First night

Prologue: The first night law

A long time ago, in the great kingdom of Kanagawa, lived a peaceful, impartial and strong king. Throughout the years of his reign, the kingdom lived in peace and happiness. The king tried his best to restrict from the nobles' absolutism and arrogance upon his simple people. But, as the years passed, the king grew old and weak and was unable to rule a kingdom as large as Kanagawa. And because he hasn't any heir for the throne, the nobles-led by the Prime Minster Uozumi- slowly took over the kingdom and ruled it as if it was theirs without considering the king's endless advices to be impartial and honest with the people.

They set new rules and laws that help them to keep and increase their moneybags and power and to have fun and pleasure at the expense of the base people.

One of these laws was the first night law.

The first night law states that any nobleman has the right to have any non-noble bride in her first night at any part of the kingdom. Although the majority of nobles were amused to have this right reinstated after the king had forbidden it, some of them refused to implement such humiliating law upon their people. One of them was lord Akagi, ruler of Ryonan feudatory, who was very strict about anything that concerns his people. As a result of that, Ryonan became the refuge to those who ran away from their homeland escaping from that oppressive law.

One of these misfortune families was the Myagi's. The Myagi family is composed of three members. Miyagi Ryota, a simple innkeeper, his beautiful wife Ayako and her young brother Rukawa Kaede.

Miyagi and Ayako got married secretly, so their landlord won't reclaim his right in Ayako in her first night. But unfortunately, the landlord knew about the secret wedding and sent his men after Ayako.

The small family decided then, to leave and go to Ryonan, where they settled down in a small village near the forest called Shohoku and started a new life together…

And our story begins in one of the beautiful summer nights in Shohoku…