Warning(s): This chapter deals with the issues of teenage drama, talk of suicide, death and murder, child neglect, child abuse, and murder of a loved one. (Meaning, I think, this is an angst chapter.)

Pairing(s): past Cedric Diggory/Hannah Potter, and mentions of one-sided Others/Hannah Potter
Episode Summary: Hannah reveals her past to Dean.
Words: ~11,600

Episode 05: Problems

July 26, 2005 (continued)

North Shore Medical Center, Salem, Massachusetts

Dean sighed, glancing over at Hannah. She was sound asleep in the hospital bed and she had her stuffed dog held tightly in her arms. Sleeping, she looked more relaxed than Dean remembered seeing her.

Turning his attention back to the book, Dean tried to read more. So You Have a Magical Child: A Guide was an informative book, one Dean knew Sammy would love. The book was also long and boring. Luckily, Dean could skip parts of it since Hannah was fourteen, almost fifteen. He didn't need to know about childhood accidental magic or American magical schools. There was one section that Dean had read a few times now. The fifteenth birthday magical inheritance.

A child from old blood – Wizardry families that can trace their ancestry back several generations – will sometimes receive a magical inheritance on their fifteenth birthday. The magical inheritance is usually in the form a magical gift, like telekinesis or elemental magic. There is no way of knowing if someone will inheritance a gift, and what that gift might be. If you want an idea, it's recommended that could contact your local Gringotts and set up an appointment.

Dean really hoped Hannah didn't inheritance anything because her birthday was in five days. He wasn't sure if he could handle it! Just a few days ago, he was a relatively normal hunter with a hunter father, a brother away at college pretending to normal, and a dead mother murdered by a demon. Now, he had all of that in addition to a witch little sister, who was some kind of celebrity.

That reminded Dean. He needed to learn how and why Hannah was famous. The Survivor and The Girl-Who-Lived. At least that's what Ridley had said. There had to be a story behind it, and Dean knew it was important.

Dean glanced over the top of the book and stared at Hannah for a few seconds. She was sound asleep. With a sigh, Dean went back to reading. So far he hadn't learned anything useful. Where was Sammy when he needed someone to do the boring reading?

Thinking about Sammy, made Dean wonder. Should he call him? Well, yes, Dean should call Sam and tell him about Hannah. But there was no way of knowing if Sammy would answer his call. Dean sighed and rubbed the back of his neck. All of this family stuff was turning into a soap opera.

A few seconds later, the book was abandoned and Dean was turning on the television. There was Sexy, M.D. marathon on today. Dean loved that show, even if he had seen most of the episodes. Sexy, M.D. was like the best thing ever. The minute Dr. Sexy appeared on screen, Dean smiled.

The next hour or so flew by as Dean watched Dr. Sexy saved a patient, argued with his fellow doctors and a few nurses, and slept with a few of them. Just as the second episode was starting, Ridley entered the room. His hands were in his jeans pockets and smiled at Dean. He glanced at the television screen and scowled.

"What's with you and this show?" Ridley demanded as he dropped into a seat by Hannah's hospital bed.

Dean glared at Ridley. Sexy, M.D. was the greatest show ever, in like the history of shows.

Ridley sighed, he reached into his pocket and pulled something out. He sat it on a table near Hannah. "It's her trunk," Ridley explained. "Sawyer gave it to me to pass on."

Dean scowled at the mention of Sawyer. He didn't like that guy. Something about Sawyer bug Dean, and he wasn't sure why.

"What can you tell me about Hannah?" Dean asked, turning the television off. While Sexy, M.D. was one of the greatest things ever, it wasn't anywhere near as great or important as family. He had another chance at being an awesome big brother with Hannah, and he didn't want to mess this up like he had with Sam.

Ridley tensed at the question. Was it his place to tell Dean all he knew about Hannah? "What do you want to know?" he asked, nervously. When Ridley got nervous, he spoke with perfect grammar and perfect English, which Dean knew.

Dean's eyes narrowed. "What's the story behind The Survivor and The Girl-Who-Lived? I know it has to do with why she's famous," he said.

Ridley relaxed a little at the question. That one was simple, and everyone had heard it at some point in their life – while everyone who didn't live under a rock. "She survived the Killing Curse," he replied.

Dean stared at his friend, silently demanding he keep explaining.

"Do you know that her parents, Lily and James, were murdered?" Ridley asked.

Dean shook his head. He knew they were dead, but didn't know anything about their deaths. He knew they died when Hannah was fifteen-months-old and that was it.

Ridley sighed. This might be a long story. "I'll give you a basic backstory," he said. "Back in the 80s, the magical community of England had been a civil war. The dark side, Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters, wanted to take over the government from the light side."

Ridley paused for a moment. How could he explain all of this? He sighed, and tried to continue, "Hannah's parents fought on the light side, and they were favorite targets. Sometime after Hannah was born, Lily and James went into hiding – no one knows why. On Halloween they were betrayed by their Secret Keeper – the only person who could share the secret of their location – and Lord Voldemort attacked. He dueled James to the death, and murdered Lily as she tried to Hannah. When he tried to kill Hannah with the Killing Curse, it backfired and killed him instead."

"He's not dead," Hannah stated, causing Dean and Ridley to jump. They hadn't known she woke up. "The Killing Curse, it never killed him. He was just weakened."

Dean turned to look at Hannah, she was shaking her head and she looked sad.

"My mum," she said, "she saved me. It was because of her love I survived and I only got this," she added, tapping the scar on her forehead.

Ridley's eyes narrowed. "That's not it," he said. "Whoever gave you that theory was lying. Lots of parents love their children and are willing to die for them, but only you survived."

Hannah felt something in her break as tears pooled in her eyes. She had always thought Professor Dumbledore's idea was crazy, but believing in it gave her mum's death meaning.

Dean, seeing the tears were coming, moved and sat on the hospital bed next to Hannah. He pulled her into a hug. Chick-flick moment be damned. His sister needed him.

"Then how was I able to kill Professor Quirrell?" she asked. "Before the graveyard, Voldemort wasn't able to touch me, but after he got my blood it was able to."

Dean's eyes narrowed. He was knew he was missing a lot of information about his sister, but didn't have the slightest clue how much.

"What does your blood have to do with anything?" Ridley asked.

"Professor Dumbledore said it was my mum's sacrifice that saved me," Hannah explained, "and because of that sacrifice, Voldemort couldn't touch me. When he used my blood in that ritual, he could touch me."

"What ritual?" Ridley asked. The more Hannah explained the more confused he was getting.

"Bone of the father unwillingly given, blood of the enemy forcefully taken, flesh of the servant willingly given," Dean said. He remembered what Hannah had told him about the ritual. He was planning to research later, after finding some magical library or something.

Ridley's face turned a little grim. He muttered it to himself a few times before shaking his head. "Whatever Voldemort did was some type of blood magic," he said. He would have to find someway to research it. Blood magic wasn't practiced in the States, most European countries had outlawed it in the middle ages.

No one spoke for a little, and the tension in the room grew thick. Hannah dropped her gaze to her lap while Ridley continued to process what Hannah had told him and Dean was going over the list of the million questions he wanted to ask his half-sister.


A few hours later found Hannah watching Finding Nemo while Dean was reading his book, So You Have a Magical Child: A Guide. Ridley had left a little bit ago, saying something about paperwork and sleeping in Dean's motel room.

