On the island of Berk, where it snows six months and hails the other three, lived a boy with auburn hair and emerald green eyes. He was the son of the chief of the village who went by the name of Stoick, known to be the strongest and greatest dragon slayer of their time. However, his son, named Hiccup, was unable to kill dragons like his father. He was way too scrawny and lean. He lacked the ability to handle a decent weapon and when the time came disaster followed. However, he harbored other traits the Vikings lacked. So he did the best next thing. He helped a rare dragon regain his lost tail fin and be able to fly once more. Hiccup became a dragon rider, truly unique to his own generation.

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" Night, dear you must wake up now." The sweet voice that greeted the boy everyday caused him to stir in bed. Inclining his head towards the sound, his eyelids fluttered open. As they adjusted to the bright light that shone through the windows, the boy could make out in his mother's face, her lime green eyes staring back at him with a soft smile on her face. "Good morning sweetheart and happy birthday."

Night yawned lightly, before sitting upright in his bed. "Good morning Mom." he mumbled, his words still drunk with sleepiness. He brushed a few strands of his raven hair out of his eyes before rubbing the crust from the Sandman out of them.

"Come dear, you must get ready for your big day. It's a big milestone in a prince's life to turn sixteen." His mom informed the young prince, motioning her son out the bed while she called for a maid. She gave the servant orders to gather the prince's outfit for the day in her naturally sweet and gentle tone. With the maid off to tend to her current task, the Queen directed the young prince to wash up. "Make sure you clean every inch of yourself." she added before stepping out to tend to her own duties for the day. Even the Queen worked in the household of Asgaut.

Night did as he was told and proceeded to dress himself afterwards with the clothing selected for the day. He emerged from his quarters dressed and well-groomed. While heading to the dining hall, he greeted the maids and servants out of courtesy, receiving their wishes for his birthday in return. Night knew his place in the castle but he was taught to be grateful for everything that was done for him. His parents taught him that a King was nothing without his people, so never take the services done out of free will for granted.

Once at the dining hall, Night took his normal seat across his mother. The King arrived shortly after, greeting his family as he took his seat at the head of the table. "My dearest family, salutations."

"Good morning Agnar."

"Jódis, honey, you are looking radiant this fine morning of our son's birthday." Agnar complimented his wife as he took her hand and pressed a light kiss against it. Jódis merely nodded her head as a greeting, gracing her beloved with a gorgeous smile.

Agnar then turned towards his son. With a humble smile, he patted the youth's shoulder while he spoke. "And to you my son, I wish you a happy birthday and many more to come."

"Thank you, father." The young prince showed his gratitude in a small nod. Had it not been his birthday, it would have been just another day in the household of Asgaut. Night would wash, get dressed, and come to breakfast, watch his father compliment his mother just like any other day and afterwards the family would tend to their duties for the day. Night's usually consisted of simpler tasks like home school lessons and completing the homework given for the day. Afterwards he would merely go off with his friends outside the castle and have his fun for the day. Today would work a little differently. There were no school lessons to be taught for the day, another gift. He did, however have to prepare for the ball being thrown in honor for his birthday tonight. His day would mainly consist of dance lessons and a short break before he would be dressed in his attire for the ball, which took some time.

Night, however, had surprisingly obtained free time after mastering the art of ball room dancing in a short amount of time. Another present for the boy on his special day and he knew where he would spend it.

He passed by his mother on his way out the castle. "Make sure your back before sunset!" Jódis mentioned.

"Don't worry, I will be!" Night assured his mother before he headed out. He met up with his usual gang at the entrance, receiving their wishes for his special day before heading over to a nearby orchard. It had become their own personal playground over time. A quiet and serene place where they could talk, play or just sit back and relax under the shade of the trees, an escape from the rules and responsibility they endured every day. It was just what Night needed.

While he climbed on the branch of a tree, one of his friends asked, "So, what's it like being sixteen?"

"It's no different from being fifteen." Night said, while he hoisted himself up on top of another branch. He reached up towards an apple, a hand against the trunk to help steady himself. Plucking the red fruit from its branch, he took a bite while letting some juice dribble down his chin. "I'm just a year older is all."

