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This is the counterpart to 'Moonshine'

When the sun disappears from the sky and the moon and the stars begin to shine against the dark night sky Santana and I make love in her moonlit room, the only things to be heard are our strained ragged breathing and the soft chirping of the crickets outside.

"I'm close." I whisper as a familiar feeling spreads across my body like a flash of heat.

Santana presses her body flush against mine, our chests pressed together, a soft moan escapes my lips at the feeling of her hot skin against mine I press my fingers deeper into her, moving them faster as I feel her body start to shudder in a familiar motion, she's so close, I can feel it. The tip of her nose touches mine, her dark smoldering eyes staring into mine, she never used to do this, she never used to look in my eyes while doing this with me, back then before we were together this would just be sex, it would just be my pleasure turning to pain as I forced myself not to cry as I watched San force her eyes shut as she came, how she would refuse to look at me afterwards but now I could almost cry tears of joy as she looks at me with complete love and adoration.

The pressure in my abdomen intensifies as I feel myself falling over the edge bringing Santana with me a string of moans mixed with Santana's name tumble out of my mouth before I press my lips up into her waiting ones her eyes seem to soften as we kiss, the stone cold eyes that she used to look at me with are now molten as we make love. We ride the ripples of pleasure working through our bodies until they subside and disappear completely, it is then that San whispers the words that I am dying to hear, the words that reassure me that she won't ask me to leave feeling used once she rolls her body off my like she has done in the past.

"I love you."

My heart skips a beat as the words roll of her tongue, I feel a single tear roll down my cheek in pure happiness, I press my lips to hers again feeling her full bottom lip between my lips, I pull away slowly my eyes locking onto her dark ones.

"I love you so much."

She rolls off me, and onto her back in a position much like mine she turns her head towards me and I do the same I notice the tired look in her eyes so I tell her to sleep, my hand running through her hair until I feel her breathing deepen. I sit up, the thin sheet falling off my naked body I turn my body towards Santana's sleeping figure my hand running down the side of her body, running over the bumps of her ribs sticking through the flesh, I sometimes wish we would leave the cheerio's again I dislike the effect Sue's drink has on Santana, it makes her look so small, so thin almost like she is sick, the stress of being forced out of the closet is already affecting her weight she doesn't need the cheerios to do that as well. But she is convinced that out popularity will stop us from getting hurt as much.

My hand continues to trace downwards stopping at her thigh and coming back upwards to trace the relaxed muscles in her toned smooth stomach that I love so much, my fingers trace upwards traveling through the valley between her breasts lingering on her collarbone before lightly running up her neck and onto her chin. My index finger lightly traces her lips I have kissed a thousand times, I look down at her with a smile watching her sleep peacefully before lying down next to her, pulling the blankets over out bodies, I snuggle into Santana's side my arm draping across her stomach. I close my eyes letting my consciousness fade away.