Dean glanced up from his book and at Hannah. The more he was learning about these magical birthdays, the more nervous he was getting. In addition to the possible fifteenth birthday, there was the seventeenth and the twenty-first birthdays. On the seventeenth, Hannah would become an adult with a magical boost, and at twenty-one she would receive her power. Between the seventeenth and twenty-first birthdays, there was a chance she would have another magical increase.

Deciding he was done with the book, Dean marked the page and closed the book. Dean glanced at the screen, Dory and Marlin were inside of the blue whale. He would admit that he was keeping an eye on the movie since Hannah seemed to be enjoying it. With nothing better to do, Dean decided to finish watching the movie with Hannah.

The siblings watched the movie in relative silence. They didn't speak to each other much, but the sound of the movie and their laughter filled the room. When it ended, Dean and Hannah sat in silence. Hannah was smiling, having enjoyed the movie. In the last day she had seen more movies than when she had lived with the Dursleys'. Dean's smile slowly slid off of his lips as he watched his sister. There was so much he didn't know about her, and just as much he needed to know.

"How did you grow up?" Dean asked, staring at his little half-sister.

Hannah felt uneasy, but started to talk. What else could she do? "I was left with them after my parents died," she began in a whispered. "My first memories are when I was three, maybe four, and Aunt Petunia was teaching me how to do chores."

She thought a moment before continuing, "Basic picking up, dusting, vacuuming, and cooking on the stove."

Dean's eyes widened before narrowing. Why would someone teach a four-year-old – let alone a three-year-old – how to cook and clean?

"Oh, and my cupboard," Hannah added with a nod. How could she forget her cupboard?

"Your cupboard?" Dean repeated in confusion.

Hannah nodded. "It's where I slept until I was ten and my Hogwarts letters were coming," she explained. "The first came addressed to Ms. H. Potter, The Cupboard Under the Stairs, 4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey."

Dean sat there in shock for a few seconds. Her bedroom was a cupboard? What kind of person with money did that to a child? Dean had grown up most of his life without his own room, but he had slept in places better than a cupboard.

Hannah went on explaining, that she was assigned "basic chores" of cleaning the living room, cooking breakfast and lunch, and cleaning Dudley's two bedrooms. If she didn't do her chores, then she would usually go to her cupboard without dinner or she would be in trouble. Hannah didn't explain what "in trouble" meant, but Dean was sure it meant physical punishment.

"Anyways, when I was five, Dudley started school," she continued explaining. "I wanted to go to, but Aunt Petunia said that only 'good child were allowed to attend' and that I had too many chores. If I went to school, then no one would be around to do the housework." She explained that she started attending school after Christmas when one of the neighbors reported the Dursleys'. In school, Hannah was quickly showing Dudley up in class, which made her relatives furious, and Dudley bullied the other children away from Hannah.

The more Dean heard about the Dursleys', the more he hated them.

"When I was seven, I got more chores," Hannah continued. "I was cleaning the kitchen, weeding and tending the garden, doing the dishes, and cleaning the bathrooms." In school, she explained some of her "accidents" that made the Dursleys' beyond furious. There was the time she turned her teacher's hair blue, the time she Apparated onto the roof of her school building, the time Dudley broke his arm playing at recess while Hannah was in the library, and the list went on and on.

Before too long, she came to an end of her time with the Dursleys', around the time of Dudley's eleventh birthday at the zoo.

"You can talk to snakes?" Dean said.

"Yeah, I'm a Parseltongue," she confirmed, moving on with her story.

The two sat in silence for a few moments. Dean took in what Hannah said, and Hannah sat in her hospital bed, hugging Padfoot.

"Tell me about Hogwarts," Dean said, leaning forward in his seat. He stared at Hannah with a determined look in his hazel-green eyes. He needed to know more about her past.

Hannah stared at Dean for a moment, growing uneasy. Why did he want to know? Surely if he knew everything, he wouldn't want her anymore. Hannah's gaze shifted to the nearby table. Her eyes caught sight of that certificate again, the one Sawyer gave Dean after he adopted her or whatever. That meant Dean wanted her.

"I started attending there when I was eleven," she began.

Before she knew, she telling Dean everything about her first year. From the Dursleys' trying to keep her acceptance letters from her to Hagrid picking her up and her first trip to Diagon Alley to the ride on the Hogwarts Express. She told him about Ron and how they met. Then she explained the Sorting Ceremony and her placement in Gryffindor.

"It's were my parents were Sorted," she explained with pride. Being in Gryffindor connected her to her parents, and it made her feel closer to them.

Then she explained her roommates: Lavender Brown, Parvati Patil, Hermione Granger, Fay Dunbar, and Sophie Roper. In the beginning of their first year, Hannah wasn't close to any of them, and now she was only really friends with Hermione, if one could call them that.

Next, she explained her classes and the professors, especially Potions with Professor Snape and Professor Quirrell with Voldemort in the back of his head. She didn't like the man or the subject, and she knew he didn't like her. In fact, he had this creepy habit of watching her a little too closely. It was unnerve and creeped her out. Hannah still couldn't figure out why he watched. She told Dean about her first flying lesson, with Neville falling off of his broom and Malfoy stealing his remembrall. Malfoy challenged her to a game of catch, which lead to catching the remembrall and her placement as Seeker on the Gryffindor Quidditch team,.

"I'm the youngest Seeker in a century," Hannah added, bragging a little. She told Dean about the broomstick that was given to her Professor McGonagall.

Dean smiled, patting her hand.

In retaliation, Malfoy challenged Hannah to a midnight duel. When she and Ron had shown up, they found out it was a set-up. They ran away and met up with Hermione and Neville. Together they hid in a classroom in the third-floor corridor. In that classroom they found a giant three-headed dog.

She explained Halloween in Charms, including Ron making fun of Hermione for being a know-it-all and Hannah laughing along with the others even though she didn't think it was funny. She described the Halloween feast, making Dean feel a little envious since he had dreamed of a Halloween feast of candy and sweeties as a child. She told him about Professor Quirrell coming into the Great Hall and passing out to "warn" them about the troll loose in the school. Hannah explained that she and Ron ran off looking for Hermione while the rest of the school headed to their dorms since they needed to warn her.

"So, Hermione was hiding under the sinks, trying to get away from the troll," Hannah described, "and I saw wandless since my wand was up the troll's nose. Ron ended up casting the Levitation Charm on the troll's club and hit the troll over the head with it."

Hannah continued explaining, going over Professor Snape's weird behavior after Halloween, her broom acting "funny" in the Gryffindor versus Slytherin Quidditch game, and learning about a man named Nicolas Flamel. Next, she started to explain her Christmas. Her and Ron had stayed at Hogwarts, and she tried researching Nicolas Flamel, but couldn't get anywhere. On Christmas, she explained a few of her gifts – flute from Hagrid, a knitted sweater from Mrs. Weasley, and her dad's Invisibility Cloak (which she promised to show Dean later). Hannah told Dean about using her Invisibility Cloak to sneak into the library – which made him chuckle and call her a "nerd" – and how she found the Mirror of Erised, which showed her her dead parents. She explained that when Ron saw the mirror, he saw something else, and what Professor Dumbledore told her before he moved the mirror.

