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"I love you." Cuddy's face was dead serious, and House's even more so.

"I don't believe that. Stop it. Joke's over." House turned away. Cuddy's eyes welled up. He made a move to leave.

"Wait! Stop..." Cuddy whispered. "It's true." He looked deeply into her eyes and saw that it wasn't a joke at all. She closed her eyes and let a few stray tears fall down her cheek. Silence enveloped the room and its inhabitants, but the air wasn't thick with tension. No, it was quite the opposite, as Cuddy opened her eyes, feeling breath down her neck, and their lips met in a kiss so powerful and passionate that it was a wonder that the whole world didn't end. No, the only worlds that ended that night, after hours in the office of one Lisa Cuddy were the worlds of Gregory House and Lisa herself.

Bright light. Too bright for his liking. He opened his eyes and looked around at his unfamiliar surroundings. Something was on the bed next to him; he looked closer and saw that it was the sleeping form of Lisa Cuddy. Suddenly, memories of the night before came back to him. He stood and, for the first time in years, he smiled a genuine smile.

Cuddy stirred, rolling over to meet his eyes. No words were spoken. No words were needed. They could have sat there and stared forever, but then Cuddy's gaze migrated to the digital clock on the nightstand. She was late! For the first time on 10 years, she was late. It was 8:03 A.M. She had to be at the hospital by 8:30! 27 minutes! that left her 12 minutes to get ready, if she counted the 15 minute drive.

"Do you need a ride to work?" She asked him, scrambling out of bed and throwing a robe on.

"Sure, but won't people talk? House and Cuddy showing up together?" House asked, a teasing half-smile, half-smirk morphing his rugged features. Cuddy sighed, rolling her eyes, and rushed into the bathroom to brush her hair. When she emerged, wearing a skintight just-above-knee-length black skirt with a peach, low-cut, braided collar satin blouse, House nearly fell over.

"I need permission to do a procedure." House proclaimed, barging into her office as usual. "It's dangerous, expensive, and oh, did I mention that it's never been tried before?" He asked, teasing her. She barely even looked up. "Also, the patient is showing early signs of-"

"Go ahead," Cuddy interrupted.

"What? But you don't even know what it-" He tried again.

"Just do it. I don't have time for this today." She said, leaving his eyebrows in danger of disappearing into his graying hairline. He stalked over to her desk, getting in her face, and sighed. She leaned forward and the last remaining space between their lips were gone. Cuddy felt lightheaded and House pulled her deeper. She wrapped her arms around his neck, nearly tugging him over the desk and into her lap. Just as House reached for the top button of her blouse, a shocked Wilson cleared his throat loudly.

The three of them stood in Wilson's office, Cuddy pacing and House smirking. Wilson was at a loss for words.

"So long have you two been...?" He stuttered.

"Last night." Cuddy answered, standing still for a moment and staring blankly at the wall. House walked over and threw his arm around her.

"So are we officially a 'thing' now, babe?" He teased. She rolled her eyes and smirked.

A Month Later

Cuddy woke up in House's arms once again, opening her eyes and looking around. They were at her place again. Suddenly, she felt a strange sensation in the pit of her stomach. Jumping up and bolting to the bathroom, she made it to the toilet just in time and vomited violently, waking House. He got up and limped to the bathroom to see what was going on, getting there just in time to see her throw up again. And again.