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Andy Brown beamed at Nina Feeney as she pulled the ham out of his oven. The Browns and Feeneys had decided to celebrate Christmas together this year, and things were a little chaotic. "So, you hungry, Andy?" Nina beamed right back at him.


"Is dinner finally ready?" Delia looked like she was ready to attack the food in the kitchen.

"Yes, it is. Come on, let's eat!" Nina laughed when her son bolted into Andy's kitchen and grabbed a plate.

"Thanks, Mom." Sam grabbed some food and then returned to the living room, where he and Delia were watching something on television.

Ephram grabbed his own plate of food, thanked Nina, and then went to join his sister and Sam. Nina and Andy were left alone in the kitchen. "So, our children have abandoned us and we're going to be eating alone." Andy laughed.

Nina laughed in response. "I guess so." She grabbed a plastic knife and fork, and began cutting some of the food on her plate.

Andy wanted to kiss her, but he refrained – This wasn't the time or the place to act on his feelings for her.

Maybe next Christmas, they would be together and happy.