"Starscream, I didn't know you had a pet" Miko said as she ran over to Starscream and Arcee when they walked into base. Starscream hummed a laugh and bent down to Miko's level.

"Oh, I don't. This is Laserbeak. Say hi, Laserbeak." Laserbeak chirped and looked up at Starscream, unsure what to do. "Go on" Starscream shook his arm. Laserbeak hopped off his arm and stood next to Miko. He was nearly three or four feet taller than the female. Miko leaned forward and poked Laserbeak's wings. Laserbeak hissed and turned to face her.

"Hey there" Miko smiled. Laserbeak lowered himself, making himself look smaller and less of a threat to the human.

"Hello" He said in a low tone. Miko sat down next to him and leaned forward to pet him. At first Laserbeak growled and pulled away. But once Miko slowly started rubbing his head and neck, he relaxed. His eyes widen and he watched the human is she hummed a song and petted him like she would a dog.

"He seems to like that" Arcee whispered to Starscream. Starscream cleared his throat and put his hands behind his back.

"Yes, it seems he does. He did not get this kind of loving from Soundwave or any other Con."

"Miko!" Bulkhead called as he came racing into the base. Jack and Raff jumping out and Bulkhead transformed. Bulkhead looked at Starscream and Arcee before walking over to Miko and picking her up. Laserbeak screeched and flapped his wings in protest.

"Calm down, Bulk" Arcee waved her hands.

"But, that's Laserbeak" Bulkhead looked down at Miko who had her arms crossed.

"Laserbeak can cause not harm" Starscream sighed before calling Laserbeak to his arm. The bird landed on the seekers arm, but his eyes never left Miko. Bulkhead put Miko down on the ground next to Jack and Raff.

"Where were you Arcee?" Jack asked. "You were supposed to pick me up at school."

"Oh, I'm sorry, Jack. I was with Starscream" Arcee gasped.

"Next time, Arcee, Don't let me get in the way of your duties." Starscream warned Arcee. Arcee's eyes widen, she was surprised that Starscream would put a human first.

"Yes" Arcee sighed. Starscream looked at her out of the corner of his eye.

"ah….ah….What was it that you needed to show me, Laserbeak?" Starscream turned to the bird.

"Soundwave asked me to show you what Megatron did to the scout" Laserbeak lowered his head.

"Bumblebee?" Raff ran forward. Starscream looked at Arcee and Bulkhead; they looked down at the ground. All the Autobots knew what Megatron did to Bumblebee. But they kept it away from the kids. They were too young to worry about such a thing.

"Bulkhead, Arcee. Maybe you should take the kids out for a drive. After all, they been locked up in school all day" Starscream offered.

"Good idea" Bulkhead said as he transformed. Miko and Jack shrugged and looked at each other. But Raff just stared up at Starscream.

"I want to know" Raff shook his head. Starscream looked over at Arcee. Arcee walked over to Raff.

"Raff, we can't do that. At least not yet. But I promise that you will be the first to know" Arcee told him. Raff frowned but nodded "Now how about you ride with me?"

"Really?" Raff smiled. Arcee nodded and transformed. "I mean, if it's ok with Jack" Raff looked over at Jack.

"Of course you can" Jack said, as he got into Bulkhead with Miko. Starscream watched as Bulkhead and Arcee left with the kids. As soon as they were gone, Starscream stared growling and he shot an evil look at Laserbeak.

"This better be good" he hissed at Laserbeak. Laserbeak let out a high pitched yelp.

"Oh, but it is, Commander. It is." He cowed down.

"Starscream? What is HE doing here?" A voice came from behind Starscream. Starscream turned around to face Knockout.

"He came here. Soundwave sent him." Starscream told Knockout. Knockout put his hands on his hips and rolled his eyes.

"Soundwave could be tracking him." Knockout said.

"And now the Cons could know where our base is, seeker" Ratchet said as he appeared in the Med-Bay doorway and stood next to Knockout.

"No, no. Medics" The bird shook his head. "I promise, he is not. He is far too busy with the yellow one"

"What about the yellow one?" Ratchet walked closer to Starscream.

"With no medic, scout cannot be repaired." Laserbeak said with a shaky voice. He was starting to feel nervous with the bots crowding around him.

"Is he in that bad of shape?" Knockout asked.

"No" Laserbeak gulped. "My master is making sure no more harm comes to him"

"Why wound Soundwave care?" Starscream huffed and rolled his eyes.

"For you" Laserbeak looked up at Starscream.

"What are you talking about, bird?" Starscream growled.

"He knows the yello….."

"His name is Bumblebee" Knockout flicked Laserbeak on the head.

