If It's For Her,

Written by WickedSong.

Disclaimer/Note : I don't own Glee, FOX do! This is based off the snippet we got in the first Yes/No (The Proposal) promo of Sam getting slushied so spoilers for 3x10 ahead.

A slushie never changed.

It was always cold, harsh and unexpected.

There was always the inevitable gasp as the liquid hit your skin, burnt your eyes and you momentarily forgot where you were as your body and brain registered the shock from how cold it actually was.

Sam Evans had been lucky compared to other members of the glee club. Sure he had been slushied twice but only one of those times had it been while he was on his own.

Now, it was a year later and he was standing in the middle of the hallway dripping wet due to the orange coloured slushie that had been thrown his way. By who he didn't know. All he could do was sigh, shrug it off and head to his locker, despite the whispers from those around him. Even the laughter didn't get to him.

In his mind, the teasing, the laughing was worth it.

Synchronised swimming practice had been tough but that was worth it too.

It was all worth it.

He put his swimming stuff in his locker, took out a spare towel and walked to the bathroom, still dripping wet but not hiding the fact that he had been slushied. If it had happened a year ago he probably would've hid in the nearest classroom until the corridors were deserted but this wasn't last year.

It was only glee practice he was missing and the assignment this week was finding the perfect love song to help Mr. Schue propose to Ms. Pillsbury with. Sam had no doubt, as he was rinsing out the slushie from his hair, that Rachel and Finn were launching into a sugary sweet duet with plenty of eye sex and tension for the entire room to feel.

He wasn't going to miss anything out of the ordinary he was sure.

"What the hell happened to you?"

He turned to see Puck come out of one of the stalls. Sam held up the towel which was now a similar colour to the slushie and then gestured to himself. Puck nodded in acknowledgement of this.

"Well we all saw that coming from a mile away, dude," he replied, with some sympathy in his voice as he leaned on one of the sinks beside his friend.

"Why are you not in glee today?" asked Sam, as he turned the taps off and dried himself off.

Puck shrugged. "It's all about marriage, love, relationships this week."

"Too manly for you, I'm guessing?" questioned Sam, with teasing in his voice but Puck waved it off.

"Been burned too many times by love my friend," Puck answered. "Never going back there again. But it seems like you're walking through fire for it, aren't you?"

"What do you mean?"

Puck snorted. "OK, you seriously think we all don't know why you're doing this?" When Sam didn't reply, he continued. "Because it's pretty obvious that you aren't doing this synchronised swimming thing because you woke up one day and decided it was what you wanted to do with your life. So tell me, why are you doing it?"

"Look at who she's dated. You, a football player, me and I was on the football team. And now Shane, football team and full scholarship. See a connection?" In case he didn't, Sam poked at his friend's letterman's jacket which he wore.

Puck shook his head. "I think we could just call that a coincidence and move on. She dated me because it looked good for the both of us, she dated you because you're a good guy and she's dating Shane because..." Puck shrugged his shoulders. "To be honest, I don't know why she's dating Shane. I've asked Kurt, Quinn, even Santana. We don't really get a reason."

"Why do you think she's dating him?" Sam questioned, all of a sudden interested in this topic.

"Honestly, man," Puck started, "because she never got over you. She can go about talking about you two were 'so June' or whatever," Sam winced at the mention of the video where she very publicy put down their relationship, their relationship which was so much more than a 'summer fling', "but you can still see she wants you."

Sam was pleased by this and smiled slightly. "Yeah, well I plan on showing her that I still want her too."

"I'm sure she knows," Puck assured him, and it was clear he was thinking about when Sam called down the hallway after Mercedes, telling her in no uncertain terms that he would fight to get her back.

Sam nodded but a conversation he had with her, shortly before he had joined the swim team had him thinking.

"I'm happy. OK, Shane makes me happy,"

Mercedes stared Sam down as they stood in the deserted choir room. They had both, by chance, arrived for glee almost twenty minutes early, Sam because he had no where else to be and Mercedes because her watch had been twenty minutes too fast and she had originally thought she was late.

They had been having an easy conversation, lighthearted until Shane had come up. Almost as soon as Sam had asked about the football player Mercedes had made her declaration.

"And why don't I believe that?" he asked her. "If I did, I wouldn't be trying this hard. But you're trying to brush us aside as if we never happened. We did."

"Why are you trying this hard?" she questioned. "What was there really about me that was all that special to you anyway. You could have any girl in this school if you wanted and yet you choose me."

Her expression was a mix of irritation but there was also that question in her eyes, the question she was always asking herself. The question she had always wanted to ask him because she had never quite believed that he really wanted her.

But before he could answer she shook her head and held her hand up.

"You know what, it doesn't matter. I'm with Shane now." But the force and the conviction that she probably wanted to say that with never reached her voice or her eyes.

"I'm going to prove to you that you're the only one that I want, I promise."

It was so similar to his last declaration that she was almost taken aback by the sincerity in his voice but everyone else started arriving for rehearsal and so she couldn't reply.

"So that's why you took a slushie as well then?"

"A slushie, a laugh, a strange look. It doesn't matter. You never know what's going to happen in the future, so you have to go for what you want in the here and now because that's the most important thing."

Puck clapped his friend on the back and nodded, then regarded him closely. After a minute he went to leave the bathroom but not before quickly shouting, "We're all rooting for you by the way, even Santana!"

Sam had to smile at this and quickly followed Puck, taking his towel with him.

He had never lost his resolve to show her that he loved and wanted her and this only strengthened it.

So he would continue to swim, continue to take slushies, continue to take whatever came his way because it was all worth it.

Because it was for her.

This wasn't one of my best but I just needed to write something Samcedes and then I thought of this. I just love how Sam is going to do this and prove that he will 'do anything' to get her back, quoted from a Chord Overstreet interview where he explains Sam's reasoning for joining the swim team.

So tell me what you think. And are we all excited for January? I know I can't wait!

WickedSong x