Tracker Part 2

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Monki-Neko: (Who is writing a brilliant H\HR fic but is M) Thank you :)

Merton woke upto an unholy racket. He didn't exactly spring out of bed but stumble because being a Tracker meant for all he knew it could be Unholy. He found his door currently being repeatedly attacked by his new companion. Cerb was now shouldering the door. Merton gaped openly confused at the sight after all the collar should have taken away any feelings to run away. It wasn't his own need reminded him that animals need the bathroom too, he stopped staring at the strange sight. Merton, still half in sleep mode staggered to grab the leash still connected to Cerb's collar and unlocked the runes. Now with his own ambient magic, that all with anyone with any amount of supernatural blood possessed, powered the runes on the leash Cerb stopped his attack on the door and Merton was able to lead the creature out to the bathroom on the end of the block.

Thankfully there was a self cleaning litterbox in there for all familiars, with the usual expansion runes. Once man and beast relieved themselves, Merton led Cerb back into the room. He collasped back on his bed still clutching the lead, Cerb took this to try to climb on the bed with him. As soon as the large beast put a single paw on the bed, it gave an massive creak. Merton sat up quickly and pulled the leash quickly trying to stop the animal before his bed was no more.

Cerb lifted his paw up and just sat next to the boy looking at him with almost a sheepish expression on his face. Merton sighed and petted Cerb's shaggy brown fur. "Cerb, you are just too big for the bed. Next paycheck I will get you your own bed but for now you have to make do with the floor. I wasn't expecting to actually end up with a familar to tell you the truth. I need one though. You see, I am a trainee Tracker. Trackers are kinda like police officers for the supernatural. It is our job to track down and stop whoever is disrupting the worlds. It is usually the mortal realm that has the problems, it would be too easy to stop anyone causing havoc in this realm and no one would dare to do anything at all in the demon one, mind you it is usually the occupants of the demon one doing it." Merton oddly felt relieved to share this. Even if it was to an overgrown hybrid. That said hybrid was actually staring at him listening? 'How smart are wolfbears?' Merton thought.

Knowing that he wouldn't be able to think about anything else until he checked it out made him get up and go to one of his many bookcases and pick a book on the various creatures of the supernatural realm. A quick check in the index led him to page 324 where a single paragraph was written:

Wolfbears are known to the supernatural realm only. Said to be created by blood magicks by Gaius Plinius Secundus(*) from a Skybear (Extinct) and a Cavewolf (Extinct) in an attempt to create an animal for protection, loyalty and strength. Many attempts was unsuccessful, and later released in the mortal realm to be known as various bears such as polar and grizzly. Wolfbears are now only found in the wild, often in packs. Studies report average height is around 8ft and highly resistant to magic as they age. Highly agressive and terrorial creatures.

Merton flicked back to the index double checking if there was anymore pages but found none. Another search in his other books brought up no new information. He angrily discarded his books. He made his way back to the apparently highly agressive and terrorial animal who was now flopped down next to his bed watching him looking like he was grinning. He sat back on his bed and stared at his companion. "So what is it like being a magically created hybrid?" Merton asked before laughing. He stopped and frowned.

"I guess we are both in the wrong place really. You should be somewhere in the northern section hunting down elkseals and having a ball scaring off researchers. I should be back in my basement in the Mortal realm being the highschool freak. At least I know why I am here, about a year back. you see my old school enemy decided to open a portal to the Demon Realm. He lost control quickly and decided to call me over to use me as a sacrafice. After he ran, I managed to shut the gate before the Trackers turned up. They gave me a choice a complete mind wipe or becoming a trainee. I saw what they did to him but it was better than becoming like him. My family thought I won a full scholarship to a college in Canada. So here I am, what about you? Why are you here? We could ask the Pound people..." Cerb's stomach gave off an almighty rumble "...Right after some breakfast then." Merton finished.

Merton got up again and grabbed Cerb's leash and waited for the giant creature to get up and stretch out before leading him out the door. Merton made his way across the campus. It was still early enough on a Sunday morning for there to be just a skeleton guard about but no other trainees or Trackers. He led Cerb to the main kitchens, the connected ones to his dorm was more a place to warm things up than to cook, that was at the very back of the campus. He used his ID to get in the door he led Cerb to the back of the eating area and tied to the leash to a post in the corner underneath a breakfast bar . He opened the kitchen section and put in some bread in the toaster as he grabbed a lamb shank from the kitchen. He quickly spread butter over them. He used his money card to pay. Merton sat down in a slung chair and began nibbling his toast.