"One year older, one year wiser is what my mum says." Another friend added, standing near the young prince with a small basket. Night merely shrugged as he was picking apples and dropping them into the basket below. The young heir felt his birthday wasn't any more special than his two friends. There was no reason to go overboard for one day that every other teen reaches at some point in their life as well in the kingdom. "Are you even looking forward to the ball tonight then?"

Night shot his friend a you-already-know-the-answer look. He then climbed down the tree, landing almost gracefully on the ground. The gang took refugee under the same tree, laying their backs against the earth soil as they looked up at the clouds while munching on their apples.

"Hey, do you believe in soul mates?" Night heard his friend asked. It was very random but it did get one's brain juices flowing.

"Well, do you?" Night rebounded, a smirk on his lips. He didn't even have to bother looking over towards the boy to see the frown form on his face. Pulling himself into an upright position, he did a few stretches before speaking again. "Well if my soul mate is out there somewhere then . . . I hope we meet one day. That's what I'd say if they actually existed, but soul mates probably don't exist either way so why bother believing in something so . . . juvenile?"

"Juvenile huh? What about love at first sight? Do you doubt that as well?"

"Are you kidding? That's not love, it's called infatuation." A snicker escaped pass his lips as he spoke, making it sound like it was common knowledge. Honestly, soul mates are one thing but love at first sight? It's absurd. "You know this is why I can't stand those fairytales we hear about. They're so typical with the damsel in distress waiting for her alter ego to come and find her, slay some beast or wake her up from eternal slumber and then they live happily ever after. I mean get real! None of that happens in real life. If you ask me, I think people made that crap up because they had nothing better to do with their lives." Night ranted on.

It was conversations like these that displayed not only Night's intelligence and observant eye but also his own values. Though it may not seem it, his friends did enjoy listening to his rants as well. They learned from someone who was more fortunate than them to have an education and it helped to broaden their own views and ideals as they soaked in his knowledge.

"But say you do meet your soul mate one day?" the other friend pressed on, "What would you want them to look like?"

It was then that the boy who started this whole conversation blurted out, "Why would you ask that? Its suppose to be a surprise! My mom says you'd love them regardless of how they look."

"Yea, but everyone has a personal preference though!" The latter shot back, a hint of annoyance in his tone. "For instance, I prefer girls with blonde hair. It's as simple as that."

"Really? Well then I guess I prefer . . . Girls with freckles." The first boy admitted after considering what the latter said. "What about you Night?"

"I don't know." Night shrugged, not really caring for the current topic.

"Come on! Just think about it! Picture your future wife and how'd she look." The first boy encouraged his friend.

With a sigh, Night simply closed his eyes and thought. A few things came to mind when he began to picture his future bride. "Well . . . I'll guess she'll have short dark auburn hair . . . with green eyes, not that many freckles on her face or none at all. She'll have thin lips, a voice that's funny sounding yet somehow gentle, easily tolerated and she'll definitely have to be different. She won't be like those girls from the fairy tales. She'll be determined and smart, a leader at best. Someone I can talk to with ease and can actually understand me. That's all I've got for now."

The boys were quiet for a few seconds, his friends digesting the words just spoken. Then the silence was broken by a sly comment. "Well . . . That's pretty damn specific."

All three then let out a chorus of laughter, blending in with the sweet melody of birds calls within the orchard. As their time together was coming to an end, the boys gathered a few more fruits before departing. Just before they were going to separate, Night stopped to look at the sun begin to set away from the kingdom.

"It's better I be specific and set my standards high rather than hope because I know she doesn't exist." He mumbled to himself.
"Welcome one! Welcome all!" The sound of King Agnar's voice brought everyone's attention to the front of the ballroom. The King than raised his glass once all eyes were on him. "A toast, to my son Night! For his sixteenth birthday and for many more to come!"

There was then a wave of cheers and the sound of many glasses clinking together. Night simply rested in his chair, twisting the glass on its stem. So far he only glanced at some fair maidens present tonight which in turn gave him an idea. He determined this wasn't just some celebration for him but also a way of selecting his future bride. Of course it was typical his parents would interfere with his social life. They say they know what's best for their kid yet it's seems whatever is best for Night will also have to benefit them even more.

