"Ugh!" Karin groaned as the prisoner bit into her wrist in an attempt to ease the pain caused by the shot. His mouth released her wrist, and his head then fell back onto the table he lay on.

Karin stood over him, panting. The day just began, yet she'd have at least ten more of these sessions to put up with.

She was about to take out another needle out when the doors flew open."Sasuke?" Karin's hear skipped a beat as she wondered why he came here.

"Karin, the prisoners from the East have escaped." Sasuke stated as he approached her.

A moment of silence passed them. After a while Sasuke began glaring at her impatiently. Karin cocked an eyebrow," Then go get them, dumbass." She went back to her work, pulling out a needle.

"Karin, you have to come." Sasuke said.

Karin put the needle down and turned towards him," I don't have to do anything." Karin barked, "Get them yourself! How do you expect to defeat an Akatsuki if you can't catch a few prisoners?"

Sasuke averted his eyes, keeping his head down, "I need you to track them down so I can get back to training."

Karin's eyes widened. This statement was so unlike Sasuke. She smirked and pulled off her glasses as a mischievous idea ran through her stepped closer to Sasuke, causing him to step back in confusion, "You need me?" She tilted her head sideways.

Sasuke glared back at her," I don't need anyone."

"Then get the prisoners yourself."

"Karin…" Sasuke said irritation evident in his voice.

Once again, Karin got closer to him. This time, their noses nearly touched. "Yes?"

Sasuke's eyes narrowed at her, "I need you." He reluctantly admitted.

Karin moved back and smirked in satisfaction, "Since you're so persistent…" She grabbed his hand and they headed out.
He didn't even bother to ask her to release her grip.