If It's For Her,

Written by WickedSong.

Disclaimer/Note : In the first chapter. I do not own the songs in this chapter. 'A Thousand Years' is by Christina Perri from the soundtrack of Breaking Dawn : Part One and 'I Won't Let Go' is by the Rascal Flatts from their album 'Nothing Like This'. This is the final chapter and I hope you enjoy it. More in my note at the end.

Sam held the receiver patiently to his ear, the ringing only lasting a couple of moments before the phone on the other line was picked up.

"Let me talk to him!"

"You talked to him two nights ago, Stace, it's my turn!"



"Guys, guys, just put the thing on speaker," Sam called out over the argument at his siblings, trying to contain his smile and laughter, as tears suddenly sprung to his eyes. This always happened when he phoned his family.

The argument continued and they obviously hadn't heard him. He whistled, a sharp piercing sound that didn't seem as loud in his head when he had the idea. He laughed as they went silent. It had been a familiar noise to them due to all the nights he spent watching them when his parents had been unemployed.

"But Sammy, I wanna talk to you," Stacy said, and Sam could imagine the pout she was wearing at that moment. That pout was the reason he and his father were wrapped around his younger sister's finger.

So it was a lucky thing Sam couldn't actually see her facial expression, as he put on his best stern voice. "Don't be selfish, Stace. Put the phone on speaker so I can talk to the both of you."

There was a noise of annoyance but he heard the phone being put on the table and footsteps. When the footsteps stopped the phone was put on speaker.

"Hey there son."

"Hey Dad," Sam said, the familiar voice forcing him to wipe his eyes clear of tears yet again. "Is Mom there too?"

"She's at work," his father replied, in an apologetic tone. "I'll talk to you in a minute. These two want to before they go to bed."

He heard his dad walk away and then his siblings clambering over the speakerphone.

"Do you miss us, Sammy?"

"When will you be back home? Will Rory come by as well next time?"

He wasn't fazed by the questions or the barrage of them. He had come to expect this. He had spent a lot of time with his brother and sister when the family had lost their home, their parents constantly pounding the pavement for work. They had grown closer as a result, closer that they would have had that strife not hit them.

"Of course I do. I miss you two, Mom and Dad." He tried not to sound too sad because that would only depress them so he kept his voice more upbeat as he continued, "And I've told you guys. The next weekend I have off work I'll try to come down. I don't know if Rory will want to come though," he replied, teasing them.

"Your stupid crush scared him off. Thanks a lot, Stace. He was cool."

"What about you Stevie? You would constantly interrupt his conversations with Sammy."

"Woah, guys, cool it," Sam warned. "I was joking. If he can, I'm sure Rory would love to come down with me next time to see you two." He could practically hear the glee in Stacy's hands clapping together and he was sure he hadn't imagined Stevie's roar of triumph.

In the week Rory had spent with the Evans' he had become very close to the family.

"Right you two," Sam heard his father over the phone, "it's time for bed. Say goodnight to Sam. I'm sure he'll phone tomorrow."

"I can't tomorrow but definitely the night after that."

"Promise, Sammy?"

Again he could hear Stacy's pout in her voice.

"I promise."

"Goodnight, Sammy. Love you!"

"'Night big bro. Love you too!"

"Love you more!"

"No, I love you more!"

As always it had turned into an argument between the two, always trying to out-do the other.

"Well, I love you both equally so there! Now get to sleep," Sam told them, again in his stern voice. That was something else he had to perfect. In a short space of time he had had a dual role of both brother and parental figure.

"Go get dressed, get your teeth brushed and into your beds. I'll be checking in on you in ten," Mr. Evans said. Sam waited a moment and then his father spoke again. "You're off speaker. Now tell me how it's all going. Doing well in school? Is glee club going well? What are you doing tomorrow night?"

"Yes, yes and I'm going to a wedding tomorrow," Sam replied quickly. "It's Mr. Schue's, you know my glee teacher. He asked the club to perform."

"Well, have fun," his dad said. "So how's your plan going?"

Yes, his father had been involved in his plan in fighting for Mercedes. At first it hadn't been intentional but he had overheard a conversation Sam had been having with Rory, in which he had admitted he was having problems with what exactly he could do to show how serious he was, and had offered his advice to his son the morning before the two boys left for Lima after the holidays.

"She broke up with Shane but it's been a month. I don't know how she feels about me, about the prospect of us again," Sam replied, shrugging his shoulders even though he was on the phone. "I don't know what to do."

"How long have you been waiting for this girl? And be honest, son."

He thought about that question. He had been back in Lima for around two months. But he had been away from Lima, from her for five months before that. And then it had taken him almost a month to get his ass in gear and actually make a move. So that meant...

"Eight months, dad, eight months."

"I'm not going to tell you what to do, Sam because I think you already know. If you don't know how she feels you're going to wait until you know, even if that wait is another eight months."