Continuing on, she told her brother about finding out who Nicolas Flamel was – the inventor of the Sorcerer's Stone – and the Gryffindor versus Hufflepuff Quidditch game. She shared a little bit about Norbert the dragon, and Hagrid's fondness of pets. Hannah made sure to include details about Norbert biting Ron, and Ron claiming it was a dog bite, which no one believed. She talked a little about getting caught with Hermione and Neville by Malfoy and Professor McGonagall, which led to them getting detention. She explained the detention in the Forbidden Forest where they were looking for an injured unicorn. She told him about meeting a few centaurs, and later finding Voldemort feeding on unicorn blood. Hannah took the time to include details about her scar hurting when Voldemort was near.

Hannah described the rest of the year, including the end of the year exams. She then started explaining about she, Ron and Hermione thought thought Snape was going to steal the Sorcerer's Stone, which led to them telling Professor McGonagall and her not believing them. So, with no clue what else to do, they decided to go after the Stone themselves.

"When we reached the room, the door was ajar and Fluffy was waking up," Hannah explained. "To make him fall back asleep, I played the flute – the one Hagrid gave me – and he fell back asleep. So, we climbed into the trap door, and landed in Devil's Snare. Hermione figured out what it was so she relaxed and fell through it. I followed after, but Ron started freaking out, and Hermione saved him by setting the plant on fire.

"In the next room we found a bunch of flying keys and two broomstricks," she continued to explain. "I spotted a silver one with a broken wing. I was able to catch it, and we unlocked the door. The next room was a giant chessboard. Ron played, and he ended up sacrificing himself for me and Hermione to go on. The next room had an unconscious troll, and the following one had seven potions bottle and a roll of parchment. Hermione figured it out, I went forward and she went back."

Hannah paused, tightening her hold on Padfoot. "When I arrived to the last room, I found Professor Quirrell waiting for me – remember, I thought it was Professor Snape," she resumed explaining. "He started talking – I think about how no one would expect him trying to steal the Stone, but I wasn't really paying attention so I don't remember – and I noticed the Mirror of Erised. Quirrell started going on about wanting the Stone for his master, and that's when I learned that Voldemort was in the back of his head. While they talked, I looked into the mirror and saw the mirror-me pull the Stone out of her pocket. When I reached into my own pocket, I found the Stone.

"Voldemort got mad, and I ran," Hannah continued explaining, choking a little as she tried not to cry. "Quirrell changed after me and caught me, when I touched me, I burnt his skin. Once I realized that he couldn't touch me, I started touching him all over – his face, his arms, anything I could grab and hold on to. At some point, I blacked out."

She shook her head, thinking for a few seconds. She opened her mouth and went back to explaining, "When I woke up in the Hospital Wing, Professor Dumbledore was waiting. He explained that Voldemort had fled Quirrell's body and Quirell died. He explained that Quirrell – and Voldemort – couldn't touch me because of my mum's love when she died to save me."

She finished up the tale of her first year with the end of the term feast where Slytherin came in first until Professor Dumbledore awarded same "last minute" points to Hermione, Ron, herself, and Neville. Instead, they beat Slytherin.

After the story of her first year finished, Dean leaned back in his chair. Why would anyone allow her to return to such a school? He sighed, it was official. Hannah was never going back to that school.

"Was your second year any better?" Dean asked. He had a feeling it was stupid and pointless question, but he wanted to be wrong.

"No," Hannah replied with a small shake of her.

Dean snorted, having guessed that answer. It was a stupid question since he had a feeling that every year Hannah spent at Hogwarts was similar.

"Before you tell me about your second year, I need a beer," Dean declared. He really wanted a beer, but he couldn't have one since he was in the hospital with Hannah and he wasn't willing to leave her to go get a drink.

Hannah offered Dean a weak, half-hearted smile.

The story of her second year started off with Dobby the house-elf coming to "warn" her not to go back to Hogwarts and when she wasn't, Dobby used magic which resulted in the Ministry of Magic sending a letter and the Dursleys' locked her in Dudley's second bedroom with bars on the window and locks and a cat-flap on the door.

Dean made a note of what the Dursleys' did, and planned to pass it off to Ridley or Sawyer or Healer Jennings for the case against the Dursleys'.

"It lasted three days," Hannah said. "Ron and his brothers, Fred and George, came to get me in their dad's Flying Ford Anglia. They took me to the Burrow."

When they arrived at the Burrow, the Weasleys' house, Mrs. Weasley was waiting for her sons in kitchen where she yelled at them before assigning them to de-gnome the garden. When they went to Diagon Alley, Hannah described her experience flooing and landing in Knockturn Alley where she hid from Malfoy and his father before running off and being found by Hagrid. Hagrid took him to Diagon Alley where he met up with Hermione and the Weasleys. She summarized the shopping turn, and included details about the trip to Flourish and Blotts where she met Gilderoy Lockhart.

"He was a creep," Hannah explained, "and he was the new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor. He made up pose together for the cover of The Daily Prophet, and kept taking picture after picture."

Before concluding the tale about the bookstore, she explained the run-in with Malfoy and Mr. Malfoy, and Mr. Malfoy slipping something into Ginny's caldron, which no one knew about for awhile. After Diagon Alley, came the story of September first, the day they would return to Hogwarts.

"It was the worst morning ever," Hannah recalled. "We were all piled in the Anglia and driving to King's Cross Station when someone would realize they forgot something. First it was Fred and George with their broomsticks, then Ginny with her diary."

She explained that Ron and her couldn't get onto to the platform, so they decided it was a good idea to take Mr. Weasley's flying Anglia to Hogwarts instead of waiting for an adult. They arrived at Hogwarts, crashing into the Whomping Willow tree and the car ran off into the Forbidden Forest. They made it into the castle, where Professor Snape found them and tried to expel them. They weren't expelled, but Professor Dumbledore sent letters to their families and Professor McGonagall gave them detention.

"The next morning, Ron got a Howler from Mrs. Weasley," Hannah smiled. "A Howler is a letter enchanted to read itself with the writer's voice. They're loud."

She went back to explaining her classes for the year, and the new Defense professor. When she explained the first Defense lesson of the year with pixies, Dean laughed his head off. After explaining the run-in with the Slytherin Quidditch team, with Malfoy serving as their new Seeker since his father bought the whole team Nimbus 2001s, and him calling Hermione "a mudblood," Hannah described the detentions she served with Professor Lockhart.

" . . . answering his fan mail!" she exclaimed, glaring at a corner of her hospital bed. "It was horrible."

"What did Ron have to do?" Dean asked, trying not to chuckle.

"He got to polish the school's prizes and trophies without magic," Hannah whined. "I would have loved to trade."

Dean snorted.

"I did it all the time for the Dursleys, it's easy," Hannah explained.

Dean's eyes narrowed, but he didn't say anything as Hannah continued on with her story.

"Anyways, during my detention, I heard this voice – it was kind of disembodied and sinister," she said, her eyes narrowed as she recalled the voice. "Professor Lockhart couldn't hear it."

Next, Hannah found herself talking about Halloween: the Death Party, finding Mrs. Norris petrified and the message, and Filch and Professor Snape trying to get her in trouble.

"What is the Chamber?" Dean asked, interrupting her story.

"Salazar Slytherin was one of the Founders and he didn't believe muggle-borns should be admitted," Hannah answered. "So, before leaving he built a secret chamber in the school as a going-away present that could only be opened by his true heir. The Chamber of Secrets contained a monster that only the Heir of Slytherin could control, and the monster, once released, would purge the school of all muggle-borns."

What kind of a school had a secret chamber containing a deadly monster? Hannah – or anyone – shouldn't have been allowed to attend in the first place.

