Fandom(s): Crossover – Harry Potter and Supernatural
Warning(s): female!Harry (Hannah); little sibling of the Winchesters!Harry (Hannah); uses muggle technology!American wizarding world; mentions of abusive!Dursleys; questionably loyal!Ron and Hermione; mentions of slash and het; alternate universe; original characters; out of characterness; spoilers for Goblet of Fire and some Order of the Phoenix and Deathly Hallows; spoilers for Supernatural (all seasons); language; and violence (hunting)
Setting: Harry Potter – summer between forth year and fifth year. Supernatural – before season one
Pairing(s): mentions of John Winchester/Mary Winchester, mentions of James Potter/Lily Potter, mentions of past Cedric Diggory/Hannah Potter, slight Dean Winchester/Iris Chapel (OFC), Nathan Ridley (OMC)/Meredith Jennings, and mentions of Sam Winchester/Jessica Moore

Main Character(s): Dean Winchester, and Hannah Potter

Note: There wasn't be much of Sam Winchester. He'll come in in the sequel The Family Business.

Summary: Hannah Potter decided it was time to find her brothers, Sam and Dean, after the death of Cedric Diggory and the treatment she was receiving from her relatives and everyone else in England. With nothing let to lose, Hannah packed her bags and moved across the Atlantic.

Pairing(s): John Winchester/Mary Winchester, and James Potter/Lily Potter
Episode Summary: How it all came to be.
Words: ~2,800

Green Eyes
Episode 00: Prologue

November 2, 1983
Winchesters' House, Lawrence, Kansas, United States of America

"Come on," Mary Winchester said as she carried her oldest son, Dean, into the nursery, her long white nightgown fluttering behind them. Her long blonde had a slightly wave to it, and her hazel-green eyes sparkled with happiness. "Let's say goodnight to your brother."

She sat Dean down on the edge of the crib.

"G'night, Sam," Dean said as he kissed his six month-old brother on the forehead. His short dark blonde hair brushed against his forehead and got in the way of his hazel-green eyes.

"Good night, love," Mary said before kissing Sam on the forehead. As she pulled away she smiled down at her youngest son.

"Hey Dean," said John Winchester from the doorway. He was just getting home after working late, surprising both Dean and Mary since they hadn't heard from him yet. He smiled at his family, his face lighting up and his brown eyes held more happiness than Mary had seen in awhile. He was dressed in his coveralls from the garage and his brown hair had bits of oil and grease.

Dean turned and smiled at his father before running into the man's outstretched arms. "Daddy!" he yelled as the man picked him up.

John walked over to join Mary as they stared down at Sam.

"Hey buddy!" John said to his youngest son, smiling down at him. Turning to Dean he asked, "What do ya think? Do you think Sammy's ready to toss around the football yet?"

Dean thought a moment before replying, "No, not yet, daddy."

"No?" John repeated with a light chuckle in his voice.

Dean just stared up at the man with large green eyes.

"You got him?" Mary asked, turning to look at John and Dean.

"I got him," John said as he walked out of the room with Mary behind him.

Mary turned off of the light before walking off to their room.

"Sweet dreams, Sam," John softly called to his youngest son as he turned and walked towards Dean's room.


Mary sat up in her bed as she heard static and crying coming over the monitor. She turned the light on and glanced beside her expecting to see her husband. The space beside her was empty. Pushing the covers back, Mary hurried to get out of bed and to Sam. She exited the bedroom and walked across the hall into Sam's room.

Mary smiled to herself when she saw the man standing over Sam's crib. "John, is he hungry?" she asked.

"Shhh," the man replied.

"Okay," she said, turning back around and heading out of the nursery.

In the hallway she stopped when she noticed a light flickering. She walked over to it and tapped on it, trying to get it to stop. She frowned when it didn't. As she was headed back into the bedroom, Mary heard the sound of the television. She turned and walked down the stairs. She froze, her heart skipping a beat, John was asleep in front of the television.

Wide eyed, she turned and ran back up the stairs towards Sam's room, calling, "Sammy! Sammy!" She knew what this was – who it was and it was that demon. Her neglected training and skills finally kicked in. As she entered the room and caught sight of those eyes, which brought back memories of the deal.


John awoke at the sound of his wife's screams. He leapt up from his seat and ran up the stairs, calling his wife's name. He threw the door open to the nursery and glanced around before walking over to Sam's crib.

John leaned down and stared at his awoke son for a moment. "Hey Sammy, it's okay," he smiled at the young baby.

A red dropped appeared next to Sam's head. Frowning, John reached over and stuck his finger in it. A red drop fell onto his hand, followed another. He glanced up at the ceiling, only to have his heart stop. Mary was pinned to the ceiling. Her white nightgown flapping around her and blood slowly dripping from a wound.