"Trackers have a honest thing going on besides if the tally didn't count the Admin just dock the amount from everyone. I was each given a money card which had credit that was used on campus. I use mine for food, clothing, furniture and books mainly since runes can do most things but not create such complex items." Merton explained.

"Admin uses the credit system since it means it is a meritoracy. Mertitoracy means wealth and influence is based upon intelligence and skill than hertige. Admin actually imported most of the items bought by us with actual diamonds since diamonds are the only currency accepted in the supernatural realm, Diamonds can't be created or duplicated with runes since the complex struture makes it impossible. Although they have use in jewerllery and rune crafting." Merton stopped for breath here looking at the wolfbear happily chewing into his breakfast but still with an ear pricked towards him listening to him.

Merton took this as a sign to continue, he always loved to lecture and to have a willing victim to his ramblings was a nice change. "Admins get diamonds from charging others for Tracker's services, claiming bounties and sometimes they export things particularily rune items. Oh and they do a fair trade in animals. We can exchange our credits for diamonds but the exchange rate isn't brilliant."

"Talking to yourself again Dingle?" came a snide voice. He twisted his body slightly to face Edaphic Jut(*), a pureblood mage and his usual flunkie\girlfriend Barlag Lume (*) another pureblood mage. Meton was about to retort but Cerb climbed out of his hidey hole to stand fully infront of Merton, all 6ft, 16 stone of him. His fur was bristling and he bared his teeth. As they ran off Merton just laughed in his chair, Cerb calmed down and turned to Merton gave him a sniff and once he was sure he was alright curled back up to continue with his breakfast.

Once they were finished and the bowl and scraps of meat was put in a cleaner and bin respectively they made their way back into Merton's room. Merton left Cerb in his room and grabbed some fresh clothes before going for a shower and changing into a fresh outfit. Hairgel wasn't imported and it wasn't worth the credits to get it on the black market so he improvised with condensed beeswax which only costed him half a credit for a pound. He know felt more like himself and ready to face the day. He fetched Cerb from his room and made his way to the pound.

He went through the whole process of showing his identity and being admitted in. The large man looked vaguely impressed that he was still alive but Cerb started growling the moment the man behind the desk entered his eye sight. Merton placed an empathic powered hand on Cerb's shoulder. Cerb looked at Merton and stopped growling and sat calmly but definately in front of Merton. The Pound keeper let out a laugh. "He is definately attached to you. I thought I would end up having a skin for sale. I was wanting those 50 diamonds, afterall to get a wolfbear skin is something special. Coming to return him? If so I might still get my money."

Cerb's shoulder was rumbling under Merton's hand even though no noise was escaping the large beast. Merton pushed more calming thoughts into Cerb, the muscle was still twitching but no longer shaking. Merton quickly interrupted the big man before an accident could occur. "I need some information on wolfbears, but most of all I need the file on Cerb, his paper didn't cover anything but his species and when he was captured."

The keeper pulled a little box out and activated the expansion runes on the box and files and pulled out a copy of Cerb's file. He tossed it over the counter to Merton who caught it and opened it as the keeper made his way out of a side door. Merton flicked opened the file and just began to glance through when the man came back and tossed him a book. Merton just caught it in time. When Merton looked at it, it was a copied Zoology section of the Magick Naturalis Historia written by Gaius Plinius Secundus. Merton thanked the keeper before making his way back to his room.

He sat on the bed waited until Cerb made himself comfortable at his feet before opening Cerb's file. It was like all of Tracker's files, simple and to the point.

Species: Wolfbear

Breed: Artic\grizzly

Purity: 60:40

Age: Juvenile

At this Merton stared at the 6ft creature. The beast was still in puberty, which kinda explained why the runes was working on him since apparently the species had magical resistance. The purity bit explained why he resembled more of a wolf than a bear with his longer legs, leaner legs, more pointed ears and sharper snout. He carried on reading.

Date of capture: April 2, 1999

Location: Pleasantville

At this Merton dropped the file to the floor which startled the wolfbear. Merton locked gazes with the creature shocked. It was his hometown.

(*)Author notes: Names are important for a writer. Just like JK all my names have some significance.

Gaius Plinius Secundus (Plinny the Elder) was the a great great man. He had some werid ideas like giraffes were created from a camel and cheetah breeding. He had the first encycolpedia by training all his camels carrying his books to walk in alphabetical order. He actually wrote Naturalis Historia, the first encylopedia and there is a zoology section.

Edaphic Jut: Synomyn for Dirt bag or rather soil condition bag so fertiliser...

Barlag Lume: Created by looking at my screen icons. Battery and flag=Barlag Volume=Lume.

Those two isn't likely to turn up again.