Hannah resumed her story, explaining that she and her friends thought Malfoy was the Heir of Slytherin. Dean was surprised to learn that it was Hermione's idea to brew Polyjuice Potion. She was a mini-"no fun"-Sam in training. She explained the Gryffindor versus Slytherin Quidditch game with pride since she beat Malfoy with Nimbus 2000, and the rough Bludger which broke her arm. The same arm that had the bones removed by Professor Lockhart. She told Dean about the night she spent in the Hospital Wing, regrowing her bones with Skele-Gro, and Colin Creevy coming in petrified.

"Then I heard Professor Dumbledore say, 'The Chamber of Secrets has indeed been opened again,'" she said.

Yeah, it was official, Hannah should have never gone to that school. John should have had custody of Hannah when her parents were murdered. Life growing up on the road with two brothers and an absentee father would have been better for that attending Hogwarts and growing up with the Dursleys'.

Hannah continued her story, moving onto the day Hermione convinced Ron and Harry to create a distraction in Potions for her to break into Professor Snape's private stores for a few missing ingredients for the Polyjuice Potion. She explained that she joined the Dueling Club, and the first meeting with her practice battle against Malfoy, where he conjured a snake that Professor Lockhart let loose on the students. The meeting ended with Hannah outing herself as a Parseltongue, trying to save the other students. Afterward, she became the number one suspect, among the students, for being the Heir of Slytherin. Days later, she found found her classmate, Justin Finch-Fletchley, and Nearly-Headless Nick petrified, which Peeves the Poltergeist spread around the school. Next, Hannah was taken to the headmaster's office, where she met Fawkes the phoenix.

She told Dean about her Christmas holidays, how she, Ron, and Hermione planned to sneak into the Slytherin common room. Hannah and Ron were Crabbe and Goyle, and Hermione planned to be Millicent Bulstrode. She explained what she and Ron learned from Malfoy, that he wasn't the Heir of Slytherin and the Chamber had been fifty years before and a muggle-born student had died, and someone was expelled.

The next few parts of Hannah's second year were easy to explain: finding a diary that belonged to an "T. M. Riddle," who Ron knew was award a special service to the school fifty years ago, and Hermione figured out was Tom Riddle. In the end, Hannah kept the diary because she felt some strange compulsion to. At some point after Valentine's Day, Hannah wrote in the diary and T. M. Riddle wrote back, which sat Dean on edge. Diaries didn't write back! Hannah was somehow able to witness Riddle's memory of catching the student responsible, whom turned out to be Hagrid. Some odd days later, Hannah found her dorm a mess and the diary missing. The next day, the Quidditch match between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff was cancelled due to another attack, which resulted in Hermione and an older Ravenclaw student getting petrified. Hannah and Ron went to talk to Hagrid, only to witness him get arrested and Dumbledore suspended, and Hagrid's advice to "follow the spiders" for answers.

So, of course, it came to Dean as no surprise that Hannah and Ron followed the spiders. They followed the spiders into the Forbidden Forests, and straight to a hive of Acromantula. One of the spiders explained his story that Hagrid was innocent and whatever it was that killed the student fifty years ago made the spiders scared. Before leaving, the Acromentulas tried to eat Hannah and Ron. Luckily Mr. Weasley's Anglia came to save them.

With all of the attacks that had occurred, the Hogwarts staff was taking measures to prevent any more students from getting petrified, like walking the students from one class to the next and banning all students from visiting anyone in the Hospital Wing. With these measures in place, Hannah snuck into see Hermione under her Invisibility Cloak on night. Before leaving, Hannah found a piece of paper in her hand. She took with her and read it, learning that the monster in the Chamber of Secrets was a basilisk and Hermione believed the snake was getting around through the pipes. Hannah put together that the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets was located in Moaning Myrtle's bathroom.

Before Hannah and Ron could do anything, they found out that Ginny was kidnapped and taken to the Chamber and Hogwarts was closing. With a little more work and some eavesdropping, Hannah and Ron found out that Lockhart was a fraud – when confronted, he explained that he was good at Memory Charms.

With little choice, Hannah and Ron forced Professor Lockhart to go down into the Chamber with them. While they were walking through the tunnels, they found basilisk skin and Lockhart tried casting a Memory Charm, only to have it backfire and have part of the ceiling cave in. Hannah carried on, looking for Ginny while Ron tried to clear some of the rubble and keep an eye on Lockhart.

"I walked around the tunnels, and I came to a chamber," Hannah explained. "Ginny was laying, so I dropped my wand and ran over to her. I couldn't get her to wake up though. Then I heard someone say 'She won't wake up.' When I turned to look, I found it was Tom Riddle and he was holding my wand. He explained that he was preserved in his diary for fifty years and he was coming back because he was stealing Ginny's life energy."

Hannah sighed, "Then he explained that he was the one who opened the Chamber of Secrets, and he wanted to purge the school of all muggle-borns. Afterward, he started talking about his 'relationship' with Ginny. She would write, confessing everything to him, and he would write back with sympathies. The more Ginny wrote in the diary, the more control Riddle grew to have over her. He started possessing and used her to open the Chamber of Secrets, releasing the basilisk, and writing the messages on the walls. He explained that Ginny tried getting rid of the diary, which was how I found it.

"Apparently, Ginny stole it from me," she continued on. "When it began taking control of her, Riddle was intent on killing me. His plan was to lure me down into the Chamber. He started going on about how the 'great Lord Voldemort' was defeated by a 'mere baby,' and he revealed that he was Lord Voldemort."

Hannah grabbed a pencil and a piece of paper. In her best handing writing, Tom Marvolo Riddle. "He did this," she explained. Next, she wrote I am Lord Voldemort.

Dean sucked in a sharp breath. He had thought there was something off about Tom Riddle, but he would have never guessed that he was Lord Voldemort.

"Riddle summoned the basilisk, and Fawkes appeared with the Sorting Hat," Hannah resumed explaining. "Fawkes took out the basilisk's eyes, so for some reason I put the Sorting Hat on. The Hat gave me a sword. It appeared on top of my head, and I remember it was really heavy.," she laughed a little.

"So I took the sword and started running around with it," Hannah continued, recalling the expects of second year. "I ran around the Chamber, trying to hide from the basilisk and trying to stab it at the same time. Eventually, the basilisk cornered me, I stabbed the roof of its mouth, but at the same time, one of the basilisk's fangs – which are poisonous – sunk into my arm."

Dean sucked in a deep breath. Knowing that Hannah had come that close to death again wasn't a comforting thought.

She continued, "Riddle started gloating about his 'win' since he managed to 'kill' Hannah Potter. For some reason, I took the basilisk's fang out of my arm and plunged it into the diary. Ink began to, like, pour out of the diary and Riddle was destroyed. Ginny woke up, and I was close to dying when Fawkes started to cry on the wound."

Dean shot her an annoyed looking, silently requesting an explanation.

"Phoenix tears have healing properties," Hannah explained. "I was instantly cured."

She finished up explaining her second year with telling Dean about how she, Ron, Ginny, and Professor Lockhart got out of the Chamber the their visit in Professor McGonagall's office, and how Hannah tricked Mr. Malfoy into admitting he slipped Ginny the diary and tricked him into freeing Dobby."

