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He saw her as he and his father passed them the "o eever sooo woonderous Potters and Weaselys." His father had warned him about them said they were trouble. But hey, he was a boy on the verge of puberty. So he looked at the girl standing there, the obvious first year. Wow he thought she's um really really pretty. She had a kind face and the most beautiful red hair he had ever seen like a raging fire.

"Come now Scorpio we need to keep moving. No need to remain in the vicinity of blood traitors, mudbloods and their offspring" his father Draco said.

"Yes Father" the timid boy said, looking down.

On the train Scorpio looked around for a seat, but it was full, the train was completely full, with the exception of a couple of seats in a room that's other occupants were the Weasleys and Potters.

He poked his head in. He saw Rose and blushed.

"Um, c-can I, um, s-sit here" he stammered.

"No" the bigger boy, James said.

"James, be nice" Rose said flicking James behind the ear. "Sure take a seat" she said to Scorpio.

"Um t-thanks" Scorpio said a little scared.

"No problem" she said smiling. He pretty much melted at that.

Rose liked Scorpio. He smiled at her, he wasn't obnoxious like James or Albus, and he laughed at all her jokes even the ones that weren't that funny. Plus he was pretty, icy blue eyes and practically white blonde hair. In turn she laughed at some terrible jokes well not really laugh more like politely smiled. When the others were rude to him she defended him. It was incredibly smooth until the sorting then there was a problem.