"Night dear." His mother called to him, pulling him out of his personal thoughts. "Why don't you go ask some lucky girl to dance or at socialize with your fellow kinsmen?"

Though Jódis wore the sweetest smile on her face and spoke in a gentle tone, Night saw right through it. It wasn't much of a suggestion.

"Yes Mum." the young prince said, rising up from his chair. He then proceeded to the floor, walking up to first girl he noticed. She had blue eyes and blonde hair with her dress faltering her curves in a shade of periwinkle and lavender highlights. Night pulled on his best smile as he spoke while offering his hand to the girl. "Pardon my intrusion Miss but I was wondering if you would honor me with a dance."

Some of her friends giggled while others tried their best to hide their jealousy with tight smiles. Handing her drink to another, the girl accepted the young prince's offer. Taking his hand, she said, "An honor it would be for you, Prince Night."

As he led her to the floor, the room went quiet as all eyes fell on them. Then the music began, its majestic melody surrounding the two as they began to sway. Night led her in circles, twirled her around for all to see and did a small lift ever now and then. He had to admit the girl was light on her feet and looked quite graceful, a good thing she could play her part well. It created the illusion that they were perfect and there was some chemistry going on. Well that's what Night presumed everyone was thinking and he was right. Everything was going just the way he planned. Once the song had finally come to an end, Night took the fair maiden's hand and pressed his lips against the dainty knuckles before slipping away into the crowd that was forming. Now the guests were entertaining themselves through dance.

As Night retreated back to his place by his parents, he wore his best smile. The King and Queen seemed quite impress with not only Night's dancing but the girl as well. It was clear the fair maiden was in their favor for the time being and that was all Night needed.

"I think she's a lovely girl, don't you Night dear?", said the Queen, her lime green eyes sprinkling with delight. Night nodded as an answer while he glanced over the dancing couples present on the floor. He noticed the blonde he had selected left the floor, became a wallflower instead. For a split second she caught his eye and they held each other for maybe a minute, or even more. Night broke their connection with a smile as he returned to the conversation his parents were having. He just happened to drop in on his mother saying, "Oh how I would love to dance like the people, be sweep off my feet and almost float like a bird. Do you remember our first dance Asgaut dear?"

At that his father gave a hearty laugh, yet he replied with a sincere smile and gentle eyes. "I remember as well as I remember my childhood."

Uh oh. Night thought with a mental groan. It's the romance stage again.

Every now and then his patents would get on a certain subject that would lead to them falling in love all over again. Was it good? Yes, Night thought it was essential to their relationship. Was it the right time to show it? Hell no! May Odin take pity on their son and let the torture end before he would regurgitate. Nothing was more embarrassing then having your parents make smoochy faces at each other in public and what was worse is that they do it on his birthday.

"I'm going for a walk." Night excused himself though his parents paid him no mind, clearly to busy with their intimacy. So the young prince headed towards the balcony with a small staircase that led towards the garden in the back. The serene place was able to let Night just clear his head, become illumine as he took in the scenery. He continued to walk down the path that was made, burrowing further into the garden. Oh how it felt to not give a care about anything in the world, a moment to relax after all the hustle and bustle. Yes it was just perfect.

"Prince Night?" And the moment was gone, just like that. He had a feeling it would not last long but for it too be that short? Life was truly unfair. "Fancy meeting you in such a lovely garden."

The young prince turned to face the intruder, not surprised to come face to face with the fair maiden he danced with only moments ago. He had a feeling she had only followed him to seal the deal but remained upright in her presence. "Yes it is. Pardon me for not asking earlier but what is your name?"

"Artemis, be my name your majesty." She replied with a formal curtsy.

"Ah, after the goddess of hunt, I presume?" Night smirked finding the irony quite humorous. Her name matched her personality at the time being. "It suits you well."

