"Can I take your order?"

It was only a look. How could that have been so life changing?
I'd only glanced upwards, towards the voice that had intruded on my musings.

And all at once I was struck.

It was intense. A thrum of energy seemed to go right through me.

My empath abilities rely on touch, whereas my telepathic abilities can be linked to a sense of 'hearing' shall we say – and at that moment they both seemed to combine into something far more new and powerful, mimicking my other senses. I heard the hum of her pulse, of her thoughts. Practically taste a smoky aroma. And in that second it felt like I could see right through to her very soul.

Dropping my gaze instantly, adjusting my glasses nervously. "No, thank you. Actually I've already given my order." A glance up, a slight smile and I felt her unease – slight paranoia.

As she left I took in the measure of her appearance and mulled over the emotion, trying to focus on the case. Trying to ignore the small click in my chest and the purr of my soul.

The instant, powerful bond that had formed – tuning me into her.

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