"Oh, yes yes." Laserbeak nodded "He knows… Bumblebee ….means a lot to you. And he knows that you will be upset with him of Bumblebee dies on the ship. So he keeps him safe in till you guys save him"

"Looks like you have someone watching over you" Ratchet smiled at Starscream.

"And thank Primus you do" Knockout added.

"Bee could be offline if it was not for Soundwave" Ratchet said.

"Make sure to give Soundwave my regards" Starscream smirked down at Laserbeak. "Now, the video feed you were talking about?"

"Yes, My commander" Laserbeak bowed. Laserbeak's chest opened up and reviled a small memory chip. Starscream took it from his chest and handed it to Ratchet.

"What do we do with him now?" Knockout asked Starscream.

"Laserbeak, return to Soundwave. Tell him I'll return the chip…personally."

"As you command, Starscream" Laserbeak bowed again.

"And one more thing, my little friend" Starscream grabbed Laserbeak by the head and pulled him off his arm. He leaned in close the Laserbeak. "Tell Megatron I'm coming for him" He said low. It sent chills through Laserbeak systems. Starscream threw Laserbeak into the air. Laserbeak flapped his wings and flew around Starscream "Am I clear?"

"Crystal clear" Laserbeak squalled. Laserbeak flow out of the base.

"You trust him not to tell Soundwave where this base is?" Knockout asked. Starscream turned to him and smirked.

"No. I know he will tell Soundwave"

"What!" Ratchet and Knockout yelled. Starscream waved his hands.

"Shh…. you'll wake Optimus" Starscream hissed. "Let me finish." Knockout and Ratchet looked at each other then at Starscream. "Soundwave won't tell anyone. Like Laserbeak said, Soundwave apparently cares for me. There for, he will not put me in danger."

"You're sure about that?" A deep voice came from behind Knockout and Ratchet.

"ah…gr…um..Optimus" Starscream stopped back. Ratchet and Knockout turned on their heels and stared up at the Prime.

"Optimus, what are you doing up?" Ratchet ran to his side. Knockout looked down and stepped back. Starscream walked over to Knockout and landed his hand on his shoulder.

"Maybe, you should make things right" Starscream told Knockout.

"I feel much better. Besides, I heard yelling" Optimus looked around the room. Knockout noticed that Optimus was not taking his hand away from his chest.

"Is your chest bothering you, sir?" Knockout asked, nervously. Optimus looked over at him and tilted is head just a little.

"Not really. But that is the problem. I can no longer feel my bond with Bumblebee" Optimus sighed.

"It's normal, Optimus. Knockout's formula helped your pain." Ratchet said. Optimus looked over at Knockout.

"Thank you, Knockout" Optimus said with a hint of a smile.

"It was nothing, Optimus Prime" Knockout said. "It is the least I can do for Bumblebee….and you" Knockout sighed.

"Knockout may I have a word with you?" Optimus asked. Knockout nodded and followed Optimus over to the other side of the room. Starscream and Ratchet took the memory chip over to the main computer.

"Knockout, I understand that you do not like me" Optimus started. "And I know that you feel something for Bumblebee. And I hope that one day we can get along."

"Optimus sir, please don't" Knockout shook his head. "I have already put it behind me"

"That is a lie" Optimus folded his hands behind his back and leaned down toward Knockout.

"No, it's not, actually. You have a right to question my trust. But, honestly, as long as Bumblebee is truly happy, then I am happy." Knockout said.

"I am glad to hear that" Optimus tilted his head.

"Optimus, I had made a fool of myself over Bumblebee. Please forgive me"

"I already have" Optimus got down on one knee so he could look Knockout in the eyes "And I know you still love Bumblebee. I don't expect you to just stop being in love with him."

"You have nothing to worry about" Knockout smiled "I will not be in yours and Bumblebee's way. I'll go, once Bee is safe and back home with you"

"That will be up to Ratchet, would it not?" Optimus hummed a very small laugh. "He may want you around"

"Well, if that's the case. I will stay. But I admit, I have grown to like your medic. It's nice to have another doctor to talk to. The Cons are not known for their brains"

"I can understand" Optimus stood back up. "It's nice that Ratchet as someone to talk to. He keeps to himself too much."

"He is not the only one" Knockout looked down "And Optimus, sir?" Knockout looked up at him. "Just so you know I don't hate you. If anything I look up to you. Just because we are not the best of friends, doesn't mean I don't not respect you"

"Likewise, Knockout" Optimus said as he walked back over to Starscream and Ratchet.

"I can't believe this" Ratchet growled as he and Starscream watched Soundwave's video feed of Megatron and Bumblebee.