Artemis hesitated to nod her head for she was probably considering whether that was a compliment or an insult. At least she wasn't stupid, that was worth some merits with Night's parents. However, she was becoming quite bothersome and that only made the young prince want to avoid her. Princes must bear with unwanted guests more often than they should clearly. With as much kindness as he could muster, Night asked the young maiden, "I apologize dearly, but would you be so kind as to head back into the castle? I only wish to be alone at the moment."

Artemis shook her head lightly, a small smile against her lips. The girl has got nerve Night thought with a straight face. Being bold won't get you everything though.

"Then I hope you will pardon me." Night stated in monotone before taking a few steps away from Artemis. He hoped she would get the fact that her presence wasn't wanted, if she was that smart. At first, the fair maiden did not move. Her eyes remained connected the young prince's. With his back to her now, Night continued to walk away.

"You are a fool to turn your back on me."

Night paused at the raspy voice and just as he was about to turn his head back, something struck him in his back.

"I have you now, Prince Night." The voice came again as the pain shot throughout the young prince's body but disappeared just as quickly when the object was removed. Night fell to the ground, his body shaking uncontrollably. He forced himself to look back, to see his attacker. The fair maiden he had been with earlier had disappeared, replaced with a disfigured old hag of a woman who smiled a devious toothless smile at him. He noticed a eerie glow coming from one of her hands. She held a dragon tooth that was drenched in some liquid that in turn was producing a lavender glow. A drop of the liquid fell and splashed against the ground. It trailed back up in a variety of patterns, the hollow shell it was forming seemed to be forming tights bonds and constricting itself to form a shape as it became denser.

"What is it that you wanted from me?" Night questioned the lady, his breathing shaky.

The old woman cackled like the witch she was before answering the prince. "I only wish to gain control of this kingdom. You, my boy, should have played your part but nothing comes easy I presume. You have brought this upon yourself."

The old hag lifted one bony finger towards the boy. Night realized she was pointing to him and when he glanced down he saw that patterns had formed over his entire body with the same lavender glow. The blob that had formed next to the witch was now taking shape while Night focused on his skin as it turned black. As the prince's nails grew longer and thicker, the blob took on a human figure.

"Farewell Prince Night. With skin dark as the night and eyes green as emeralds, a dragon like none other is born. All will know thee as the dreaded Night Fury."

Night could no longer suppress the scream that was caught in his throat but what escaped pass his lips was more like the roar of a beast. He scratched at himself feeling his skin become scaly and his teeth sharpen like fangs. His forced his eyes open to see the blob of lavender goo was no longer there. Instead he noticed he was staring at himself in its place. It wasn't him; it was a clone, an imposter, a fake. Whatever magic the witch had conjure was beginning to take its toll on the young prince, who at this point could no longer recognize his own body. He began to sway from dizziness, bracing himself against the floor for balance. He made his way over to a nearby fountain in an attempt to just get away from the witch.

"Oh Night Fury, where are you going?" This voice, it belonged to Artemis. Night's head snapped back to see himself standing beside that wicked girl. By some instinct, he growled at her. What monster had she transformed him into? He had to know. "Do you wish to see what has become of you? I must say my sorcery has improved, you're hardly recognizable."

He could not stand the wait any longer. He had to know what he had become. He scurried closer to the fountain. Upon reaching it, he pulled himself on to the ledge, the dizziness still present. He looked over, the shock on his face clear as he met his reflection. He was truly a monster, he was a dragon! He couldn't believe it, only minutes ago he was a prince, a son of Asgaut but now . . .

"And do you know what the best part is?" Artemis continued on. "That you have acquired a replacement. You're going to go on a little journey and this Night will take your place. It will be as if you never left and when you come back I can assure I'll be Queen."

Night screamed at her the way a dragon would scream. He loathed her so much, he wanted to hurt her. He tried to lunge forward but the drowsiness he felt in just moving made his efforts futile. His body went limp soon after as his vision began to blur. He focused his last moments of sight on the girl and his replica. A sinister smirk had appeared on her lips as she took hold of replica's arm.

"Come now, my prince, we have much to do." She whispered, addressing the replica as she led him out of the garden. Then everything went black and the Night Fury drifted into unconsciousness.

-To Be Continued

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