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Chapter 3- 5 Months


After the whole almost kiss incident, Clare and I didn't talk about much. The only things we talked about were school, doctor appointment bills, and the baby. We figured it would be less of a chance to talk about the almost kiss.

Today was different, Clare looked conflicted. She kept pulling down the hem of her shirt, trying to pull it down to hide her stomach. Also, pulling the sides of her sweater of over her stomach. I walked up to hr and took off my sweater, "Here wear my sweater," I say as I hold it out to her.

She shakes her head, "No, it's okay. You're going to be cold if I take it from you."

"I have another one in my gym locker, I can use that one."

"You sure?" she says hesitantly.

"Yeah, it's cool. Just take it." She takes my sweater and puts it on. "How are you?" I say to her," I'm sorry I couldn't go to the doctor's with you last week. I had-"

"Basketball practice," she says interrupting me, "I know Eli, you don't have to explain again. You explained enough when you told me that football season is over and you have to go back to basketball now. Don't worry it was just another sonogram." She snaps.

I was taken aback because I never heard Clare snap at me like that, but I guess I deserve it. I haven't exactly been a big help to Clare. The only things I have done for Clare is pick up food for her when she's hungry and help her get out of confrontations with Julia and Alli.

"I'm sorry Clare, but you know I have practice almost every single day after school. I promise I'll try to go to the next one."

Clare smiles a little bit, "Okay," she says as she opens her locker.

"What happened anyways?" I ask her.

"They told me that I'm-we are having a boy," she says softly.


Clare nods as she takes out a sonogram from her locker, "Look at him."

I look at it, "He got bigger since the last time."

"Yep, each month he gets bigger," she says.

I look up at her locker and see the other sonograms from previous months, "You keep the sonograms in your locker."

"Yeah, it less of a chance that my mom can find them. She almost did last week and I'd rather not have her find out I'm pregnant like that."

"You still haven't told your mom."

Clare shakes her head, "not yet, but I have to soon because I can't hide it anymore, so I'll tell her maybe this week."

I didn't push Clare into telling her mom because I still haven't told my parents. The only person I've told was Imogen. I know I'm going to have to tell them soon too, because Clare's already at her 5th month. That's the mid point of her pregnancy.

"Okay, but call me right after you tell." I say to Clare.

She agrees to call me right after I tell her to. Truthfully I want to know what Clare's mom says about Clare being pregnant at the same age her mom got pregnant. I'm expecting to be Clare's shoulder to cry on when her and her mom get into an argument about it.

One thing I didn't expect was Clare to call me at 9 o'clock at night crying to me that her mom kicked her out of the house. I picked her up at her house, where she was standing with her things next to her. The whole ride home Clare was telling me that her mom had found one of Clare doctor bills that Clare and I have been paying secretly. She also found one of Clare's sonogram. Clare's mom had told her that she didn't want to raise another mistake in her house and she wanted Clare to give up the baby if she wanted to live under her house. Clare didn't want to do that so her mom told her to pack her things and leave the house. Now Clare has no where to go now and I'm not going to leave her out on the streets. She's going to stay with me.

We entered my house and thankfully my family was asleep already. We quietly make our way up to my room. I bring up Clare's things as well. "You can stay here, so you can have a place to stay." I tell her once I close the door to my room after we entered. "Sorry, it's a bit messy."

"It's fine," she says as she sits down on my bed.

A silence washes over us as I try to clean things up a bit for Clare's sake.

"Eli," Clare says. I look to her, "Come here," she pats the spot next to her. I walk over to her and sit down next to her. I look at her and notice she's still wearing my sweater and she unzipped it so you can notice her bump now. She interlaces our hands and says, "Thank you Eli, this means a lot to me. Do your parents know?"

I squeeze her hand and give her a give her a reassuring smile, "Not yet, but I'll tell them tomorrow. They'll understand, so don't get too stressed over it." She nods slowly and uses her other hand to rub her stomach. Then she brings my hand that she's holding to stomach. She places it over her stomach and her hand over mine. I feel a movement coming from inside her stomach, "He kicked."

