Tears Fall from My Eyes

(Hibari's POV)

Dear Diary/My prince(hope you read this oneday if I shall die),

Its been a year since I last saw you my prince and I missed you so much and I wish to take back my answer to not come with you. I know I will find no one else to love except you sop please take me with you and leave my friends back at home, Earth.

I did not know that I would have that I would be answered in 2 days after my plead and I just wish to give my heart away and love an boy so much that I have no care for my life or world. The following night I heard your voice my prince.

"Hibari!, I'm coming for you and for you alone so that we may spend our life together" Crane said

'I'm waiting for you my White Prince" I said

After that I went to school the next day and had Dainsuke playing with the other Pata-pi and other than that I had an fake smile on my face to deceive my friends of my sadness and loneliness .And the next day was the same.

Until, I watch the news where they were showing the satellite castle that my prince came down with to receive me and my friends. I ran out of my house with Dainsuke with me because I couldn't stand leaving him behind and that he will always be a part of me.

Iran to the stairwell that you were walking down and it was there I saw you my prince and where I had river of joyous tears because now we were reunited and I regret for being apart from you. I ran to your open arms and there we just enjoyed the embrace of each other.

We leaved quickly into the castle and departed from the stairwell connecting castle to earth and I felt no regret for leaving my family and friends behind because now I have one person who actually cares for me and I will never let him out of my sight.

I will love him for forever.

"Hibari, I love You" Crane said

"I love you to my prince" I replied to his confession and leaned up for an kiss

The kiss was so sweet that I shall always remember I forever.

4 years later…

We spend most our time talking and trying to know more about the other oerson and we never have to deal with the people of earth again. Dainsuke is fine and appy that I am feeling better and he has grown and we practice talking. I love like my own missed brother and my very own child.

I have no regrets for leaving for my love for you. My prince.



Tears were dropped upon the sheet of journal entry from Crane =, who missed his beloved after her death and he shall never see her again.