"Listen, I'm really sorry about yesterday..." Masaomi whispered into his cell phone. Mikado, who was on the other line, just remained quiet for a moment.

"It's okay." The boy replied simply, feeling Anri's hand on his shoulder. He had ended up going to her house instead of his own after Masaomi's sudden leave. He had told her everything that had happened, everything he had been feeling. He didn't add in the part of Masaomi possibly being in a gang, since he didn't want his friend to worry. After spilling his heart out, he ended up staying the night with the girl.

"Mikado..." Masaomi tried to smile, though he remembered that he was on the phone. "Let's meet up again today, okay? Maybe at the cafe again, so I can play you the song I wrote." He said happily, trying to lighten the mood as he always did.

"I... don't know," Mikado responded again, no enthusiasm in his voice. Masaomi frowned deeply, clutching his phone. "You said you might feel the say way, right?" He asked suddenly. "Why are you-"

"Masaomi. Tell me something." The other boy interrupted. "But... I want you to tell it to me personally. Meet me in an hour. At the cafe. It isn't a date. It won't be fun. Just meet me." He whispered, then hung up. He held the phone out blindly, and Anri took it from the boy's hand.

"Mikado..." She whispered and then frowned. "Am I allowed to come...?" She asked, worried for him. Mikado shook his head and stood up, smiling weakly as Shizu barked softly.

"I'm going to get a head start there, okay? Anri... please just stay here. It isn't important. I just want him to tell me one little thing." He laughed, but then got abit serious. "I like him Anri. I really do..." He added softly, leaning into the comfort as Anri hugged him once more.

"I know that." The girl whispered. "I know you do. You've not stopped talking about him." She laughed softly and then ruffled his hair abit.

"I'll tell you everything that happened later." Mikado said softly, smiling abit as he let his guide dog lead him out of the house and to the cafe.


Masaomi frowned when the other male hung up, but then his eyes widened. "He couldn't..." He mumbled suddenly, feeling waves of shock overcome him. He put his head into his hands, sighing heavily. "I did this... oh my god..." He whispered.

All at once, he stood up, not even thinking of anything else as he ran out of the house. He ran down the street, sprinting actually, making his way to the cafe. Before he made it to the building, he saw Mikado stumbling along with Shizu.

"Mikado!" He called, startling the boy. Mikado stopped, but then gasped as Masaomi suddenly rushed to hug the boy, knocking him back. Masaomi managed to twist his leg and spin them around quickly, grunting as he fell onto the pavement with Mikado laying on him awkwardly.

"M-Masaomi? W-what are you doing?" Mikado yelped, sitting up slowly and feeling completely vulnerable since he had no idea which direction he was facing now that he had fallen. Masaomi let out a loud laugh, pulling the blushing boy back down into a hug. "I found you! We were both gonna come here before the hour, huh?" He chuckled.

Mikado didn't reply, just sat still, unsure of what else to do. Masaomi felt the boy's tenseness, and he sat up, pulling Mikado to stand up with him. Shizu was just sitting beside the cafe, his tail flopping boredly at the two, almost like he knew they were going to make up.

"Mikado, what did you want me to tell you?" The blonde asked as well, looking down at the blind boy. Mikado shook his head abit, unsure of what he should say.

"Play me your song." He said suddenly, not able to ask quite yet. "Play me your song and then I'll-"

"I'm the leader of the Yellow Scarves." Masaomi interrupted, closing his eyes.

Mikado's body tensed up considerably, and he gasped. Shizu felt the fear of his owner, and immediately got vicious. He barked and snarled, getting in between the two boys and shoving Masaomi back with his nose.

"But, Mikado!" Masaomi sounded as though he was pleading. "I never realized, until I got to know you! I never realized you were part of that fight!" He cried.

Mikado bowed his head, his body trembling ever so slightly. "I was... leader of the Dollars. Was." He mumbled. "I stopped posting... and talking to everyone once my sight was gone. I can't be their leader when I can't even see what's going on anymore." He whispered, though he sounded amused and bitter.

"You know... it was one of your men. They knocked me in the head. And I... lost my sight. Over that stupid fight. That stupid reason." He continued, growing more shaky by the minute. Masaomi watched the pathetic boy, his eyes wide.

"Someone..." The blonde looked down at his hand slowly. "I had a crow bar." He whispered. "I hit someone. Someone with black hair. With a green and white jacket... I..." His hand shook now as well, and he looked up quickly. "I-!"

"Don't." Mikado said, his voice loud yet trembling. "I knew it was you. Ever since yesterday. The last thing I ever saw so clearly. A crow bar... yellow scarf, yellow hair... and white. That's all." His voice faded off, and he stepped back abit.

"But Mikado, we're different now! We know each other now! I'm so sorry Mik-" Masaomi was interrupted once more as Mikado raised his hand slowly. "I can't see anymore, Masaomi." He said softly, causing the blonde's heart to shatter since he knew it was all his fault.

"I'm so angry." Mikado added, but then laughed suddenly. "I'm so upset. I'm so... I'm so..." He trailed off before he scoffed. "I'm so pathetic. I can't even be truly angry at you. I'm just... I'm angry at the way our groups were... towards each other."

Masaomi's eyes widened even more than they ever had, and he looked startled and shocked. "Mikado... you're... not even angry with me? But I... took your sight..." He sounded utterly confused and ashamed of himself. "I'm so sorry..."

"Masaomi, I'll give you one more thing too." Mikado walked forward slowly, holding his arms out to make sure he didn't run into anything. Masaomi reached up numbly and took Mikado's hands, holding them in his own. "But this time, you can't hit it." Mikado laughed suddenly once more. "I want you to have it."

"Have... what?" Masaomi wasn't feeling himself at the moment, since he was so unsure, so confused, and so furious at his actions.

"This." Mikado reached up slowly after taking one of his hands away from Masaomi's, touching the boy's cheek. He guided Masaomi's head down, but then turned it and kissed the boy's cheek.

"Hey!" Masaomi's eyes widened. "That wasn't fair at all! I thought you were going to-"

Mikado placed his trembling lips upon the other's to silence him, smiling slightly as a tear slipped down his cheek. He was upset that he had lost his sight to this boy, and he felt like he shouldn't like him so much, but there was nothing else he could do but give Masaomi everything.

After the two pulled away, Masaomi smiled, wiping the tear away from Mikado's cheek. "I'll be your eyes." He whispered. "And... Shizu can relax sometimes." He added, smiling at the annoyed looking dog.

"I'll be your guide." Mikado muttered.

Masaomi laughed, confused once more. "My guide? What do you mean? I'm going to guide you!" He said as he held Mikado tightly, embracing him warmly.

"I mean, I'll be your guide... if you be mine." Mikado whispered softly, raising his arms up slowly to hug the boy back.

"Then I guess we have a deal, don't we?" Masaomi laughed, pulling back and kissing the boy once more. "Now about that song..."


And, ladies and gentlemen... there we have it! The ending!

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