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Change of Season


If someone had told me three years ago I would have the career I dreamed of, a wife and a daughter, I would have laughed in their face. Now though, I have an almost two year old daughter, with my bright green eyes and her mother's mahogany waves. My little Charley was the apple of my eye.

My wife, also my boss, is the light of my life. I have known more joy in the two and a half years I've married to Bella than I think I ever have. Not only did she give me the most precious gift in our daughter, but also herself. Soon we are going to be blessed with our second child. It's funny, I never thought about having children, but with Bella I don't think I want to stop.

"Cullen, get your head out of your ass and concentrate on your game." Sam yelled from the dugout.

That's right I am still playing. All of the physical therapy and shear determination on my part had gotten me off of the injured reserve list and back to first base. There was no retirement on the horizon for me, at least not for another ten or more years.

The crack of the ball off a bat brought me back to the present. We were in the final game of the playoffs. We needed the win to make Bella's dream come true of going to the series. We were only two outs away, as I looked up to the ball flight into left field. Thank God Newton had improved and was right under it, the ball falling flawlessly in his glove. Two down one to go.



If I had known all the pain I went through losing my father would lead me to the greatest joy I had ever known I would've laughed. As I looked at my little girl playing with her dolls on the floor of my office, I can't imagine things any different than they are.

"Charley, let's go out and watch daddy."

She let out a very Alice like squeal, and ran to the box. "Momma, look, I see him."

I laughed and walked behind her. I sat down and looked out at the field and watched as the Rays smacked a hit into deep left. I cheered when Newton made an effortless catch. We were only one out away from the World Series.

I looked down on my husband as he resumed his position on first base. I was so happy when Edward came off of the injured reserve list. I had worried he would never play again and I know he was too. But he persevered and now look where we were. I never would have thought at the age of twenty one I would have everything my heart desired.

"Charley, let's head down so we can see daddy when he's done." I led her to the elevator and to the ground level. When the game ends, I wanted us to be front and center.

We had just joined the team in the dugout when a loud crack indicated a hit. We all waited with baited breath as Edward lined up to make the catch right outside the baseline. When the ball landed in his glove and he closed it up, the crowd erupted and the bench cleared.

Sam guided me out a safe distance away as the press made its way out on the field.

"Mrs. Cullen!"

I turned and found the ESPN correspondent coming toward me with his mic out.

"Mrs. Cullen how does it feel to win the playoff and get into the series?"

I held Charley close to me and smiled, "It feels great. This is what we have been working toward since I took the helm. I couldn't ask for a better team of players."

He thanked me and then walked over to interview Sam. I watched the celebration on the field and smiled thinking of my dad. I hoped he would be proud.

"I'm pretty sure he is looking down on you right now." I turned and smiled at my father-in-law. "Here let me have my granddaughter and you go find my son, but be careful."

I passed Charley over to Carlisle and then with a kiss to both walked through the milieu to find my husband. I hugged and congratulated all of the players until I found the one I wanted.

Green eyes stared back at me before he pulled me into his arms. "I'm so proud of you."

When our lips met, it was as if the crowd melted away. All that existed was Edward and me and the joy and love we felt. Until something else made its presence known.

I looked at my husband, "Edward, babe, you need to get me out of here and get me to the hospital."

Edward looked at me, "Are you serious? Now?"

I just nodded, "My water just broke."

Edward and I walked discreetly out of the stadium and to the car, followed closely behind by Carlisle, Esme and Charley.


Ten hours after we won the playoffs, I gave birth to a 6lb 4oz baby boy. Andrew Ryan Cullen helped to round out our little family.

"Momma, he so little."

"You were this little once too baby." Edward explained.

"I not a baby, daddy. Drew a baby." Charley set her father straight.

"Pardon me."

I laughed and was soon joined by Carlisle and Esme. The laughter quieted when a very pregnant Rose walked in followed closely by Emmett. Jasper came in holding he and Alice's newborn son, Jax. Alice came in with their daughter, Jayla.

We were a tight knit group and I couldn't ask for a better family. I looked up at Edward and saw him smiling down on me.

"I love you, Edward Cullen." I whispered.

"I love you, Bella Cullen." He leaned down and kissed me.

When the family finally said good night, Charley went home with her grandparents, while Edward settled in to stay with me.

"What are you thinking about?"

He just smiled, "I'm just thinking tonight I got everything I ever wanted and then some. Now I need the ring and the championship and I will be ecstatic." He yawned and leaned his head back.

I smiled before closing my eyes myself.



I wish that I could tell you we won the series, but we lost in the last game by one run. At least we got to go. I had the best things waiting for me at home and I knew there was always next year.

Now, I get to relax and play with my children. At least until April...