Bumblebee's screams and Megatron's growls from the video filled the air. Ratchet and Starscream froze when they saw Megatron rip open Bee's spark chamber and try to bond with him. All because it would hurt Optimus. All because he wanted Optimus and his mate to suffer. But right before Megatron could finish the job, he stopped. He heard Soundwave coming his way. He pulled his spike out of Bumblebee and moved away from the bug. Bumblebee twisted and moved around, trying to cover himself up. But it did no good; he was still bare and leaking energon. Megatron laughed as he placed his own plating back into place and left the room.

"Optimus stay calm" Starscream and Ratchet heard Knockout tell the Prime. They turned around to see Optimus staring at the screen with deadly eyes and a heavy growl in his throat. Knockout was grabbing at Optimus's arms and shoulders, trying his hardest to move Prime. Starscream hissed as he ran over to Optimus. Ratchet turned off the computer and join the others.

"Optimus Prime, you listen to me" Starscream said.

"Optimus!" Ratchet called. Starscream started to get inpatient. He slapped Optimus across the face and pulled the great Prime toward him, forcing him to look Starscream in the eyes.

"I said LISTEN TO ME" Starscream screamed in his face. Optimus blinked and stared Starscream right in the eye. "He wants you to get mad. He does not know that you have seen this video but he know you would feel it through the bond. Do not feed his twisted mind"

"Starscream" Optimus shook his head "What are we going to do?"

"You are asking Starscream for help?" Bulkhead's voice came in. everyone turned around to see Bulkhead, Arcee, and the kids standing in the entrance.

"Why not?" Knockout turned to Bulkhead "Starscream knows everything about Megatron and the Cons. Even more then Optimus. If anyone can help us save Bee and bring Megatron down, it's him"

"Optimus?" Ratchet asked.

"He is right" Optimus sighed and pulled away from Starscream's grip. "Starscream, will you lead us on this mission?"

"Never….I mean NEVER...did I think I would hear that" Arcee said. Starscream smirked at her and walked over to her.

"I have a few ideas." He leaned down over her and patted her on the head. "I think everyone will be happy with." Starscream turned on his heels and looked over at Knockout "Knockout, can you do this? Will you fight against your friends? Against Breakdown?" Knockout looked around the room. He looked at Optimus, Ratchet, and the whole team. He sighed and looked down at the children.

"For Bumblebee" He walked forward and smiled at Starscream "For Optimus, for all of them" He pointed to all the Autobots and the kids.

"We are not just fighting for Bumblebee anymore" Optimus said.

"What?" Starscream asked.

"We are fighting for you and Knockout too" Arcee added.

"To gain your freedom" Raff came in.

"So you don't have to hide" Miko nodded.

"Or run" Jack shrugged.

"So you can lead the decepticons to peace" Optimus said.

"As Lord Starscream" Arcee smiled and took Starscream by the hand. His claws engulfed her small hand.

"Starscream" Knockout called. Starscream turned and faced him "This time, you will not be alone"

"You will not face Megatron alone" Optimus stomped his foot.

"Oh, I like the sound of that" Starscream chuckled with a smirk.

"Soundwave, I'm surprised to see you without the scout by our side. What happen? Megatron made you put him back?" Breakdown laughed as Soundwave walked into the control room.

"Now come on, Breaky" Arachnid giggled. "Where is Megatron anyways? You think that's why the Autobot isn't with him, BD? Megatron wanted another round with him?" Soundwave didn't say or do anything. He walked over to the table that Arachnid and Breakdown where seating at and sat down at the end farthest away from them.

"Could be" Breakdown smiled. "I wonder if he'll make it through the interfacing this time. Megatron has been under a lot of pressure lately."

"Soundwave, I'm going out for a fly. I have to clear my mind." Soundwave played the recording of Megatron just an hour ago. Arachnid and Breakdown looked down at the table. Soundwave shook his head and stand.

{Laserbeak?} He let out a long tune. Within seconds, Laserbeak appeared and flew right into his master's chest. Taking his place into Soundwave's armor.

"Where has he been?" Arachnid asked. Soundwave walked over to the far table and took his ration of Energon.

{Searching for Knockout}

"Yea, I know the feeling" Breakdown sighed.

Soundwave shrugged his shoulders and walked out of the room. He started heading back to the control room to await Megatron's return. He felt Laserbeak pull and tug on his chest. Soundwave leaned against the wall and moved his arms out of the way so that Laserbeak could come out again. Soundwave let out a small buzz as Laserbeak transformed out of his chest and flew down on the ground. His loyal pet looked up at him and lowered his head.

{Laserbeak?} Soundwave bent down and ran his long fingers over Laserbeak's beak. The bird pulled away and hissed at his touch. Soundwave pulled away and tilted his head {What's wrong, my pet?}

"I must tell Megatron something" Laserbeak said. Soundwave straightened up and put his hands on his hips.

{What must you tell him, Laserbeak?} Soundwave asked.

"Lord Starscream is coming for him" He smirked.