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Flying stars? More like flying flaming boulders of death! As the Night Fury swiftly banked left to dodge yet another boulder ablaze, he cursed his small companion for providing him with false information, or rather over exaggerating. He had not expected collecting food to be this difficult! It had become so frustrating that the Night Fury just wanted to do something! That's when he felt the fire start to brew in the pit of his stomach. Another fireball was coming but this time the Night Fury would use it to his advantage. Circling back, he headed towards the island, taking aim at one of the catapult tower preparing to launch another "flying star". As he swirled and dodge flying boulders shot from other towers, the heat emitted from the fire brushing over his scales, he focused on the fireball crawling up the back of his throat and on the catapult tower set in his sight. Then he let it settle on the back of his tongue, waiting for the right moment to make his mark.

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"Great Odin! Man your stations for those wretched dragons be upon us!" The strong voice bellowed through the air as Vikings scattered out of their houses and onto the battle field. Many gathered their weapons, spreading out about the island to defend what rightfully belonged to them, while others took their positions at the catapults and readied the boulders to be lit and fired. Then there were the Vikings who worked behind scenes, like Gobber or rather a certain Viking who was seen as a bad omen, one who didn't acquire the Viking's touch for fighting. Being the odd ball of the village he tried his best to prove his place among his follow brethren but no matter how hard he tried, the Gods did not find favor in him. He was known to wreck havoc wherever he stepped if on the battlefield, this being another problem added to their list. If the Vikings weren't occupied with the dragons, they would definitely be avoiding this boy.

"Hiccup! What the devil are you doing outside?" A bulky man with a mess of his curly red hair braided for his bushel of a beard and his helmet topped with two horns shouted at the smaller boy in front of him. "You know I've got my hands full now and I'm going ta be needing all the help I can get! Get to the shop!"

Startled by the demand, the smaller boy, known as Hiccup, scurried off, dodging other Vikings who yelled at him along the way to get back inside so they would be safe from the boy. Before he could reach his station a sudden eruption from one of the catapult tower caught his attention. Hiccup stopped in his tracks, a few of his kinsmen pausing as well to view the destruction before them. Men who had been managing the tower now ran away to avoid being burned by the flames that had now engulfed what was left of the tower. With a startling crack that catapult came crashing down to the ground in a heap of smoldering wood. Embers and smoke floated into the air spreading over Berk. Hiccup stood there, dumbfounded by what he just saw. All of a sudden there was a screech piercing through the night. Wincing at the cry, Hiccup scanned the firmament above him frantically searching for the source. Stars that were shining suddenly disappeared to form almost an outline. Hiccup noticed that the stars had formed an outline of a dragon, a creature he knew his fellow Vikings had not seen before in battle because they had been that lucky so far. The name of this rare deadly beast even made the strongest of the Vikings flinch at its name. "NIGHT FURY!"

"Hiccup get in here NOW!" The voice of Gobber the Belch drew Hiccup's attention back to the blacksmith's shop where he was suppose to be helping to repair damaged weapon for the battle at hand. Hiccup ran as fast as he could, clumsily stumbling into the shop and tearing off his fur vest to throw on his apron before he got to work. Gobber gave a hefty laugh. "It's aboot time!"

"Sorry I'm late, got distracted on the way," Hiccup apologized as he threw open the shop's poorly designed shutters to reveal the line of Vikings growing behind it. The first Viking grumbled a complaint about waiting much too long while the dragons made off with his food. Hiccup let Gobber deal with them for a second as he peeked out a window, catching his peers running off to a burning hut with buckets of water. Among the group he spotted the slim, slender blond as she tossed water on the fire and turned away just as an explosion went off in the background. At that moment, it was love at first sight. The way the fire flames danced around her, bringing out her feminine features such as her ice blue eyes and golden blond hair against her fair skin, her slender, slim frame outlined as she walked, focused but also nonchalant. Astrid.

Being in a daze, Hiccup had not even notice that he was trying escape out the window to join them.

"Oh no you don't!" Gobber exclaimed as he used his hook to catch the boy by his collar, lifting away from the window and placing the boy next to him.

"Aw, come on, let me out, please? I need to make my mark!" Hiccup begged in a whiny matter.

Gobber shook his head at the young Viking's plea. "Oh, you've made plenty of marks! All in the wrong places!"

Hiccup didn't stop. He urged, "Please, two minutes! I'll kill a dragon, my life will get infinitely better... I might even get a date!"

"You can't lift a hammer, you can't swing an axe, you can't even throw one of these," Gobber explained, holding a pair of bolas in his hand to prove his point at how inexperienced the Viking was.

Hiccup frowned but quickly scrambled to his new machine. "Okay fine, but this will throw it for me," said Hiccup as he touched the machine. It rattled and jerked before shooting off a pair of bolas that made contact with a defenseless Viking at the front window, another Viking beside him wearing a dumbfounded look as he viewed the scene before him.