His father's words had the ring of truth to them. Because what he and Mercedes had was more than a summer fling. It was short, a month, shorter than the time he had had with Quinn and hell, shorter than he had been with Santana, but it meant more than both of them. Wasn't that something worth fighting for?

"Thanks, Dad," said Sam. "I'd better go now as well. I said to Finn I'd help him go through choreography."

"Heaven only knows why he's asking you," his father told him, laughing heartily at his own joke. "I love you, son."

"Thanks a lot for that!" But Sam laughed too. "Goodnight. Tell Mom I said I. Love you."

"Let me introduce to you, in their first dance as husband and wife, Mr. and Mrs. William Schuester."

Everyone cheered and clapped as Mr. Schue and the new Mrs. Schuester walked out onto the dance floor, hand in hand. Mercedes was on stage, as she had volunteered to sing for the first dance which everyone had agreed with. She ran through the song in her head, as the cheering died down and she stepped up closer to the microphone before her.

"This is my song for the happy couple," Mercedes said, before taking a deep breath and finding Sam sitting at the table with the glee members. He was staring at her thoughtfully and she returned the gaze."And maybe for all of you out there looking for somebody to love. If something is really meant to be it'll find its way back to you."

She nodded her head to Brad and the band who had also been asked to perform at the wedding and they began to play, the soft, sweet melody. She had racked her brains for hours trying to find the perfect song, both for the couple and for Sam, because she knew that this was the platform she needed for him to hear her.

"Heart beats fast, colours and promises, how to be brave, how can I love when I'm afraid to fall, but watching you stand alone, all of my doubt suddenly goes away somehow, one step closer."

"I have died everyday waiting for you, darling don't be afraid I have loved you for a thousand years, I'll love you for a thousand more."

Hadn't that always been her fear? Her heart had always been guarded, safe. She didn't understand the tears that Rachel shed over Finn or the multitude of relationships the glee club went through because she had never expected she would have to. She never thought there would a guy there, in high school, for her to feel that way.

But then Junior prom came around and that guy was there and so was that prospect of someone and something. Of someone she liked and who liked her in return. Of something that was a relationship. And did she want that? She had said so on occasion but when the possibility of falling in love was staring her right in the face she was petrified. Until he asked her out in New York, and somehow all those doubts slipped away as she felt his lips on hers.

She still remembered that first kiss, as if it had happened yesterday.

"Time stands still, beauty in all she is, I will be brave, I will not let anything take away what's standing in front of me, every breath, every hour has come to this, one step closer."

"I have died everyday waiting for you, darling don't be afraid I have loved you for a thousand years, I'll love you for a thousand more."

"All along I believed I would find you, time has brought your heart to me, I have loved you for a thousand years, I'll love you for a thousand more."

And then he had left and Shane was there and it was easy to be with him because he didn't have her heart. She had no feelings that went beyond platonic. She didn't savour his kisses like she had with Sam, she didn't feel a spark when her hand accidentally brushed against his or when he held hers in his own. She didn't feel a lot with him. She believed that was exactly what she needed to get over any silly daydream about actually finding someone to love, who loved her and would stay.

Sam Evans came back though. Her heart came back to her.

"One step closer, one step closer."

"I have died everyday waiting for you, darling don't be afraid I have loved you for a thousand years, I'll love you for a thousand more."

Looking out onto the dancefloor, she could see the newlyweds slowly going round in a circle, grinning at each other , looking intently into each others eyes. Most of the glee couples were on the floor, including a very intimate looking Rory and Sugar. Puck and Quinn slowly danced, looking slightly awkward but overall content, Kurt and Blaine held hands discreetly smiling, as they sat at the table. Rachel and Brittany had dragged Finn and Santana respectively onto the floor, and Tina and Mike looked at home in each other's arms.

Mercedes finally found who she was looking for and locked eyes with Sam, who sat beside Artie, as she sang the final part of the song. Sam smiled at her, hope in his eyes and she only had to nod for him to understand. He was wearing that stupidly adorable grin, crooked but handsome all the same like he knew exactly what she was saying.

"All along I believed I would find you, time has brought your heart to me, I have loved you for a thousand years, I'll love you for a thousand more."

Mercedes walked off the stage to find Santana, Brittany, Sugar, Rachel, Tina, Brittany and Quinn all walking on. "Are we performing?" she asked, not aware of any extra performance.

"We are, you're not," Santana said quickly. She took Mercedes' shoulders, gave her a small smile and turned her around so that she was facing Sam. "You're going to go get your man."

"Guys, wait-"

She turned around but they had already climbed on stage. Brittany stood cross armed so that Mercedes couldn't come back on with them. With a warning look, the cheerful blonde turned and walked towards the other girls. Looking on to the stage, Mercedes could also see all the guys minus Sam milling around the stage as they set up.

