting to look a little like soup. "Cravings got you really bad."

They both laughed.

"I know, this stuff looks disgusting but it's really good," said Tia. "It doesn't ruin your appetite does it?"

"Tia," said Marc firmly. "I am from a country that eats snails, frog legs, and moldy cheese. I think I can handle your breakfast soup."

They laughed again.

"I love Apollo," said Tia. "I want to keep him, I don't want an abortion. I'm just not sure how it would be like to take care of a baby, is it hard, is it easy, is it tiresome, I gotta know."

"Hmm," said Marc. He took the last bite of his pancake. He only has one pancake and one slice of bacon on his plate. The French do not eat as much as Americans. "I know of a place that could answer your questions."


"You see after the argument, I took all the parts in my essay about your pregnancy psychologically and gotten rid of it," said Marc.

"You did, thanks," said Tia. "You can still use it if you want."

"No thank you," said Marc. "I went to this place called 'Minny's Mother 2 Mother', it is a program where new mothers get advice from experienced mothers, it's really good. I can show you were it is if you want."

"Thanks," said Tia. "That would be really sweet."

After Marc cleaned the table with Tia's help, they drove out to the place.

After they both raced each other to the place, they drove up to the quaint soft pink building. On the perfectly manicured lawn, there was a newly painted white sign and in black cursive writing it said.

Minny's Mother 2 Mother

"You ready," said Marc. "I can come with you if you want?"

"No, thank you," said Tia. She smiled. "I'm fine; you are such a good friend."

"Okay," said Marc. He nuzzled Tai gently. It sent sparks of encouragement through her.

"Good luck," said Marc.

"Bye Marc," said Tia.

"À toute à l'heure Tia," said Marc and he drove off.

Tia stared at the building; it was sugary sweet, almost like a doll garage. But at that moment it was the scariest thing Tia has ever seen.

Was she really going to do this, I she really going to take action of her life?

Or will her fear control her with an iron grip once more.

This is the first step, thought Tia. This is for Apollo.

She drove in.

Completely unprepared, completely vulnerable, and completely brave.

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