Summary – Emily is under JJ's desk. But whatever is she doing down there? Femslash. M rated. And for a good reason.

I'm working on another JJ and Emily story, but this little tiny oneshot kept creeping into my brain. Written for the lovely pixiejules77 on Twitter.

I own nothing. Sadly.

Warning – 18 and over only. Sexual content.

Her fingers were deep inside me when Hotch walked in for a file. And they were still in me when he quickly walked back out. Emily giggled and resumed her task.

"Emily!" I whispered harshly. "We were almost caught!"

"He thinks you're alone," she whispered from beneath the desk.

I couldn't say another word as my girlfriend flipped my skirt over her head. She knew I could never resist her. Or her tongue. Currently, two fingers were buried deep in my soaked pussy, and her tongue was licking a path up my thigh to join them. I moaned and shifted further down in my seat, silently begging for more. She thankfully obliged me, as I didn't think I could take much more of her teasing. I was never patient when it came to her and that talented mouth. As if knowing I was about to snap, Emily pushed my underwear to one side, and slipped her tongue between my damp, bare folds.

"Fuck!" I gasped as her tongue made a broad stroke of my swollen clit. Using just the tip of her tongue, she removed her fingers and began tracing the outside of my pussy and clit. I moaned and writhed in my chair, needing more. I raked my hands into her hair, pushing her face further between my legs. "Please, baby."

"No patience, JJ," she chided, but once again complied with what I wanted.

I screamed her name as she penetrated my core with her skilled tongue. One hand still holding my panties to give her full access, she used her other hand and gathered some of my leaking juices onto her fingertips and began rubbing them in circles around my clit, just as I liked it. I couldn't help but buck my hips against her face as she continued to fuck me with her tongue, licking every sweet spot inside me she could reach at precisely the right time. She shoved her tongue inside me and went in circles for a moment before moving it quickly from side to side – something I could never get enough of. I thrust against her mouth, so close to release I could almost taste it.

"Fuck, baby, you're so wet," she said, then dove back in before I could complain.

"Yeah," I agreed breathlessly. "I'm so close, too. So, so close."

"Come on, babe," she urged. "Cum all over my tongue. I love that so much."

I arched as her tongue slipped back into my core, her tongue lapping at my juices. Emily's fingers worked my clit faster, and right as her tongue thrust inside me again, I pressed her face against my mound. An orgasm so powerful swept through me that I began grinding into her face, not stopping until I felt myself fall over the edge only a few seconds later. Emily pressed hard on my sensitive nub and swirled her tongue deep into my pussy, making it just that much better. I came all over her tongue, just as she asked me to, always the good girl. She brought me down gently, removing her fingers and using her lovely tongue to clean me before putting my panties back in place. I still couldn't help the pleasurable lurch in my stomach when Emily popped up from beneath the desk and pulled me down for a kiss. My taste and her taste were too good together.

"You owe me," she said after a few long kisses.

"I'll pay you back tonight," I promise her. "I'll wear your favorite toy."

Her eyes lit up. "Promise?"

"I promise."

"Oooh, baby, you're the best," she squealed, bringing me down for another kiss. "I love you."

"I love you, too, Emily."

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