"No! Mary!" he screamed.

As soon as the words left his mouth, Mary burst into flames and Sam started to cry. Turning his attention to the baby, John picked Sam up and began to run out of the room. In the hall, John met Dean as the four year-old came out of his room.

"Daddy!" Dean shouted at the sight of his father. He didn't know what was going on, but he knew it was something bad.

John stopped in front of his oldest son, he handing Sam over to Dean.

Dean looked up his father with confusion dancing in his green eyes.

"Take your brother outside as fast as you can!" John ordered."Don't look back! Now Dean, go!"

Without another word Dean clutched his little brother closer to his chest and ran. John turned and ran back into Sam's nursery.

John took a few steps into the room, trying to find any sign of his wife. He was forced back out as the flames increased. All too soon the whole room was practically covered in flames.

"Mary! No!" John shouted into the fire. With one last look, John turned and ran off down the hall after Dean.

Meanwhile, Dean was running out of the front door and onto the grass in the front yard. He paused a minute to glance up at Sam's window.

"It's okay, Sam," Dean told his little brother.

John came running up behind Dean and grabbed them. "I gotcha," John said as he continued to run.

As John ran onto the street the windows in Sam's nursery exploded outward from the fire.

John stopped running when he reached his Impala. He leaned against and sat Dean down next to him, wordlessly taking Sam from the young boy's arms. They were in for a long night


October 31, 1991
Potters' House, Godric's Hollow, United Kingdom

James Potter sat in the living room as he watched his wife, Lily, playing with their fifteen month-old daughter, Hannah, on the floor. He laughed as Hannah started sucking on the ear of her stuffed dog. Lily's laughter joined his own as Hannah started to chew on the ear. Hannah was just starting to put everything in her mouth.

The grandfather clock sounded with seven chimes signaling it was seven o'clock. Lily and James looked at each other, silently confirming it was time to put Hannah to bed. James stood up from the couch as Lily got to her feet and scooped Hannah up.

Hannah let out a shrill of excitement as Lily picked her up, causing Hannah to drop her stuffed dog. Her green eyes shined with joy as Lily kissed the side of her head. Her hazel-green eyes looked up into Lily's emerald green causing Lily to smile and hug her daughter closer.

James stood a few feet away watching the scene with a small, sad smile. It was the moments like this he knew Lily was remembering her godmother. He wished Mary would have lived to meet the gift she had given Lily and James.

The front door was blasted opened, a figure in a black cloak stood in the doorway. James' blood ran cold and his heart stopped. Lord Voldemort stood in the doorway of their safe house.

Turning his attention to his wife and his daughter, James shouted, "Lily, take Hannah and run! I'll try to hold him off."

Lily turned around to see what James was shouting about, her emerald eyes widened as she saw Voldemort step into their house. With one last look at James, Lily took off running, holding Hannah tightly to her chest. She ran up the stairs, taking two at a time.

Back in the living room, James was reaching into his robe pocket for his wand, only to have his hazel eyes located it across the room. His eyes widened, but he remained still. He turned his gaze back to the Dark Lord. If he could move fast enough, he could get to his wand. Taking a deep breath, James lutched to the side.

Voldemort stood in the doorway, wand in hand, watching unimpressed as James tried to grab his wand. Just as James' hand was about to enclose around his wand, Voldemort sent a Killing Curse his way.

James Potter fell to the floor, dead.

Voldemort stepped the house, calmly walking through the living room and over to the stairs. He walked up the stairs, smirking to himself as he heard Lily Potter trying to activate the emergency portkey and sooth her daughter.

He crossed the hallway and entered the nursery. Lily Potter was standing with her back him with Hannah in her arms.

"Hand over the child and I'll let you live," Voldemort ordered her with a hiss.

Lily whirled around and paled at the sight of the Dark Lord. Keeping an eye on Voldemort she gently placed Hannah in the crib. She stepped in front of her to shield the young toddler from Voldemort's gaze.

"Step aside and you can live," Voldemort ordered.

Lily shook her head. "No, not my Hannah," Lily begged.

"Step aside, foolish girl," Voldemort demanded.

"Not Hannah, please don't kill Hannah, take me, kill me instead," Lily said.

"This is my last warning –" Voldemort said, his tone growing more irritated.

"Not Hannah!" cried Lily. "Please...have mercy! Not Hannah, please...I'll do anything."

"Avada Kedavra!" Voldemort hissed, leveling his want on Lily Potter. A green light shot towards her chest causing Lily to fall dead to the ground.

Taking a step forward, Voldemort's scarlet eyes met Hannah's hazel-green ones. He raised his wand at the young child and spoke the Killing Curse once more. The green light rushed towards Hannah and hit her before rebounding back at Voldemort.

