Hey Everyone, this chapter is based on losing grip by avril lavigne. I hope you enjoy!:)


Nina's POV-

I was sitting next to Fabian on the couch in the living room, we have been going out for about two weeks.. Lately Fabian has been acting like he doesn't like me. It's like he's growing farther and farther apart from me every single day. And it's only been happening since Joy came back to the school. He's been looking at her with googly eyes, so I'm going to confront him. "Fabian?" I looked up at him,who was coincidentally staring at Joy, again. "Wh,what?'' Fabian stuttered, coming back to reality from the long, cold journey from Joy land. "What were you looking at?" I asked him acting as if I didn't know. "Nothing…nothing." He said turning his eyes from Joy to the tv. "Fabi…" I was about to confront him when he turned to Joy and said, "Joy, can I talk to you out in the hall?" Unbelievable! She nodded her head and followed him out to the hallway. I decided it would be better if I didn't eavesdrop. So I tried to focus my attention to the tv. Ten minutes passed and Joy and Fabian didn't come back in, it was worrying me. I tried to take them out of my mind but I couldn't. I got up from the couch and put my ear to the wall by where Joy and Fabian were talking. I couldn't here anything, so I opened the door that leads to the hallway, and through the small crack I saw Joy and Fabian kissing. THEY WERE KISSING! I felt my cheeks becoming hot with anger, they were probably turning red. I threw the door open and exclaimed, "Joy what do you think your doing? That's MY boyfriend, not yours!" The parted quickly and Fabian looked down. "Nina! Its not what it loo.." Joy started. " Don't even play that stupid game Joy!" I yelled, "What's going on?" I looked at Joy with anger in my eyes. Joy looked at Fabian and he nodded and then sighed. "Fabian and I have been dating for a while now." Joy said. Fabian looked down again. I grew so angry and I wanted to punch someone, luckily I decided against it. "What he's been dating me for 2 weeks! How long have yall been dating!" I shrieked and put my hands into a fist. Fabian spoke up this time, "1 week, im sorry Nina I couldn't decide who I liked more so I wanted to give each of you a trial run." Fabian said, and Joy smirked. Why was she smirking? He did the same thing to her… I was so mad right now I couldn't take it anymore, I was losing my grip. " I hate you Fabian Rutter! We are done!" I yelled, tears begging to be let out of my eyes. Fabian looked sad, but Joy smiled even bigger. I couldn't hold the tears back any more, I had to go somewhere alone so I could cry. As I ran upstairs I heard Joy say, " I guess Fabians mine now then." She makes me so mad. When I got to my room I let all of my tears pour out like a waterfall. I put my I pad head phones in, it was on shuffle. I listened to the song for a little bit. I t was Avril Lavigne, Losing Grip.

Are you aware of what you make me feel, baby? Right now I feel invisible to you like I'm not real… Didn't you feel me lock my arms around you? Why'd you turn away? Heres what I have to say… I was left to cry there, waiting outside there, grinning with a lost stare, that's when I decided… Why should I care? Because you weren't there when I was scared, I was so alone…You need to listen! Im starting to trip, im losing my grip, and im in this thing alone…

I paused the song and took my headphones out. That song is exactly how I feel, im losing my grip. I looked up and saw the door open….

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