"Yeah, that's our son." Clare says to me.

I look over to Clare as she looks back at me. While we were looking at each other I get a brief glimpse at our future would be like with Clare and I together, with our son.

At 4 o'clock in the morning, I went downstairs to get a glass of water. After mine and Clare's moment in my room, she fell asleep minutes later. I figured she had a long day so I let her have my room to herself, while I took the guest room. Before I came downstairs I grabbed Clare's most recent sonogram.

As I'm sitting at the dinning table and I'm looking at the sonogram, I think about how things have gotten to how they are today. It seems like just yesterday Clare and me were friends hanging out and joking around. Now we are maybe soon to be parents that have serious conversions about a child that is going to be born in 4 months.

I never thought the first time having sex with Clare was going to turn out like this, if I ever did have sex with her. Never did I think Clare was going to be pregnant now, maybe until she was married. I didn't think to be a father until later on in life. Now both Clare and I are seniors in high school, waiting to have a baby.

"Eli?" a voice interrupts my thoughts.

I look up and see my mom standing in front of me, "Hey mom."

"What are you doing up late?" she asks as she sits down next to me.

"I couldn't sleep." I have a lot on my mind." I tell her.

"What's so big that's on your mind a lot?"


"What's wrong with Clare? She's not fighting with her mom again is she?"

"Something like that." I say.

"Well? What's wrong then?"

"Clare's mom kicked her out of the house."

"Why would she do that?" my mom gasps, "I tell you Eli, her mother is the worst excuse of a mother I have ever heard of." I nod, "Where's Clare now?"

"Upstairs in my room," I tell her.

"Why would she do something like that to her own daughter?"

"Clare she's-she's pregnant."

My mom looks at me in surprise. She's known Clare almost as long as I've known her, so she knows Clare is a wholesome person. She knows Clare is not the kind of person to get herself into a situation like this. She also knows about Clare's issues with her mom because I've walked into many conversations they've had about it. My mom, CeCe, can relate to Clare's problem because my mom never grew up with a caring mother when she was Clare's age.

"Well that's surprising."

"That's not the only thing," I say to CeCe, "It's my baby."

"Excuse me?"

"That's my baby. Clare and I having a son." I tell her as I slide the sonogram over to her.

She looks at it for awhile, then back at me," How did this happen baby boy? I didn't even know you two were together. I mean this picture says that she's already 5 months along."

"We are not together, that night was a spur of the moment. We got caught up in the moment and things escalated from there."

"So, what are you two going to do?" CeCe asks.

"We haven't figured that out yet, but we will soon."


"So, can she stay here? Just for awhile."

"Nonsense Eli, she practically like a daughter to me, she can stay as long as she needs to. What about your future Eli and her future. You both can get into highest universities ever, this baby is going to throw things totally out of wack. Not to mention you two aren't even together."

"I know, but we don't know if we will keep him or not?"

"What if Clare decides to? Then what? What are you going to do for them?" my mom points out.

"I don't know yet, but I'm here for them. I told Clare from the beginning it me and her until the end. I'm not going anywhere. I'm not leaving her by herself even if we aren't together.

CeCe sighs, "Well, I guess that's good. She's staying here, but we are going to talk about this in the morning, okay. You, Clare, Bullfrog and I are going to sit down tomorrow and talk about this. Now go upstairs and get some sleep."

The next morning, just as promised Clare and I had a talk with my parents. They both agreed to have Clare stay in our guest bedroom; they also are going to take care of Clare's doctor bills, even against Clare's wishes not to do it. If we decide to keep the baby, Clare and I can still live at home, the baby would have the spare room next to my sister's room.

Clare and I both made an agreement to my mom that we would make a decision on whether or not we are keeping the baby by the time Clare is 7 months pregnant. So far things are getting better as time goes by.

Hopefully it stays like that.


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