"Neeeeeeeeeeewww Yoooorrrrrrrrrrrkkkk!"

The family cheered. Tom nodded certain of himself as he retook his seat. "Simon Cowell missed out there" said a rather tipsy Al from the back of the room.

Abby turned round from her front row position "Who's next?" Terror in Greg's eyes, embarrassment in Naj's cheeks.


Sarah rolled her eyes as the chorus went up "Sarah! Sarah!"

Sarah got up and made her way to the front of the lounge.

"Hold on." said Anya, popping her glass of wine down. "Party hat. You can't do Christmas Kareoke without a party hat."

Anya turned to Al and clicked her fingers. Al produced a newspaper party hat. Anya handed it over.

"Off you go then Sarah, something festive." Abby started to clap.

Sarah looked at the hat "I can't wear this... It's the Sunday Sport !"

Both Abby & Anya flashed disapproving thin lips and eye daggers at Al.

Al laughed and raised his glass "Merry Christmas"

"Here you are Sarah have mine." Abby passed Sarah her hat, took Sarah's and threw it back at Al. She knew who'd be next.

"Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas..."