That night marked the end of the Dark Lord known as Lord Voldemort – and the man referred to as You-Know-Who and He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named – and the celebration of Hannah Potter for defeating him and surviving the Killing Curse, now known as the Girl-Who-Lived.


August 10, 2003
Gringotts Bank, London, England

Hannah Potter sat at an empty table staring at the pieces of parchment in front of her. Her hazel-green eyes glanced back and forth between a few pieces. One was a letter her mum, Lily, had written her and it included a picture. Another was a parentage test a goblin had preformed on her. Third was information on the Winchester family.

Her hazel-green eyes glanced at the parentage test then back at the letter. With a slightly shaking hand, Hannah reached out and took a hold of the letter.

My dearest Hannah,

Since you have this letter that means the worse has happened to me and your father. As you grow older I'm positive you'll notice the lack of resemblance between us. Above all I want you to understand that I am your mother and that I love you more than anything. When Gringotts preforms a parentage test on you you will notice that I'm not listed as your mother. Next to mother should be Mary Alice Winchester nee Campbell. Mary was my godmother, and she was my mother's goddaughter.

When I was eight I was involved in a car crash. The only permanent injury I had was internal. I was barren. When Mary heard the news she was more than willing to give me a few of her eggs for the time I when I was ready to start my own family.

When James and I decided to have you he was more than willing to use Mary's eggs even though he never got to meet her. Mary died back in November of 1983. When you were born we named Hannah Rosemary after my best friend, Hannah Mitchells, who should have been your godmother and after both my mother, Rose, and my godmother, Mary. If you had been a boy we would have named you Harry James, after your great-grandfather and your father.

I hope when you read this you've had a good life. If you're curious about Mary and her family I can't blame you. Mary was married to John Winchester and they had two boys, your half-brothers, Dean and Sam. Last I heard John was traveling America with both Sam and Dean. I don't know much about how Mary died. John said she died in a fire that came from Sam's nursery. Something about her death has never been right with me.

Just know that I love you. You are my daughter, and nothing will ever change that.

Sincerely your mum,
Lily Marigold Evans Potter

Hannah read the letter a few more times before setting it down. She didn't really know what to think. No matter what Lily Potter was her mum, the woman had died for her and that didn't change their lack of shared DNA. She glanced at the family photo that was with the letter. Mary Winchester had been a beautiful blonde haired woman and she had a good looking family. John was tall with dark hair and a kind, loving smile. Dean looked around four in the picture. He was blonde hair and hazel-green eyes, like hers, while Sam was just a few months old. Turning her attention to the parentage test, she picked it up. Her hazel-green eyes memorizing the information.

Full Name: Hannah Rosemary Potter
Father: James Charles Potter (wizard)
Biological Mother: Mary Alice Winchester, nee Campbell (muggle)
Magical Mother: Lily Marigold Potter, nee Evans (witch)
Godfather: Sirius Orion Black (wizard) [in Azkaban]
Godmother: Never named
Heir of: Potter line (granddaughter of the late Lord Charlus Potter)
Black line (goddaughter of the imprisoned Heir Sirius Black)
Peverell line (last living descent)
Magical Heir of: Lily Potter, nee Evans
Tom M. Riddle, Junior (Alias: Lord Voldemort)
Siblings: Dean Jonathan Winchester (half-brother)
Samuel "Sam" Eric Winchester (half-brother)

She scanned the test multiple times, trying to understand what it said. She swallowed as she realized she had family, maybe a family that wanted her. On top of that, she wasn't even related to the Dursleys by blood, maybe by magic if the Dursleys had any magic. She didn't know what "magical mother" might, but she assumed it might she had Lily's magic while she had Mary's blood and DNA. With that logical, she wanted to conclude she had both James' blood and magic, but she didn't reakky know for sure.

The thought of magic in the Dursley family made Hannah snort. Maybe Aunt Petunia's kids could have been magical if she had married someone other than Vernon, but she was positive that magic wouldn't survive Vernon Dursley's DNA. Plus, if there was magic in the Dursleys' that would led Uncle Vernon to be furious and to turn purple.

Finally Hannah reached over and grabbed the thick envelope of parchment. The information on her family, her brothers, she wanted. Hannah fingered the seal, unable to break it. She wanted to know about her family, but she wasn't sure if they wanted to know about her. Studying the envelope, Hannah placed it down on the table. Maybe some things were better left unknown.

According to her mum's letter, the Winchesters' lived in America. What was the point of getting to know her family when she would never be around? Dean and Sam Winchester were clearly muggles and had nothing to do with the Wizarding World. She didn't want to shatter their views of normalcy by bring the existence of magic into their lives.

With one last look at everything, Hannah pushed herself up from the table and walked out of the room. As far as she was concerned, Lily Potter was her mum and this Mary Winchester was just some random stranger.

Next Part: Episode 01: Runaway is coming in January.

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