Gobber wagged his finger at the contraption before saying, "See, now this right here is what I'm talkin' about!"

Hiccup stammered, "It, it... mild calibration issue, I..."

Gobber interrupted with a wave of his hand. "Don't you... no, Hiccup! If you ever want to get out there to fight dragons, you need to stop all... this," the older Viking explained, gesturing the boy.

Confused, Hiccup responded back, "But you just pointed to all of me!"

Shaking his head with a smile as if he had found his answer, Gobber said, "Yes! That's it! Stop being all of you!"

Hiccup squinted at the older Viking, looking a bit annoyed as he mumbled, "Oh..."

"Oh, yeah," agreed Gobber.

"You, sir, are playing a dangerous game," Hiccup warned as he gestured to himself, "Keeping this much raw... viking-ness... contained! There'll be consequences!"

With a roll of his eyes, Goober deadpanned, "I'll take my chances."

Shoving weapons in Hiccup's hand, Gobber ordered, "Sword. Sharpened. Now." Hiccup sighed heavily as he settled an ax against the moving rock wheel mechanism to be sharpened. He wondered when it would be his turn; his turn to fight among his brethren and not cause a disaster but rather capture and gut his first dragon, to be considered a Viking rather than a mistake. He grew up learning that to be a Viking one had to slay a dragon, those foul beasts that had stolen more than they've struck down Vikings. It was every child's dream, to follow in their parents footsteps and become a Viking. When would his chance every come for him to prove himself?

"NIGHT FURY! Get down," Another cry of warning rang through the air and sure enough there came another blast and another catapult tower fell victim to the dreaded Night Fury's fireball. Pausing Hiccup rushed to a nearby window scanning the sky for the dragon. He spotted him among the stars. A chance to prove himself, Hiccup thought. A chance . . . Now was his chance! Tossing his apron aside and grabbing one of his handmade contraptions Hiccup scurried out the door, yelling a quick promise to return to Gobber as he made his way up a hill to the perfect place he had in mind for this once in a lifetime chance.


How exhilarating that was, the Night Fury thought as he circled around the island of Berk, heading back for another look at the catapult he solely just ruined while the other dragons continued to wreak havoc on the Vikings and steal dozens of sheep for their Queen. Maybe collecting food wouldn't be so hard after all.

All of a sudden the Night Fury was hit and bound by something that wrapped around his body and wings many time. He tried to untangle himself, chew through the material but he was unsuccessful for he could barely move his legs or flap his wings. The Night Fury was now spiraling out of control, falling out of the sky and headed straight for the island. He let out a frightened screech as he closed in for impact. There was not one dragon nearby to help him, too preoccupied in heated battle with the Vikings. Even his little friend, Aki, wasn't here. Whack!

The tree branches snapped and smacked against his body as he crashed to the ground. Still spinning he darted through dirt, continuing to cause damage to the greenery around him as he rode down hill after hill before coming to an abrupt stop. After so many hits, the Night Fury was left tied up in the middle of the forest, losing consciousness fast. How would he get out of this one? Could he get out? What if one of those blasted Vikings was to come looking for him?

The Night Fury was nervous, very nervous but also tried. He tried to stay awake but as his vision began to haze, he let his head fall to the side. Closing his eyes slowly, the Night Fury slipped into unconsciousness, thinking to himself how much he wished he were home because then the forest wouldn't feel so foreign to him, so scary. Meanwhile a certain Viking with his latest contraption settled upon a cliff was celebrating his own accomplishment, shooting down the most frightening and rare dragon in Viking history. His day had just infinitely gotten better.


The one time something goes right and no one will believe me, Hiccup thought furiously as he trudged up to his hut with Gobber wobbling right behind him. Though his calculations had been successful and the Gods had been on his side, the misfit was still ostracized by his fellow kinsmen just because he had been the primary cause for an over grown lantern to crashing and rolling down a hill, destroying a house or two in its path . . . and injuring a couple of Vikings here and there . . . and might have distracted many Vikings from their fight so that the dragons made off with a good percentage of their food . . . That wasn't point! The point was Hiccup had finally shot down a dragon! With a sigh, Hiccup moped, "I really did hit one."

"Sure," Gobber said but Hiccup could hear the disbelief in his tone. That was beside the point because what hurt more was his father's response to the boy's claim, treating his very son as if he were merely a burden he had to tolerate.

"He never listens," complained Hiccup with a wave of his arms.

Gobber remarked with a smile, "Well, it runs in the family."

"And when he does, it's always with this... disappointed scowl, like someone skimped on the meat in his sandwich," the smaller boy grumbled as he came to the front steps of his hut. Turning to Gobber while pacing back and forth, he imitated his father with a heavy accent, ""Excuse me, barmaid! I'm afraid you brought me the wrong offspring! I ordered an extra-large boy with beefy arms, extra guts and glory on the side. This here, this is a talking fish-bone!"

