(A/N A rather short prologue to begin my new multi-chapter story! YAAAAY :D)

Donna Temple-Noble was not a happy camper.

For one, she was bloody freezing—and to add to that, tired. The only thing that kept her from complaining was the coffee and the fact that she and Shaun were finally coming home from their road trip up north. Shaun rather enjoyed these trips, and preferred them to Donna's suggestion of train travel, where Donna previously mentioned to him that there were comfortable seats. And the well-known fact you didn't get stuck in traffic every three stinkin' hours.

She sighed at the thought, and rubbed her eyes. She'd tried earlier to get herself in a comfortable position so that she'd manage to at least get a few minutes sleep for the next day-which to her dismay was not an easily done task, and she gave up after a few minutes.

"Ugh…so much for visitin' mum and granddad tomorrow." She groaned staring out towards the window where the sun was barely peeking out of the horizon. "I'm going to have to call mum and say I can't come over…" She turned towards her husband, who merely gave a tired shrug. "This car is extremely uncomfortable-if you've haven't noticed."

"Well, I don't think cars were necessarily made to sleep in Donna…." Shaun mused. "Besides, you're the one that wanted to get the Mercedes…" He stifled a yawn.

"What? After we got that lottery ticket and wound up with a few million I wanted to treat myself!" Donna crossed her arms in defense. "You wouldn't let us get the Ferrari remember?"

"I didn't want to blow all our cash in a year Donna." Shaun replied. Donna rolled her eyes. "I don't think one Ferrari would've made a difference…."

"You'd be surprised…."

"Ah yes, I forgot you seem to be a unending pool of knowledge when it comes to cars…." Donna added somewhat dryly. She yawned and stretched her limbs. "But right now I don't care. I just want to get home and sleep."

"So do I Donna…"

She looked out the window and furrowed her eyebrows. They'd been driving in the middle of a forested area (Closer to London but not yet in the suburbs, according to the good old GPS) and the sun was peaking out from the swirling black clouds that had originally been there throughout the night had started to dissipate, which was a good thing Donna thought quite honestly. Those clouds had looked too eerily enough like tornado clouds for her liking. However, this made Donna wonder how long they'd been actually driving, so she turned to her husband and asked simply enough.

"How long have we've been driving?"

"Well…" Shaun glanced at the clock on the GPS, before turning his eyes back on the road ahead. "According to the clock, it's roughly 4:30-ish."

"So we've been driving for around…." Donna calculated it in her head. "…Roughly 7 hours." Blimey

"Yeah." Shaun said. Donna sighed. "How far do we have to go?"

"No idea."

"Lovely…" Donna mumbled. They continued driving around for a while in silence. Donna looked out the window, noticing the trees leading to the forest lining the road. By the looks of things nothing was really up yet, and the trees were sloping quite depressingly. Actually it almost looked dead-forest of the dead, Donna mused.

A forest of the dead...why does that sound so...familiar?

However Donna didn't have time to ponder the thought, because she noticed something in the distance. She leaned closer to the window and squinted, with Shaun giving her a perplexed look. "Honey, just what the hell are you doin'?"

Donna didn't give an answer, because suddenly her eyes widened, and she suddenly screamed. "SHAUN! STOP THE BLOODY CAR!"

Shaun jumped up and slammed the breaks, hearing as the rather expensive car screeched to a halt. He gasped as he looked over at his wife. "Donna what the HELL…"

Donna wasn't listening as she scrambled to get her seat belt off, eventually opening the car door and leaving in a flourish. Shaun got out of the car quickly as well and followed her.

"Donna.." Shaun touched one of Donna's shoulders. "What has gotten into yo—"

He stopped short when he suddenly noticed just what exactly Donna had been screaming about.