After she finished her second year, Hannah launched into her third year. The story of her third year went quicker. She started with the escape of Sirius Black, which Dean knew about. She covered 'Aunt' Marge's visit with the Dursleys', Dean knew from listening to her describe the visit that there was a lot she wasn't saying.

"She just kept going on about my parents," Hannah said. "She called my dad a drunk, and then she said that if something was wrong with the mum, then something was wrong with the child. I started to lose my temper and she started to blow up – like inflate blow up. She inflated so much that she floated away." She shook her head, "While she floated away, I ran up to Dudley's second bedroom and collected my things before running away."

She explained how she summoned the Knight Bus, and went to The Leaky Caldron, and meeting the Minister of Magic, Cornelius Fudge, at The Leaky Caldron. Next, she explained her stay at The Leaky Caldron for the summer.

"One day while I was at the bank," she recalled, "I was taken to Ironhammer's office. He gave me a letter from my mum, that told me about Mary, Sam, and you. I even had the information on you and Sam, but I left it there because I thought it would be best."

Next Hannah started to explain her journey to Hogwarts with the Hogwarts Express being crowded and later the Dementors boarding. She described how the Dementor's presence drained all happiness from the area, and she heard someone – a female – screaming, begging and pleading. She explained that Professor Lupin was able to drive the Dementors away, and gave her chocolate. She touched on Professor Dumbledore announcing the Dementors were stationed around the school to try and capture Sirius Black.

Moving on, Hannah described her classes that year. She took Divination and Care of Magical Creatures in addition to her other classes. In Divination, Professor Trelawney liked to predict her death. In Care of Magical Creatures, Hagrid taught them about hippogriffs, which resulted in Hannah riding Buckbeak, who later insulted the hippogriff and led to the hippogriff attacking him. In Defense Against the Dark Arts, Professor Lupin taught them about boggarts and had them go up against one with Professor Lupin not letting her go.

She cover the Fat Lady's portrait being slashed by Sirius Black on Halloween. That night, they slept in the Great Hall.

The first Quidditch game of the season was between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff since Malfoy was out because of his injury. The weather was horrible, and Dementors entered the field, which caused Hannah to faint and fall off of her broomstick. Before passing out, she recalled hearing the woman screaming again. This time, she realized it was her mum, bagging for her life.

"The match ended with Professor Dumbledore passing me, and my Nimbus 2000 crashing into the Whomping Willow," she explained. "Cedric caught the snitch, winning the match for Hufflepuff. He offered Wood a rematch, which Wood declined."

It was after that Quidditch game when Cedric apologized to Hannah in the Hospital Wing that Hannah started to like him.

She explained her conversation with Professor Lupin about the Dementors. Since Dementors are fear itself, they felt a pull towards Hannah because of the horrors of her past, which was why she heard her mum before Lily's death. Professor Lupin gave her private lessons on the Patronus Charm after the Christmas break.

Fred and George gave Hannah the Marauder's Map and taught her how to sneak into Hogsmeade. When she snuck into Hogsmeade she met up with Ron and Hermione, and they hung for a little bit. At The Three Broomsticks, Hannah snuck off to eavesdrop on a conversation between Fudge, Professor McGonagall, Professor Flitwick, Hagrid, and Madam Rosmerta. They had discussed Sirius Black, who was a close friend of James, and he was named Hannah's godfather. Sirius had betrayed them to Voldemort by telling him where the Potters' were hiding, and Sirius killed one of the Potters' friends, Peter Pettigrew along with some muggles.

Around Christmas, Hannah learned that Buckbeak had hearing before the Committee for the Disposal of Dangerous Creatures, which had Hagrid an emotional reck. For Christmas that year, Hannah got a new broomstick, The Firebolt, that came without a note. Hermione reported the broomstick to Professor McGonagall, and Professor McGonagall sent to have it tested.

After Christmas, Hannah started her lessons with Professor Lupin. He taught her how to cast the Patronus Charm and practice with a boggart. Hannah didn't get the first few tries, which was expected since the Patronus Charm was beyond O.W.L. level. Professor Lupin revealed that he was a friend of James from their Hogwarts days, and he knew Sirius Black. By February, Hannah had gotten better at the Patronus Charm, but she hadn't mastered it.

Meanwhile, Slytherin beat Ravenclaw in Quidditch. Professor McGonagall returned Hannah's Firebolt. The next Quidditch game was between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw. Hannah caught the snitch, beating Cho Chang, just in time to hear Chang scream at three Dementors. She had reacted with full-fledged Patronus. After the game, she learned from Professor Lupin that the Dementors weren't actually Dementors, but Malfoy, Crabbe, Goyle, and Marcus Flint dressed up. That night, Ron saw Black slashing his curtains in the dorm. The castle is searched, and Black wasn't found.

After another weekend in Hogsmeade, Professor Lupin found Hannah had the Marauder's Map and confiscated it. The Beckbeak's hearing hadn't gone well, and the Ministry had decided to execute Buckbeak.

The Quidditch final came with Gryffindor versus Slytherin. In order for Gryffindor to win the game and the Quidditch Cup, Hannah had to catch the snitch and Gryffindor had to be ahead fifty points when she did so. Gryffindor took an early lead in the game, then Slytherin started playing dirty, which resulted in Gryffindor getting penalty shots that got them further in ahead. Hannah got the snitch, and Gryffindor won the Quidditch Cup.

End of the year exams came. During Hannah's Divination final, Professor Trelawney predicted that Voldemort's servant would return to him and Voldemort would rise to power again. That night after dinner, Ron, Hermione, and Hannah used the Invisibility Cloak to sneak down to Hagrid's hut. They tried to console him before Buckbeak's execution. Hermione found Scabbers and returned him to Ron. After they left, it appeared that Buckbeak was executed.

Scabbers escaped, and Hermione, Ron, and Hannah followed him to Crookshanks and a black dog. Ron caught Scabbers and the black dog caught Ron, dragging him away, breaking Ron's leg in the process, and disappeared under the Whomping Willow. Hannah and Hermione had followed closely behind with Crookshanks, and they found a secret passage under the tree, which led them to the Shrieking Shack.

"When we made it inside the Shack," Hannah explained, "we found Ron on a bed with Scabbers, and the dog turned out to be Sirius Black. When I saw him, I found the strength to overpower him and subdue him. He admit it was his fault that my parents were dead, and I was . . .," she shook her head, trailing off.

"Anyways," she continued, "Professor Lupin arrived and disarmed me. Hermione then accused him of being Sirius' accomplice and a werewolf. Lupin revealed he was a werewolf, but he wasn't in leagues with Sirius. He explained that he was one of the creators, and noticed the name of someone who was supposed to be dead on it – Peter Pettigrew," Hannah spat the name with someone bitterness.

Dean's heart beat increased when Hannah revealed Lupin was a werewolf. Werewolves were dangerous creatures. Why would someone allow werewolves around children? Hannah was never going to hang around Remus Lupin if Dean had anything to say about. He understood that Hannah wanted to get to know him because he knew her parents, but he was dangerous.

She shook her head, continuing on, "We – Ron, Hermione, and I – all thought they were lying because Sirius murdered Pettigrew. Sirius denied it, again, and Lupin backed him up."

Professor Lupin had explained how he was bitten as a child and Professor Dumbledore allowed him to attend Hogwarts. He would stay in the Shrieking Shack, and the passage under the Whomping Willow was built for Professor Lupin. Eventually Sirius, Pettigrew, and Hannah's dad discroved Professor Lupin's secret, and began animagi to support him. Sirius became a dog, Pettigrew became a rat, and James a stag. Then there was the time Sirius tricked Snape into coming out on the full moon and he was saved by James.

