A/N Ok, my second fic. YAY! It's from Burt's POV because I just love Burt :P
Warning : un-beta'ed.

Burt arrived back home from the mall, where he was doing some Christmas shopping with Carole. He dropped her off at Nora Puckerman's house, because she wanted to talk about something with her, but it was a "women thing".
He walked into his own home and hung his coat in the closet. As he was passing by the living room he heard some weird muffled noises. He looked that way and saw Finn. He was tied with scarves and multi-colored ribbons and he was laying under the Christmas Tree. His mouth was taped up.
"...Finn?" he called. Said boy poked his head up and tried to say something, but he couldn't because of the tape.
Burt walked up to him. "What the hell happened?"
Finn started "talking" again, and it looked like he was trying to move, but the scarves and ribbons stopped him. Burt teared the tape quickly, without any warning.

"OWWW! That hurt!" he was opening and closing his mouth, as if he was trying to stretch it.
"What the hell happened?" Burt asked again, completely confused.



Finn started explaining "We were sitting in Kurt's room and playing on his Wii. They were both losing to me, so I kind of laughed at them, and before I could do anything Puck was pulling my hands back and Kurt tied up my legs. I started screaming 'cause dude, what the hell? And then they taped up my mouth, and tied me with that weird things from Kurt's closet! I really thought that they are trying to kill me! And it's not funny because there was so much that colorful shit, that I couldn't move so I was completely defenseless! Then they dragged me up the stairs from the basement and rolled me under the Christmas Tree. In that moment, I KNEW that they are going to kill me and bury my body in the backyard! I wanted to pray, but I couldn't remember any payer! But they just walked back to the basement... And I'm here since then."

Burt was staring at Finn with his mouth hanging open. And then he said the only thing that he had in his mind. "Are you high?"

"No... I really thought that they're going to kill- Burt? Burt! Hey! Help me!"

Burt stormed down the stairs into the basement and saw his son sitting on the couch with that Puckerman kid. They were playing Mario Cart and it was clear that Puckerman was losing, so he has trying to snatch Kurt's controller out of the laughing boy's hands.

"IN YOUR DREAMS!" snapped Puck.

Burt cleared his throat loudly, and they paused the game and turned his way.
"Dad!" Kurt.
"Hi, Mr. H." Puckerman.

"What did you do to Finn?" Burt asked.

Boys looked at each other and burst out laughing. Burt looked at them suspiciously "Are you high?" he asked again, because seriously – what the hell was wrong with those kids?

"No, dad, we're not high" Kurt said, trying to control his laughter. "And about Finn... he was telling us what a 'gift to the wold' he is, so we just... listened to him."

Burt was staring at them, and then they heard Finn from upstairs "Ha, ha, very funny!" Puck and Kurt fist bumped and started laughing again.

"Puckerman, it's getting late, so you should-"

"It's Friday, so it's okay if Puck stays a little bit longer" Kurt cut into his words. Burt glared at his son, but he only raised an eyebrow. "Okay, but not too long!" he gave up and headed out of the basement. He walked upstairs to the bathroom to take a shower. When he walked into his bedroom after the shower he heard a loud thump from the living room.

"Guys, will you untie me already...?" Finn asked hopefully. Loud laughter answered him.
Burt shook his head an layied down on his bed trying not to laugh with Kurt and Puck.