Gobber shook his head and stated, "Now, you're thinkin' about this all wrong. It's not so much what you look like, it's what's inside that he can't stand."

There was a pause then as Hiccup let the "wise words" of his father's best friend sink in, which didn't make him feel any better in the slightest. In a sarcastic tone, Hiccup muttered, "Thank you for summing that up."

As the boy turned to enter his house, Gobber added, "Look the point is, stop trying so hard to be something you're not!"

Glancing back with a gloomy look on his face, Hiccup mumbled, "I just wanted to be one of you guys!"

With that, Hiccup entered his hut and closed his door yet just as Gobber turned around to make his way to back to the village circle, Hiccup quickly snuck out of the back door of his hut, dashing quickly up the hill. If no one was going to believe him, then he would have to find proof! Off to Raven Point then!

Yet from a top the highest of a nearby hill, nestled on the outskirts of civilization stood the resented local curmudgeon, his old yet piercing eyes fixated on the chief's son as he watched the auburn-haired boy travel onward. Once Hiccup was out of sight, the man huffed and grumbled to himself before sauntering off and disappearing into his small cottage house, barely making a sound.

Meanwhile in the village of Eastoft, the sun had just settled on the horizon to greet the villagers to yet another day, the rays illuminating all that could be seen but evil preferred to stay hidden among shadows. Through Artemis' eyes it seemed that evil would prevail with her plan set in motion for the prince's double was now at her beck and call, fooling the eyes of Night's very own parents as they remained unaware of what had really happened to their beloved child. "May they forever remain in darkness," Artemis cursed the couple with a wicked smile on her lips as she watched them converse with the prince at the castle gate from afar, a dark cloak concealing her physique behind that of a tree as she looked on.

The witch then turned away, walking off into a dense forest nearby as she blended in easily with the little bit of darkness left as the sun continued to rise. The deeper she traveled into the forest the darker it seemed to get, the shadows engulfing her and shrouding her to a point as which she was almost invisible. While she sauntered on she raised her hands high above her head, palms out and naked as if pressed against a wall. As she took another step she crossed her hands, right over left, and then a step further in she brought them down in a full semicircle motion, as if she were pulling apart curtains. In the midst of the dark forest she disappeared completely then, gone without a trace. The witch's surrounding had now completely changed as the dark forest disappeared behind her and an ominous cave came into view. There was a green eerie glow leading to the room up ahead as she walked down the cave-like corridor, entering into the room, she found her cauldron producing that very color of light. Among the walls and on high shelves laid potions and spell books, rotten fruit and jars of full creepy crawlers, eyeballs and fingers, anything that was stomach churning or brought about nausea at the sight she had at her discretion. From an outsider's point of view, you could say this was your typical witch's lair but sometimes it's better to go with the classic.

"Oh the boy is quite bothersome," muttered the witch as she swiped the nearest bottle and poured some concoction into the cauldron. Almost instantly the color changed to a darker shade of green before the fog produced rose up and began to form a figure. As it became denser a face could be made out and not long after the person's floating head came into view. The floating head was that of a man with old eyes that could still pierce through that of any human soul. His Unveiling her face to the person, the witch asked, "What is it that you seek now from me boy?"

"Not so much as what I seek but to enlighten you on what I have seen."

"Well then don't dilly dally and get to your point boy. I don't have all the time in the world you know?"

"Is that anyway to treat your son?" the older man continued to complain, stalling on the information as his mother was slowly losing her patience. "Besides, it seems like you've got al the time in the world with that doll face of yours."

"Shut up Mildew," spat the cranky old witch. "You know I have to work hard to sustain this form, spells don't last forever unfortunately. I'm hoping all goes according to plan now that I've rid myself of that damned prince."

"Are you so sure about that?" Mildew questioned with a raise of his bushy eyebrow.

The witch was silent for a second then, her young almond eyes narrowing in a glare as she herself started to deteriorate back to her aging self. With a raspy voice in an angry tone she asked, "What exactly are you inquiring about?"

"Well I'm wondering if you're aware that you're little dragon prince just crash landed on the very island I living on. You may not be rid of him just yet."

"Oh," the witch hummed with a more relax face as she rummaged through her possessions, "But I will be rid of him because you're going to silence that little brat once and for all while I take this kingdom here for myself."

While the witch went about her way, mixing up another concoction and murmuring her spells, Mildew asked, "And just how am I supposed to handle the little trouble maker?"

The witch was in the midst of drinking something she had conjured up. When she turned her head back to her son he watched as the youth she had previously lost come back at an alarming fast pace. With a shrug of her shoulders and a bat of her long eyelashes, she said in a more even tone, "You figure it out. I don't care how you do it, just have it done." With that final statement, Mildew's head drifted apart and returned back to fog as it settled within the cauldron once more while Artemis lifted her hood overhead and made her way out to tend to more important things.