"Then Professor Snape appeared out from under my Invisibility Cloak," Hannah said. "He tried to arrest Sirius and Professor Lupin, but we wanted to hear the rest of the story so," she smiled, "I stunned Professor Snape."

Sirius explained that he had broken out of Azkaban after seeing the Weasley family's vacation to Egypt in The Daily Prophet. He had noticed Scabbers and recognized him in his animagus form. Sirius started to search for Pettigrew to kill him and avenge the Potters'. Crookshanks had, apparently, been Sirius' accomplice.

When the Potters' had gone into hiding, Pettigrew had been the Secret Keeper since Sirius had decided to switch at the last minute. Sirius was the obvious choice, so he had urged Lily and James to use Pettigrew instead. Pettigrew had betrayed the Potters' to Voldemort. After Voldemort attacked the Potters', Sirius ran after Pettigrew, who killed twelve muggles and cut off his own finger before fleeing in his animagus form, framing Sirius for his crimes.

The more Dean learned about Sirius, the more he disliked him. Hannah was supposed to be his priority – his main priority. He had ran off after Pettigrew to avenge his friends instead of caring for their daughter. Dean was pretty sure Hannah's parents would have rather had Sirius take care of Hannah instead of chasing Pettigrew.

"Sirius is innocent," Hannah explained. "He never meant to harm me – or Ron and Hermione," she paused for a moment before continuing, "Sirius and Lupin forced Scabbers to turn into his human form."

Apparently, Sirius had escaped Azkaban and ran to Hannah's side since he knew Pettigrew would use her to regain the favor of Voldemort and the other Death Eaters.

"Before Sirius and Lupin could kill Pettigrew, I stopped him," she said. "I figured that my dad wouldn't want them to be killers, and he was worth more alive than dead. Besides, the Dementors would probably be happy to have him."

Hannah sighed, "As we were leaving, Sirius started talking about me coming to live with him. I was excited to because I figured anything was better than the Dursleys'."

As the group was out of the Whomping Willow, the full moon rose and Professor Lupin transformed into a werewolf. Pettigrew escaped and Ron was knocked out while Professor Lupin and Sirius – in his dog form – had ran off. Hermione and Hannah had ran off after them. Sirius was injured and Professor Lupin fled into the Forbidden Forest.

"Before I knew it, a hundred or so Dementors appeared," Hannah explained, looking and sounding grim at the memory. "They sucked all of the happiness and I remember that it was really cold. Before I fainted, I saw someone across the lake and they conjured a power full-fledge Patronus shaped like a stag, and it drove all the Dementors away."

When Hannah woke up, she was in the Hospital Wing with Ron and Hermione, and Sirius was sentenced to the Dementor's Kiss. When Hannah and Hermione tried to explain everything to Professor Dumbledore, he told them that he couldn't do anything, but left them a weird tip. Hermione revealed that had a device called a Time Turner that she had been using all year to get to classes.

Hermione and Hannah traveled back three hours, and watched themselves in the past events. They figured out that they could save Buckbeak in addition to Sirius. They saved Buckbeak, and hid in the Forbidden Forest for a little. After a little, they headed into Hagrid's cabin, where they stayed for an hour or so. Hannah left the cabin.

"I stood there on the shore of the lake, waiting for the person to appear," she explained. "It hit me after a moment that it was me. I had conjured the Patronus. So, I cast the Patronus Charm and watched as my stag drove the Dementors away. When it returned to my side I realized it was Prongs, my dad's animagus form," she smiled.

"Hermione and Buckbeak caught up with me," she carried on explaining, "and we went to the West Tower, where Sirius was, and Hermione and I watched him fly off on Buckbeak."

After seeing Sirius off, Hannah and Hermione had returned to the Hospital Wing. The year finished up with Professor Lupin resigning, but before leaving he returned Hannah's Invisibility Cloak the Marauder's Map. That year Gryffindor won both the House Cup and Quidditch Cup.

The tale of Hannah's fourth year started with the nightmare-vision of Voldemort with Wormtail (Pettigrew) killing a muggle and talking about their plans for Hannah. Then came the Weasleys' coming to pick her up for the Quidditch World Cup. The Weasleys, Mr. Weasley with Ron and the twins, arrived via floo to pick Hannah up. Fred "accidental" dropped a piece of candy while helping Hannah with her trunk. Dudley ate the candy, and his tongue grew. Hannah left for the Burrow before things grew chaotic with Fred and George behind her.

At the Burrow, Hannah met Bill and Charlie. Mr. Weasley arrived home and grounded the twins and Mrs. Weasley sent everyone out of the house. Outside, Hannah learned about Weasleys' Wizarding Wheezes that the twins wanted to start up. During the beginning part of Hannah's visit, Percy hid up in his room, working on some top-secret event.

On the day of the Quidditch World Cup, Hannah and Hermione woke up early and headed off Mr. Weasley, Ginny, Ron, and the twins to catch their portkey. They met Cedric and Mr. Diggory at the portkey. Fred and George gave Cedric the cold shoulder since he beat them in Quidditch the year before while Hannah blushed around him.

Listening to Hannah describe a portkey, Dean wasn't sure if he wanted to try one out.

"When I landed, Cedric caught me," Hannah recalled with a bitter smile. He had held her close and a little too long.

According to Hannah, Top Box for the World Cup was amazing. She had described the game, but some of her details were vague, but the match ended with Ireland winning and the Bulgarian Seeker, Viktor Krum, catching the snitch.

That night, while they slept, a group of masked wizards – Death Eaters – attacked the camp. Mr. Weasley, Bill, Charlie, and Percy ran off to help get rid of them and Hannah ran into the forest with Ron and Hermione. While they were wandering the forest, Hannah had discovered her wand was missing, and someone had casted a spell, causing the Dark Mark to appear in the sky. It was discovered by a group of Ministry witches and wizards that Winky had stolen Hannah's wand and cast the Dark Mark, but Hannah hadn't believed that because the voice she heard was male, not female. Mr. Weasley had taken them back to the campsite for the rest of the night before they caught a portkey the next morning.

That year Mrs. Weasley, Bill, and Charlie took the Hogwarts age Weasley children, Hannah, and Hermione to King's Cross Station via muggle taxi. Bill and Charlie were secretive about whatever was going on at Hogwarts. At the feast that night, Professor Dumbledore announced Quidditch was cancelled for the year because Hogwarts was placing host in the Triwizard Tournament. The other two schools would arrived on October thirtieth, and the selectional would be the next night. The tournament worked with three trails, and the winner got one-thousand Galleons.

The highlight of the first day of classes had been when Professor Moody, the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor, had turned Malfoy into a ferret for daring to try to curse Hannah with her back turned. The ferret was bounced until Professor McGonagall arrived and ruined the fun.

The first Defense Against the Dark Arts lesson of the year was one of Hannah's least favorites since they were taught about the Unforgivable Curses.

"The Imperius Curse, the mind control curse," Hannah began to list, "The Cruciatus Curse, the torture curse, and the Killing Curse."

Around the same time, Sirius had decided to return to Britain from wherever he had been staying since he wanted to be close to Hannah in case something happened. Dean had a feeling he was still after Pettigrew, but didn't say anything to Hannah.

