Ladies and various gentlefolk...greetings :D I could write a mini novel right here in thanks to anyone that has read my previous/currents works but I would also like to thank anyone who is just finding me as an author now with this little fic. So Thanks for giving this a shot!

I love Klaine and it's been a long time in my opinion since I wrote anything Klaine based so this is my newest attempt at an almost completely AU Future fic. The year is 2020, 8 years after Kurt completes high school, and the world still has many obstacles for the couple that never was...I guess looking for someone forever sometimes takes a little while longer than just high school? And there are more obstacles to overcome...

Read on my lovelies and we shall see.

Bittersweet Symphony



"No no Sean listen to me...can your hear me?...Fuck yeah this storm is messing with my reception..look yeah I'm uptown I made it M.S.M...yeah I know I'm early for the recital but I left extra time because of this stupid snow... it's only November right? Ha ha!"

I paused outside the main doors under the cover of a small awning, before shaking off my jacket and attempting to smooth out my hair as I continued listening to Sean babble about the importance of this recital to the graduate program.

I had taken over the responsibility of gathering information on applying graduate students and going to see them perform as the first stage of their interviewing process. We had come to learn that when students didn't expect that added heat, they performed more naturally. I had the tendency of being an intimidating member of the Julliard faculty. Most vocal students knew of me in this town since I was the first student to gain access to the faculty, even part time without completing my teaching degree. I was in the process of doing so via Columbia's extensive out reach programs that allowed for group degrees through Julliard and other performance schools, but I wasn't due to graduate with my full teaching degree until this summer.

I had also performed with the Metropolitan Opera Company on numerous occasions during my student tenure, the most memorable and notable being when I starred in Handel's Messiah, a countertenor's dream and nightmare in its complexity.

So the musical world new me but never in the way I had originally intended.

Having recently graduated from Julliard with my Masters in Voice, majoring in opera, TAing in my advanced opera III course as well Musical Appreciation I and II, which I only started last month, and I was out recruiting in a blizzard on Friday evening in uptown New York. I was never going to have time to meet any men this way...I guess that was the main reason my relationships always seemed to fail and last maybe a week...I had no time.

Sean Larson, who was still rattling in my ear, was my co conspirator and my superior. He was the head of the department, who taken me under his wing just under 4 years ago when I was doing my masters.

I had known that musical theatre was a 'no go' for me when I left high school back in Lima, Ohio 8 years ago. I was a countertenor, gay, and never fit into the generic roles that Broadway would provide for a male lead. I had given up that dream and decided to refocus my attention onto my love of music in general...and it was once I somehow got into Julliard on my entrances letters and recommendations alone that I discovered opera.

It was romantic and powerful...much how I saw myself and I found that with the right diction and breath training that I was a natural according to some scholars. Countertenors were sought after because of their rarity...especially ones that didn't rely on falsetto...I was what they called a "natural countertenor"...and the only one in my undergraduate class, or masters for that matter.

I was taught to love my that it was different, and use that as a strength to become a better student and ultimately a better performer.

My confidence, some people thought that it was a little too big for me, was something that opera had taught me. You had to be larger than life on occasion and that's where Kurt Hummel thrived...being larger than life and stand out in a crowd. My time in school had taught me that and it made me a better and stronger person, because this road had been anything but easy for me.

But we'll get into that later,

"...and just make sure you take detailed notes on Damian's performance okay Kurt?"

"Will do Sean...look, I'm going to go in, my fingers are frozen, and I would like to detach the phone from my ear before it freezes there okay?"

"Okay Kurt...keep me posted, and for god's sakes don't scare the kid if you meet him. You can be quite a superior bitch when you want to be."

Yeah Sean and I were close.

"Oh and the teacher's name is Anderson, Blaine Anderson. He's not Damian's vocal instructor but he's chaperoning the event if you need a liaison alright?"

"Blaine Anderson, take detailed notes, don't be a it."

Sean laughed and let me go with a joking remark, leaving me to pocket my phone and search for the blessed inside where I could warm my hands and face.


I really wasn't that early for the performances. When I got inside the place was already a hustle and bustle of students and guests, so I could very easily slip in and take a seat near the back of the auditorium. It was already filled with parents, friends and a few random suits, much like me, scattered throughout, and I looked around at the smaller theatre with its immaculate new renovations. I settled into the velvet seats and just took in my surroundings.

