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Integra opened her eyes and looked at the white ceiling "Where am I?" she whispered her head hurt and fingers were numb she tried to sit up with no avail. When she herd a familiar voice she turned her head to see an IV she looked next to it was no one other then the Catholic Warthog himself Enrico Maxwell! "Hello Hellsing." he said looking at her she glared at him only worsening her migraine his smile turned into a frown as he saw she was in pain.

"Hellsing are you alright?" he asked looking at her worriedly

"Yes I'm fine Maxwell... Just tell me where in the hell I am." she lied into a growl

"The Hospital, Hellsing are you sure your alright?" he asked again looking even more worried

"I am fine! Maxwell stop badgering me! Now why in the bloody hell am I in the hospital!" she snapped

Maxwell snarled "Fine Hellsing! Excuse me for worrying myself over your health!... Your in the hospital because you fell off the ladder in your library while trying to get a book and you fell on your head and almost died! Luckily for you I got there and drove you here before you did die! You suffred Blood loss and not the friendly kind! You lost a good 30% of your blood!" Integra was shocked "Does he care about my wellbeing? Where in the hell is Alucard or Walter or even Sares!" thought Integra she looked at Maxwell.

"Why? Why did you save me if you hate me so much?" she asked her brain thumping on the walls of her scull he looked a her and blinked a few times and then shifted in his seat.

"Becouse- Becouse... I don't know! Why do you care!" he asked

"Becouse you saved my life which means now I'm in deit with you." she replied looking at him he sighed and grabed her hand Integra flinched at the sudden wormth he blinked.

"Hellsing your hand is so... So cold?" he said she sighed.

"Your hands are so worm Maxwell." she replied he smiled slightly at her

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