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This would be my first fanfic, so let me know what you think.

First off though, I'd like to get some things out of the way.

This fic may or may not have romance, and if it does, it will not be a large part.

If romance is a part (and that's a big if, people), then it may or may not be slash or het.

The only pairings I would consider would be: HarryxLuna, HarryxNeville, HarryxFred/George, HarryxHermione, or MAYBE HarryxBlaise. I'm not very interested in writing any others, so don't ask mmkay?

As I hope you've figured out, F&F is going to be extremely AU, wherein The Potters survived Voldemort's attack, and Harry has a twin mistaken for the BWL. Stereotypical, I know, but I wanted to write one :)

Also, this is an almost purely impulsive story, and as such I have no plans whatsoever. Updates will probably be slow, but I will do my best to make them relatively lengthy when I do get a chance to post.

It also means though, that I will read each and every suggestion for a plot twist, event, or anything of the like, some of which may or may not be incorporated into the story. If I do decide to use an idea, you'll be credited, of course. :)

In this story, I will refer to Harry as Arashi, as that is what he considers his name to be.

I believe that's about it, just keep in mind that this is a prologue, and therefore this chapter is going to be shorter than the rest of the story. Reviews are more than welcome, as well.

Oh, and the translator I used was GoogleTranslate, so let me know if any errors are spotted.

"Another pack of werewolves joined with Voldemort yesterday. People are beginning to lose hope."

"I know Minerva, but there isn't much we can do but hope Harry turns up and train his brother as best we can."

Lacing his fingers together underneath his chin, Dumbledore peered at the severe witch perched on a chair on the other side of his desk.

The aged wizard glanced away, over at a group of complex trinkets resting on a nearby shelf. Compared to the whirring, spinning, and pulsing of the other objects, the group the wizard was observing was still and silent, as they had been for many years now.

"We can only hope that Remus and Sirius can turn up something in Australia." Dumbledore reiterated as McGonagall continued to look unhappy. Rising, the Headmaster meandered over to the window to stare out of it, hands clasped behind his back.

He was about to speak again when Minerva gasped, the uncharacteristic action prompting the wizard to spin and give the now pale witch a concerned glance.

Her stare was fixed on his shelves as she stammered out "A-Albus," and Dumbledore turned further to follow her gaze. Eyes widening behind half-moon spectacles, he watched as the once-inactive gadgets began to twirl and light up again.

"Watashi wa kore o yatte iru riyū o, mōichido watashi o omoidasaseru?"(Remind me again why I'm doing this?)

"Anata wa, Ishikawa sensei o okora serushitakunainode."(Because you don't want to piss off Ishikawa sensei.) A petite black haired girl smirked at her companion, who scowled good-naturedly at her.

"Dare mo shimasen, shimai. Sadisutikku rokudenashi,"(No one does, sister. Sadistic bastard,) was the reply, and the girl laughed and nodded, conceding the point.

The two were remarkably similar considering they weren't biologically related, both relatively tanned with ink black hair and green eyes. Underneath the dragonskin jackets they each had a mirror image tattoo of a stylized tiger on their shoulder. The similarities ended there though.

The male was about a head taller than his adopted sister, and his eyes shone a vibrant emerald in comparison to the pale jade of his companion. His body structure, while lean, was powerful, and a pale scar crossed the underside of his chin. Another scar, faded with age and attempts at healing, rested above his eye. The distinctive lightning bolt pattern was pale enough to be hard to notice unless one was actually looking for the mark, luckily. He didn't need all the crap that would come with people figuring out he was the brother of the 'famous boy who lived'. His hair was still rather untamed, but had become easier to deal with after he had grown it out until it was just long enough to pull back into a scruffy ponytail at the base of his neck.

A pop of apparation sounded behind the two and they turned to greet the new arrival. The newcomer was a man with close cropped dark green hair and a small tattoo of a dragon to the side of an eye. A dangerous grin crossed his face at the sight of the two.

"Arashi, Katsumi," the green haired man greeted them, and they nodded respectfully "Ishikawa sensei."

Ishikawa grinned at the two, sharp canines glinting in the weak sunlight as he bounded forward to sling his arms around his two students' shoulders. "Speak English, watashi no yūjin. We are in Britain now."(my friends)

"Sorry sir," they chimed, used to the vampire's predatorily amicable nature.

"You ready Arashi?" the man questioned, grin widening at the blank stare leveled at him "Aw come on, you know you'll have fun."

Reacting to the subtle taunt, Arashi ducked smoothly out from under the vampire's arm, flashing a cheeky grin back at his teacher "Keep going on like that and people are goint to think you're going to miss me," he retorted, and the other male snorted, before holding out a bottle.

Katsumi gave her adopted brother a wave before apparating as Arashi reached out to grasp the portkey.

"Kappa," the vampire stated, and the two vanished.

And there's the prologue :) Let me know what you think.

Again, the next chapters will be longer, and Arashi shows up at Hogwarts.

Arashi will be in sixth year, and so would be sixteen if I'm calculating correctly.

The prologue another story may or may not be posted soon~