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The Phoenix

Melody watched her two new friends from a distance as they waited in line to check their luggage. She could tell they were bickering about something or another but Melody was learning that was pretty much a constant thing with them. Wainwright had practically jumped at the idea of Lisbon and Jane taking a much needed vacation. Ok, so maybe he had a tiny crush on Melody too. Then, after a lengthy argument with the rest of the team, the decision was made to send them off to Florida, Orlando to be more precise. At first, Melody had picked Hawaii as the destination for their little getaway but then the team had been quick to inform her that Jane would absolutely drive Lisbon insane if all they did was lounge on a beach all day.

They had come to the conclusion that more than likely, neither Jane nor Lisbon had grown up in the kind of family that took trips to Disney and everyone needs to visit Disney at least once in their lives right? Orlando seemed like a good option because it was far enough away to forget about work for a while. Plus, it was known as the "sunshine state" and sunshine was exactly what the two of them needed.

Melody had chosen Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort as their destination as it seemed to be the best of both worlds. The resort was located near all of the parks, had its own lakeside beaches and six pools. Melody figured between the amusement parks and the resort itself, there would be enough to entertain Jane should Lisbon want to relax. The team had wanted to pay for the trip but Melody insisted she chip in as well. Eventually they agreed that she would pay for the hotel and they would split for the airfare and amusement passes. What everyone didn't know is that Melody had booked them a single room with two beds. Maybe it was too big of a push but at the very least, Jane and Lisbon still had some serious talking to do and being separated in different rooms didn't seem like the best way to encourage that kind of discussion.

Finally, the luggage was tagged and passed over the counter to be checked by security. Jane and Lisbon turned and headed back towards Melody. Lisbon was wearing a blue sun dress and sandals. Jane was wearing his usual attire. Melody rolled her eyes. Thank goodness Cho helped me switch out his luggage for some normal shorts and t-shirts. There was no way sun would penetrate that many layers of clothing.

Melody smiled as they walked up to her. "So, you both all set?"

"How come Lisbon get's the window seat?" Jane whined.

Lisbon elbowed Jane but Melody answered anyway. "Because I figured you would be getting up from your seat every five minutes. Are you guys going to refer to each other by last names the entire trip?"

Jane shrugged. "Just a habit now."

Lisbon nodded in agreement. "What about you Melody? Are you sure you want us across the country for your first week at work?"

Melody took one quick glance at Jane. "I'm sure. It's actually probably for the best."

Both women chuckled.

"What?" Jane asked. "Am I that bad? Wait, don't answer that."

Lisbon moved to give Melody a hug. "Thank you Melody, for everything."

"You're welcome. Take care of that one." She said as she moved to hug Jane.

Melody embraced the consultant and Lisbon was surprised when he returned it. "Good Luck." Jane said.

"Thanks." She released him and watched as the two agents strolled towards security and their gates.

Melody sat in the parking lot as she watched Jane and Lisbon's plane take off. With a sigh, she started her car. Tomorrow, she would begin her new job at the CBI. She was looking forward to it and eager to get started. Today, however, Melody had another matter to attend to. She stared at the little red paper crane that now sat on her dashboard. Jane's 'good luck' had not only been about her big day tomorrow but also what she was about to do. She had talked with him about it and he had even offered to accompany her when he got back but Melody had politely declined the offer. This was something she needed to do by herself.

The origami figure might as well have been a phoenix, Melody decided as she put the car in reverse and headed out of the lot, her own ash pile left in its wake. She hit her turn signal and shifted onto the onramp west, towards Solano and the prison there, where her father had been for the last twenty years.

The End :o)