"Just continue talking, we should be ready in a minute," Rachel said into the one microphone on the stage. She turned to Santana, "Do you think I should perform my Barbra medley. I can do so a capella. I'm sure everyone would really enjoy-"

"If you don't shut up and start helping us, hobbit..."

Everyone couldn't help but laugh at this and turn back to their conversations in the silence.

Mercedes steeled herself and walked over to Sam, to find that he had done exactly the same and was also walking over to her. They both stopped, meeting each other halfway.

"So your song..."

"I think you can guess who it was about..."

He couldn't reply before the microphone made a strange noise and everyone turned to find Rachel standing at it, with her show smile on.

"Thank you for your patience. As you all know we are from the McKinley High glee club, the New Directions, which Mr. Schuester coaches. He is a great teacher and Ms. Pillsbury-I mean Mrs. Schuester has always been one of our biggest supporters ever since the club began. This song is for them as we all know how long it has taken them to get here." She put her hand up to stop Brad from playing for just a second as she turned to Sam and Mercedes at the side of the dancefloor where they had been standing awkwardly. Mercedes was practically begging her with her eyes not to bring them up but this was Rachel Barbra Berry. "This is for you two as well. We all know you're perfect for each other, as well as crazy about one another. Just go on, ask her to dance!"

Her show smile turned to one of encouragement as she gave Brad his cue to begin and she sat on one of the many stools set up on stage for the group.

Puck began to sing.

"It's like a storm that cuts a path, it breaks your will, it feels like that."

"You think you're lost but you're not lost on your own, you're not alone."

All the guys joined in, singing the song while the girls added in soft 'oohs' and 'aahs' to the background.

"I will stand by you, I will help you through, when you've done all you can do, and you can't cope, I will dry your eyes, I will fight your fight, I will hold you tight and I won't let go."

"That was so-"

"Mercedes, you look beautiful," Sam began, cutting her off, before she could finish her thought, which, by her expression he could tell would be about how embarrassing that was. "Would you like to dance?" He held out his hand.

She didn't even have to think about it. "I'd love to."

As they walked onto the floor where other couples danced, Santana could be heard clapping and saying, "You go, Trouty, you go!"

Santana began to sing, laughing slightly before she regained herself, taking Brittany's hand as she did so.

"It hurts my heart, to see you cry, I know it's dark, this part of life, oh it finds us all, and we're too small, to stop the rain, oh but when it rains."

All the girls joined her, as the guys had when Puck had been singing, with the guys now singing the 'oohs' and 'ahhs' in the background.

"I will stand by you, I will help you through, when you've done all you can do, and you can't cope, I will dry your eyes, I will fight your fight, I will hold you tight and I won't let you fall."

"Don't be afraid to fall, I'm right here to catch you, I won't let you down, it won't get you down, you're gonna make it, yeah I know you can make it."

"I will stand by you, I will help you through, when you've done all you can do, and you can't cope, I will dry your eyes, I will fight your fight, I will hold you tight and I won't let go."

Mercedes didn't even pay attention to who took the bridge of the song as Sam had began singing along, staring right at her as he did so. Despite not having any prior knowledge to this secret glee club performance he knew the words. She knew then that she had always been fighting a battle she would never win. She had been telling herself that she had moved on but that had all been disproved in the last three minutes, when his arms were around her waist, hers around his neck and they were looking at each other like the other was all they had ever wanted.

Sam continued to sing along with the chorus of the song, so much so that Mercedes didn't notice until he trailed off that the glee club had stopped singing, only watching them with intent eyes.

"And they all wondered why we kept us a secret?" she questioned, nodding her head towards them.

"Come on, put those humongous lips to some use, Trouty!" Santana hollered, obviously forgetting exactly where she was but not caring.

"You're blushing," teased Sam, as he leaned in closer.

Mercedes shook her head. "I am not!" she demanded, but leaning in closer all the same.

He laughed and said in a playful and accusotory tone, "You are."

"You're such a dork."

"You love it really."

She looked as if she was thinking that one through for a minute but then nodded. "I guess I do." Despite the fact they were in front of all their friends, plus their teachers, plus lots of people they didn't know, Mercedes pulled his head forward and kissed him. It was like everything fell into place then. He kissed her back with the same intensity with which she had kissed him and everyone clapped for them, even the people they didn't know.

"I love you."

"I know," she replied and then added quickly, "I love you too."

I didn't know how in the world to finish this so hopefully this is good. I hope no one found it odd they were at Will and Emma's wedding. I just thought the glee club would perform and then I turned it into the Samcedes love fest because I freaking can! Haha!

Song choices were such a hard decision for this chapter and then it hit me, not literally of course but I realised that I have A Thousand Years on my Samcedes iPod playlist and have so for a while, before I started this story. Then I was on tumblr and someone said they could see Mercedes singing this to Sam. And I just realised. It was like a delayed reaction of sorts, lol. The other song, what can I say? I love the Rascal Flatts and that song is one of my favourites of all time so I had to use it.

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