This was my favourite time during any theatre experience, the orchestra was tuning, giving away small hints of the music that they would be playing for us tonight, and there was a gentle hum throughout the auditorium as people talked and whispered about the artists they would see perform. Every once in a while the odd stage hand or assistant would run back and forth completing minor details on stage. As I thought that, a young man leaned over the top of the Steinway placed centre stage, he looked like he was tuning it but he seemed to be leaning quite close to the instrument. My guess was that this man had the love of music that matched is own...listening for the smallest imperfections, hearing the notes as well as feeling them.

Behind the stage were obviously the nervous breaths and twitching fingers of the students young and old, and the soothing commands from their instructors. I loved being that teacher, relishing in the pride that my student would wow the crowd, and I was the one responsible for keeping them calm and centred . I missed the performances obviously, being the performer was always my favourite thing, but teaching gave me a new lease on life. Knowing that I could help a kid who loved music as much as me, and reach his/her full potential was completely gratifying even if I did miss performing.

This was my element and I sometimes marvelled that this was even my job.

So here I was waiting to hear from the young Damian Warrener, whom I had read from his resume was an undergrad, ripe for our graduate studies and a tenor/countertenor to boot...hence why Sean sent me instead of coming himself.

I hope he did not disappoint.



I never liked dressing up for these things. The focus was supposed to be on the talent..not the teacher. As I ran around on stage, tuning the piano by ear...funny statement from me I know, but I swear by my students who say the instrument just sounded better when I took responsibility for the tuning of the Grand that would be the centre of a lot of this recital.

Today was big day for 3 of my students, 2 of them were my actual piano apprentices while the other, Damian, was being showcased for his operatic prowess. Being the tender age of 20 and already finishing up his undergrad here at Manhattan School of Music was a huge step for Damian. I just hoped that the child stayed grounded as long as possible and remembered to enjoy the music, it's sound, because that feeling of never know when it's going be taken away from you.

I scanned across the now growing audience and it was at times like this that my heart ached. Being out on this stage, the bright stage lights beating down on my face, my favourite instrument under my fingers, and a voice that I know I still had heart my heart.

It killed me to know that I couldn't perform like I had not 3 years ago.

I had come from humble beginnings mostly, growing up in a small community in Westerville, Ohio, and my parents and teachers alike saw me as a musical protege. I sang, played the piano, violin and guitar, all the way through high school which lead me to pursue a career in music. My father wanted me to become a lawyer like him but I was determined to make a name for myself in the music industry. Ideally I wanted to hit Broadway but I excelled at so many instruments as well so I decided to stay well rounded. After sifting through a lot of applications, I decided to take the full scholarship that the Manhattan School of Music was offering me. It allowed me to not only focus on singing but expand my major should I chose to include the option of becoming a concert pianist.

I graduated at the top of my class 3 years ago and that's when my world feel apart. I woke up one morning to the sound that I would hear forever, the sound of my dreams being crushed.

I had to give up the audition to become the third string pianist at the age of 21, I had 2 auditions for major off Broadway work...both which I gave up as world had changed.

My boyfriend through my time in college, Tyler, left me because it was too stressful on our relationship and he couldn't stay out of pity.

Pff pity...that's all I ever got ...pity.

I was tired of it to be truly honest. Even after I got the straight answers from the doctors, all I wanted was to return to my music, no matter my new condition.

M.S.M, turned pity into usefulness and salvation for my soul, allowing me to stay on once I graduated to help the instructors in numerous classes. During the last 3 years after I had graduated, I earned my teaching degree at NYU, but I have stayed true to my roots and continued to work at the academy that gave me my start. M.S.M was a great learning environment that was a little more laid back than some other schools like Julliard, that gave me a wedgie just thinking about it.

Despite my disability, my students and I bonded on a trust level that had the administrators impressed with me enough to let me take over the Piano dept., thus my students performing here tonight along side Damian, and a very talented violinist named Koh. He wasn't featured but I snuck him into the program as the featured violin soloist.

I loved my job, but I hated what had been taken away from me...maybe it made me stronger and appreciate things more...or maybe it just made me lonely in a now quiet world filled with only the faintest of sounds.

This was a pain that I had lived with since I graduated. Something someone like me, who loved to perform, sing and be surrounded by music, used to take for granted.

I, Blaine Anderson, quasi musical protege in my youth, now full time teacher at the same Academy where I graduated years ago...was deaf.

There will be more info on Blaine's past and his condition, as well as some more on Kurt's. Let me know what you thought...this has been a long time in the works and I would love to know if this bittersweet story should be continued even though this was only a taste. 3

Much love kids!