For the next few lessons in Defense Against the Dark Arts, Professor Moody was placing his students under the Imperius Curse. Hannah had really been the only one able to throw it off.

On Halloween, Madame Maxime arrived with Beauxbatons and Highmaster Karkaroff had arrived with Durmstrang. Among the Durmstrang students had been Viktor Krum. The Goblet of Fire was presented that night, and students over the age of seventeen were allowed to submit their names. The Champions would be selected on the following night, Halloween.

"I got up early the next morning to watch students put their name in," Hannah said. A gentle, bitter smile appeared, "When Cedric submit his name, he smiled at me."

That night at the Halloween Feast – which Dean knew from the beginning something would go wrong for Hannah since she had horrible luck on Halloween – the Champions were selected. Viktor Krum from Durmstrang, Fleur Delacour from Beauxbatons, and Cedric Diggory, of Hufflepuff, from Hogwarts.

"Just as things were wrapping up," Hannah told her brother, "another name came out of the Goblet. Any guesses?" she asked sarcastically with bitterness in her tone.

"You," Dean already knew the answer.

Hannah nodded. "I was forced to compete," she explained. "After Halloween, Hogwarts was horrible. Everyone, including Ron, thought I had put my name in the Goblet. Only Hermione stood up my side and believed me."

The Gryffindors stood by Hannah's side since she was one of them, but they all thought she had entered her name. The other three Houses had taken to wearing "Potter Stinks" badges. At the Wand Weighing ceremony, Hannah had been left alone with Rita Skeeter and forced into an interview. When Skeeter wrote her article, she twisted everything Hannah had said.

On a Saturday night in November, Hannah went to visit Hagrid, where she learned Charlie Weasley and some other dragon keepers were keeping four dragons. That night, Sirius had contacted Hannah, via floo network, and he warned her to be safe.

Once Hannah learned about the First Task, she did two things. The first was tell Hermione since they needed to form a plan. The second was tip off Cedric.

"That one was worth hard," she said. "Cedric was popular and he was always around other students. It was nearly impossible, and I didn't want to talk to him around other students." She paused for a few seconds to gather her thoughts, "I decided to skip class one morning and went to hunt him down. I found Cedric with some of his friends, so I set a cutting hex at his bag. His friends ran off, and I ran to help him."

Their meeting was rather awkward. Cedric had stuttered and fumbled over words while Hannah's face was bright red. She had helped him collect his things and warned him about the dragons before he went off to class. As she was leaving, Professor Moody caught. Instead of being in trouble, he offered her some advice for getting past the dragon. She should fly. With Hermione's help, Hannah mastered the Summoning Charm.

On the day of the First Task, Hannah had summoned her Firebolt and managed to out fly the Hungarian Horntail to capture her golden egg. After the Task, Ron came around as did most of the school. A clue to the Second Task was hid in the golden egg. Only when the golden egg was opened, it released a high-pitched screech. Shortly after the First Task, Hannah learned that Dobby and Winky were working at Hogwarts.

December brought the Yule Ball. As a Champion, Hannah was required to attend and open the Ball with her partner. Hermione was quickly asked by Viktor Krum, and Hannah was able to set Ron up with Parvati in exchange a few favors.

"A number of guys had asked me," Hannah admitted, triggering Dean's older brother overprotective nature. "I told all of them no."

Cedric had asked her when Hannah was starting to consisting taking George Weasley to the Ball. According to the Hogwarts rumor mill, Cedric was taking Cho Chang, the Ravenclaw Seeker. Cedric had asked Hannah in the Entrance in front of his friends and Chang after Hannah had rejected a Durmstrang student. Hannah had agreed with hesitation.

Christmas that year had been amazing. Hannah had received a number of thought gifts – like the wool socks from Dobby that he made himself and bought the wool with his wages, the standard knitted sweater from Mrs. Weasley with a dragon instead of an 'H,' and a magical penknife from Sirius. She had received Lily's old gown and accessories from Sirius and Remus as well. The gown was way better than the light green dress robes Mrs. Weasley had picked up for her.

Hannah had spent most of the day in her dorm room with the other girls. Hannah's gown was a navy blue colored floor-length, tube-top dress. The top was decorated silver and dark blue embellishes, and the skirt had extra fabric, so it was flowy when she moved. With a borrowed pair of black heels from Lavender Brown, and the jewelry Sirius and Remus sent – a blue cuff bracelets, three diamond bangles, a set of glittery blue hanging earrings, a metallic ring, and a labradorite pendent – Hannah was ready.

Hannah had met Cedric in the Entrance Hall, and he couldn't keep his eyes off of her. The evening had been magically. They sat at a table with Percy Weasley, Hermione and Viktor, and some other people, but Hannah and Cedric had been content to ignore them. They danced the night away to the Weird Sisters, and took a stroll through the grounds. Before Cedric walked Hannah to the Gryffindor Tower, he had kissed her – which was her first kiss – and told her to meet him with her golden egg at the Prefects' bathroom in a few days.

Dean had been furious when he learned Cedric wanted Hannah to meet him in a private bathroom after curfew, and he was beyond furious when Hannah showed up. He had calmed down – a good amount, but not completely – when he learned Cedric helped Hannah solve the golden egg clue. For the Second Task, the Champions would have something special stolen from them and placed in the Black Lake, then they would have one hour to look before it was lost forever. Hannah and Cedric had agreed to work on their strategies separately. On New Year's, Cedric gave Hannah a kiss at midnight, promising it would bring good luck for the new year.

Soon classes resumed, and Skeeter proved herself to be a bitch by going after Hagrid and his giant heritage. Hannah and Cedric would meet in the library and do their homework together, or spend sometime in kitchens hanging out. When the first Hogsmeade visit of the new year came, they spent the day wondering around.

Hannah was out after curfew one night trying to research a method of breathing underwater when she noticed a dot labeled "Barty Crouch" in Professor Snape's office on the Marauder's Map. Curiosity got the better of Hannah, and she snuck off under her Invisibility Cloak to investigate. On her way, she got caught in a trick stair and dropped her map. Filch was in the area and Professor Snape arrived with Professor Moody right behind them. Professor Snape recognized the Marauder's Map and knew Hannah was nearby, but Professor Moody claimed it was his before shooing Professor Snape and Filch off to find the person who had broken into Snape's office. In return for not busting Hannah, she allowed Professor Moody to borrow the Marauder's Map.

A week before the Second Task, Neville had found Hannah in the library. He told her about gillyweed, but didn't know where to find any. On the day of the Second Task, Dobby awoke Hannah and handed her the gillyweed and warned her that her Weezy had been taken.

In the Second Task, Hannah had been the first to arrive to the mer-village and spot the four hostages – Ron, Hermione, Fleur's little sister, and Cedric's best friend. Hannah had saved Ron, but couldn't take the others. Hannah had returned to the surface, winning the Second Task. Cedric and Viktor followed behind her with the mer-people bring Fleur's little sister.

After the Second Task, a series of articles by Skeeter were printed. The first was a love triangle between Hannah, Cedric, and Cho. Hannah and Cedric were happy, but Cedric had left Cho for Hannah and Cho wanted "her man" back. The second was a love triangle between Hannah, Viktor, and Hermione. Viktor really liked Hannah and was using Hermione to get close to her. The third was Hannah's lying ways. She was dating Cedric, leading Viktor on, and sleeping with Ron.

