"Shizu!" A lanky, black haired boy cried as he was dragged by his guide dog. The golden retriever barked happily, tugging the boy along into the usual cafe. "Shizu... oh! We're here already?"

"Mikado! Long time no see." The owner of the cafe called, waving an arm. After a moment, the owner blushed sheepishly and put his arm down, remembering that the boy couldn't see him. Mikado turned his head in the direction of the other male's voice, smiling abit.

"Alec... it's good to hear you." The boy replied as he laughed, walking over to the bar with the help of Shizu. He clumsily made his way onto a stool, sitting there comfortably.

It had only been a few years since Mikado had lost his sight. It had happened after a bad encounter with a rival gang, someone had knocked the poor boy too harshly in his head area, causing his sight to dim. Slower and slower, each day Mikado had lost more of his sight until it just wasn't there anymore.

"How did your morning go, kiddo?" Alec asked, making up some Earl Grey tea for the boy. He pushed the glass into Mikado's hand, which closed gently.

"Thank you... My morning was all right. Shizu was running the whole way here, as usual." Mikado replied softly, smiling once more as he heard the playful bark from his dog.

"He's always happy with you, Ryugamine," a small, female voice added in.

"Anri!" Mikado's cheeks turned abit pink when he realized who the voice belonged to. "I... I know he is." He finally choked out, lifting his drink. He gulped down the tea, but then slammed the glass down as his face reddened even more. "Hot!"

Anri brought her small hand to her mouth, giggling quietly. She knew Mikado was easily flushed, so she tried to make herself unheard as she laughed.

Alec smiled at the two, thinking they would be cute together. He had watched over the two for a few years, since they always seemed to come back to his cafe.

"S-sorry..." Mikado mumbled after he had calmed himself, still clutching his glass. Alec took it from him gently, laughing.

"A-anyways... I-" the boy perked up as he heard someone climb onto the small stage at the front of the cafe, forgetting all he was going to tell Anri. His sense of hearing was very acute, so he always listened to piano instrumentals, or any type of soothing music. They had an affect on him that nothing else did.

After a few moments of silence, someone began to play the piano. Anri turned in her stool, seeing a beautiful blonde boy sitting at the white grand piano.

"This is beautiful..." Mikado muttered, standing slowly from the stool. Shizu stepped back so that his owner had room. The boy stood still, just taking in the chords being played.

"Who... is playing the piano today, Alec?" He whispered, completely entranced with the sound.

"Oh... I'm not too sure, Mikado." The older man replied, frowning abit as he squinted and saw the blonde boy. "Looks like a kid around your age. Maybe older. Want me to get him for you after he's done?"

Mikado's face turned crimson red, and he bowed his head in embarrassment. "Y-yes, please."

After a few minutes, the piano ceased. The tapping of shoes rang in Mikado's ears as he imagined the figure walking off the stage.

"Excuse me, sir?" Alec called.

"Whatcha wantin', pops?" A boy called back, though Mikado imagined the figure with a grin now. There was another noise, and a squeak of one of the stools. The one beside Anri, he guessed.

"This boy here," the owner started, "his name is Mikado. He heard you play. He really loves music." He explained.

The boy looked over at the other, though he frowned abit as he felt a sense of deja vu. "Mikado, huh?" He mumbled to himself before he replaced his frown with a grin. "Hey, Mikado! I'm Masaomi!" He got up, taking the boy's hand and shaking it.

Mikado yelped when his hand was taken, and he quickly tried to jerk it back, but Masaomi had a tight hold. "N-nice to meet you, t-too..." The boy managed to say, his cheeks red.

Anri watched the two, before she smiled abit. "Masaomi, you used to go to our school, didn't you?" She asked softly.

Masaomi let go of Mikado's hand, turning the look at the girl. He suddenly grinned from ear to ear. "And you remember me, fair maiden?" He asked, throwing one hand into the air. "It's destiny! We are meant to be!" He cried dramatically.

Anri blinked slowly, not phased in the least. "I do remember you. You were the womanizer, huh?" She giggled. Masaomi's hand dropped and he just shrugged, still smiling. "Not really. I never really dated anyone!" He said before glancing back at the blushing boy.

"I... never spoke with Mikado, though." He said with sudden softness in his voice. He had a soft spot for handicapped people, and he could tell Mikado was blind by the dog following him, as well as Mikado's glasses.

Mikado just blushed even harder, but then gasped as his watch began to beep. "I have an appointment today." He mumbled, abit sad that he had to leave so soon.

Masaomi's smile was back as soon as he heard the sadness in the other male's voice. "Oh! Let me walk you there, okay? I live near the doctor's place!" He said happily, taking Mikado's arm.

Shizu barked, following the two as they walked out of the building after saying their goodbyes.

"T-thank you for this." Mikado whispered, and Masaomi laughed. "No problem! Your dog seems like a good guide, but I could be quite the guide myself!" He boasted, raising his hand dramatically once more.

Mikado laughed quietly at the boy, amused with how friendly he was, even though they were practically strangers.

The whole way to the doctors, Masaomi told Mikado almost everything about himself. He was speaking non-stop, blabbering about how he had moved to the other side of town because of some problem at school with a girl.

"And she would just follow me everywhere! Her name was like Saki, something or other." The blonde ranted, moving his free arm animatedly despite the fact that Mikado couldn't see it. "So we moved. But I like coming here because it's the heart of this city. And that cafe used to be my favorite. Oh! Seems we're here!" He laughed, stopping infront of the medical building.

Mikado felt tired, and he wasn't sure if it was from walking, or from Masaomi's non-stop talking. "Thank you again." He said gratefully, pulling away slowly.

"Hey, no need for that! I'll meet you again at the cafe tomorrow if you want! We could chat more. I'll even play a song or two for you!" Masaomi replied happily, though his stomach clenched abit. He felt like he owed Mikado something, and the feeling was abit unfamiliar.

"Oh.. that would be really nice. Thank you." Mikado laughed and then yelped as his watch beeped again. "I need to go! Sorry! It was nice meeting you!" He cried as Shizu dragged him once more into the building.

Masaomi waved, though his hand fell back as his side as he watched the boy leave.

"...I know him..." He whispered softly, bowing his head. He didn't dwell infront of the building, afraid to be there too long. He walked to the subway, getting lost in his thoughts.

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