Cedric knew the articles were lies and stood by Hannah's side, never believing she was unfaithful to him. Hannah started getting hate mail from people she had never met, and Chang had started spreading rumors about her around the school.

On the next Hogsmeade weekend, Hannah had gone with Cedric and spent most of the day together. They did separate so they could each hanging out with friends. Hannah had ran off to meet Ron and Hermione since they had plans to meet up with Sirius. Sirius told the three about Crouch's past, including his son Barty Crouch, Junior. After visit a week or so later with Hagrid, Hannah learned that she should burn the hate mail.

The Third Task turned out to a maze on the Quidditch pitch, much to the horror of Hannah and Cedric. As they walked off, Krum had asked to speak to Hannah and Cedric. He apologized about the articles. He had no interest in Hannah because he was crazy about Hermione and he didn't want to come between Hannah and Cedric, who he could tell were happy and in love. Before they could finish talking, Barty Crouch appeared. Hannah and Cedric had ran off to find Professor Dumbledore, leaving Krum with Crouch. When they returned with Professor Dumbledore, Krum was stunned and Crouch was gone.

Hannah shared more experiences about her scar hurting and her connection with Lord Voldemort, including dream-visions she got from him. The mentions of the dream-visions made Dean think of the fifteenth birthday magical inheritance. Could she have some form of future vision?

With the upcoming Third Task, Hannah started to prepare with Ron and Hermione since she and Cedric agreed not to prepare together. Cedric was starting to think about what they could be with the prize money since they were tied for first place. Since he was seventeen and she was in the tournament which was meant for seventeen-year-olds that meant she had to be adult, they could runaway together and no one could stop them. Hannah loved the idea because she could be with Cedric and maybe find her brothers.

Another series of articles by Skeeter were printed. One was about Hannah being a Parslemouth. Another was about Hannah grades since someone thought she had Hermione doing her homework for her. Another was about her "promiscuous ways" and how she was breaking Cedric's heart.

The night before the Third Task, Hannah had agreed to runaway with Cedric over the summer.

"Before I left, I told him that I loved him," Hannah explained with tears. She broke down crying for a few minutes. Dean had moved to sit next to her and pulled her in his arms.

On the day of the Third Task, Skeeter released a new article stating that Hannah was demented and dangerous. Since Hannah was a Champion, she was excused from classes for the day and found the Weasleys' – Mrs. Weasley and Bill – had come to support her. She even met Cedric's parents, who Cedric had told about the articles being lies. Mr. and Mrs. Diggory had adored Hannah.

The Third Task started and Hannah made her way through the maze. She had battled her way through a boggart disguised as a Dementor, a blast-ended skrewt, and a few other things. Then she heard Fleur scream. She ran off to help only to find Cedric being attacked by Krum. She had shexed Krum before stunning. Before leaving, she was nice enough to send up sparks. Cedric and her kissed before going their separate ways. Hannah came across a sphinx and got passed it by figuring out her riddle. Before Hannah could make it to the Triwizard Cup, she was attacked by an acromentula and saved by Cedric. Together they defeated it and agreed to share the victory. A joint victory was still a victory for Hogwarts, and the prize money would fund their runaway.

"We kissed before grabbing the Cup," Hannah choked out between her sobs. "After we grabbed it, it turned out to be a portkey and transported up to a cemetery."

She took a few deep breaths before continuing, "Before we could figure out what was going, Wormtail appeared and my scar burned. A second voice said 'Kill the spare.'" Hannah broke down crying harder.

From her sobs, Dean got the rest of the story. She was bound to a tombstone and Wormtail preformed the ritual that broke Lord Voldemort back. He shared a little more of his history – his father was a muggle and left his mother when he learned she was witch, and his mother died giving birth to him leaving him to be raised in a muggle orphange, and he later murdered his father. Then Voldemort summoned his Death Eaters. Voldemort went on about being back to power and identifying his Death Eaters before bringing up the protection that Lily Potter left Hannah. The protection was null and void since Lord Voldemort and Hannah shared the same blood.

Lord Voldemort then challenged Hannah to a duel. They dueled, Hannah filled with the grief and fury over Cedric's death. The wands connected, causing a gold field to appear and a phoenix's song before spirit echos of Voldemort's victims appeared. Cedric told Hannah he loved her and didn't blame her for his death, and requested she take his body back. Her parents were proud of her and loved her. Hannah broke the connection and the echoes protected her, giving Hannah enough time to grab Cedric's body and return to Hogwarts.

Her arrival to Hogwarts was met with chaos. Everyone had noticed her and Cedric disappear, and she returned with Cedric's dead body. Hannah wasn't willing to leave Cedric, but was forced away by Professor Dumbledore and ushered away by Professor Moody. When Hannah was alone with Professor Moody, she had started to realize he was the faithful servant of Voldemort's in Hogwarts. Professor Moody started to brag about the plan and how he had manipulated people – like her with the flying, Cedric with the golden egg, Neville and Dobby with the gillyweed – just so Hannah could win the Tournament. Before Professor Moody could kill Hannah, Professor Dumbledore showed up Professor Snape and Professor McGonagall. Before Professor McGonagall could drag Hannah away, she learned that Barty Crouch, Jr., had been impersonating Moody all year, and Professor Dumbledore had forced her to explain what happened in the graveyard.

Professor McGonagall escort Hannah to the Hospital Wing where her friends, Mrs. Weasley, Bill, and Padfoot were waiting for her. Cedric's parents visited her, and thanked her for bringing Cedric's body back and revealed they weren't going to hold a funeral service since Cedric wouldn't want people to grief his death. Instead they were cremating his body and spreading the ashes in the wind.

While Hannah was in the Hospital Wing, Professor Dumbledore reported that Voldemort had returned and a new war was about to start. Minister Fudge was convinced that Hannah and Dumbledore were lying since Skeeter's article had reported that Hannah was dangerous. Hannah was given the winnings of the Tournament, and Professor Dumbledore decided to reinstate the Order of the Phoenix.

The rest of the year finished with Hannah in the Hospital Wing. Her friends had visited along with Fleur and Krum. Skeeter printed a few more articles about Hannah's slutty ways and lying games before Hermione managed to capture Skeeter in her beetle animagus form. Before leaving school, Hannah gave Fred and George the prize money, making them promise to make her laugh next year.

"And a few weeks later, here I am," Hannah declared. She wrapped her arms around her brother and fell asleep, emotionally exhausted.

Dean remained awake, holding his little sister close. He had known she was strong before, but after hearing her story, he knew she was stronger – probably stronger than anyone realized. It was official though, she wasn't returning to England until she was at least seventeen.

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Disney Movies: It is my own tradition for when I don't feel good. Finding Nemo is probably my favorite Disney movie since I'm on my third DVD.

News About My Life: My boyfriend proposed! My boyfriend proposed! I'm getting married! I'm on cloud nine with no signs of coming down anytime soon. This has made my month. He proposed on our ninth anniversary!

Ironically, our anniversary is February the Thirteenth. If you go back nine years, that's Friday the Thirteenth when we got together! We officially got together at our eighth grade Valentine's Day Dance in middle school. We haven't been together for all nine years, it's been on and off a few times – like the year he took a semester aboard in France, and when we broke up because long-distance wasn't working – but it's always been us. And the idea of marrying my high school, and middle school, sweetheart is so romantic to me. Not many people do that these days, and I'm thrilled to.

Final Note: Since I broke the original chapter into two parts, that Supernatural character won't appear until next chapter.

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