Ohana Means Nobody Gets Left Behind
Author: Dreamwind
Rating: R (Just to be safe)
Status: WIP
Relationship: Steve McGarret/ Danny "Danno" Williams
Disclaimer: I do not own any version of the Harry Potter series or the Hawaii Five-O (2010) series. I make no profit from this work of fiction.
Warnings: AU, Not compliant with the HP books after book 2. Takes placed mid season 1 of H50.
Summery: A surprising accident leads to Harry finding out he has a family waiting for him in paradise.

Timeline Info: Chapter 1 starts at the end of the school year in Mid June. So The Dursley's die prior to the pilot episode. SO that I don't have to rewrite the last half of the chapter I'm going to say that Five-O was established shortly before the Dursley's die and Harry gets out of Hogwarts.

Part I

Chapter 1: Losing Family

Harry smiled as Mrs. Weasley pulled him into a hug, her arms wrapped tight around him. He had never been hugged before and the warmth of her body and the scent of fresh pie coming off of her made Harry want to burry himself in her arms and never let go. This was what it was like to be held by your Mother, surely it couldn't be any better? Harry sighed, a little disappointed when she released him. Still it was nice to have been hugged by a Mother, even if it wasn't his own.

"I'm so proud of you, Harry," Mrs. Weasley pulled him forward again and placed a kiss on his forehead. "Now don't you ever do that again. What if you'd been killed! Merlin, you're going to give me so many gray hairs."

"Sorry, Mrs. Weasley," Harry blushed and looked down at his feet.

"Now then, You best be getting ready to find your Aunt and Uncle. I'm sure they'll be happy to see you."

"Yeah, happy." Harry tried not to let his doubt at that show.

The rest of the Weasly's all patted his back and offered their thanks before heading away from the platform to the appiration point. Harry looked away as Mr. Weasley, holding onto Ron, vanished. He was alone again, left waiting to be picked up by a family that hated him. He wished that he could have been born a Weasley. Then he would have brothers and a little sister, parents who loved him and a real Home. Instead he was sitting here on a cold bench waiting.

Slowly the people around him left one by one. Sighing again Harry looked up at the clock on the train station wall. It was already 7pm and his Aunt and Uncle were nearly three hours late picking him up. Last year it had only been an hour but it looked like his family was even less happy to have him back than usual. Rubbing at his eyes, Harry pulled his trunk closer to him and reached between the bars of Hedwig's cage, which sat atop the trunk. His Hedwig, his first gift and his first friend, nipped lightly at his fingers, letting out a soft hurr noise that she often used to try and comfort him. Hagrid had explained once that the noise was fairly common for female owls to use with their babies and like always it made warmth bloom in Harry's chest.

"Hey Hedwig, you think maybe I should send you onto the Weasley's," Harry reached through the bars again to scratch at the feathers on her chest. "It's getting kind of cold."

Around him the station was nearly empty but the strong clip of boots against the floor echo'd around Harry. A shadow fell over Harry, making him look up at the two figures standing over him. For a moment a surge of fear shot through him at the dark figures outlined by the gas lamps. But as the two men stepped closer Harry was suddenly able to make out the dark uniform of the local constables.

"Harry Potter," ask the figure on the left.

Harry nodded, unsure what was happening. Had the Dursley's somehow really gotten him in trouble with the law? Had they turned him in to an orphanage like they had always threatened?

"I'm sorry, son," the older of the two men dropped down to his knees before Harry, resting his hand on Harry's shoulder. "There was an accident earlier and your Aunt and Uncle didn't make it. Your cousin is fine though."

"An accident?" Cold fear gripped Harry's heart in a vise. If his Aunt and Uncle were dead what would happen to him?

"Another driver lost control of his truck when he suffered a seizure and his car crashed into your families car. You Aunt died instantly and your Uncle died on the scene before he could be removed from the vehicle. I know it's hard but my partner and I are going to take you back to the station house while we get a hold of your Aunt Marge. Dudley said he was your Uncle's sister?"

"She's Dudley's Aunt. Not mine. Aunt Petunia was my only other relative."

The older officer helped Harry up, while the younger man carefully took Harry's cart with his trunk and Hedwig's cage and followed behind. Harry was lost, feeling smaller than ever before as the world dropped out from beneath his feet. Too much. It was all just too much in too little time. "She won't want me."

"What," asked the older man.

"Aunt Marge. She won't take me in if that's what you're planning. She told Uncle Vernon he should have drowned me when my parents died. Said I had bad blood." Harry kept his eyes on the ground. He didn't love his family and maybe once or twice he had wished they'd just die. But he had never really meant it.

The officer's hand on his shoulder was suddenly squeezing tight and Harry was forced to stop when the officer stopped moving. "I'm sure she didn't mean it, lad."

Harry shrugged, wishing he could believe the constable. It was a nice lie, being wanted.

The ride to the station house wasn't very long but Harry couldn't remember any of it. It seemed like he had simply sat down in the back seat and then he was being led out of the car and into the imposing brick building. The older officer was resting his hand on Harry's shoulder, guiding him through the maze of people and desks into a room at the back. There was a small table and a couple chairs in the room, along with a table with a container of coffee or hot water, Harry wasn't sure. A small fridge was next to it and across from the fridge was a battered leather couch. On the couch was an exhausted looking Dudley, his eyes red and puffy with tears.

Dudley looked up at him and for a moment the only thing in Dudley's eyes was an abyss of grief. That grief was quickly swallowed up by rage as Dudley lunged up from the couch at Harry. His beefy fist swinging wildly out at Harry, knocking Harry to the ground before he could get away.

"It's your fault! You killed them, you freak," bellowed Dudley.

Harry tried to crawl away as Dudley moved to kick him. ON instinct Harry tried to curl in on himself as he realized he wouldn't be able to get away fast enough. He had to curl up to keep Dudley from kicking his abdomen and damaging his internal organs. Eyes clinched tightly closed Harry waited for the beating to continue.

It didn't.

"Let me go! Let me go!"

Harry looked up to see the two officers who had come in with him hauling Dudley away from where Harry was curled on the floor. More officers were rushing into the room now as well, crowding around the doors.

"What's going on here," asked an older man in a dark suit.

"Sorry, Sir. This one snapped and attacked his cousin." The older man that had picked Harry up at the station shook his head at Dudley, who still screaming at Harry, was being dragged out of the room. "You okay, lad?"

"I'm okay, sir." Harry sat up and accepted the man in the suites assistance up from the floor.

The man frowned at Harry, looking him over as if he could see through Harry's cloths and deeper beyond his skin. "Alright, someone get the first aid kit and get that other kid a councilor. Care to explain way your cousin just attacked you, son?"

"Sir," interrupted the older officer again. "Harry here insinuated that his family situation wasn't ideal. It may not be wise to place him in his Aunt care along with the other boy."

Suite-man raised an eyebrow but accepted whatever silent words were exchanged between the two men went over Harry's head. "Alright, son, why don't we get you some food and then we can-"

"Sir," interrupted another young officer, a girl this time dressed in her street uniform. "Ms. Figg was hopping to talk with you, see if you were planning on sending Harry with Dudley Dursley or if we were going to contact Harry's Mother's cousin?"

"I…I have family?" Harry looked between the adults gathered around him, his confusion evident to all of them.

"Does he," asked suite-man.

"According to Ms. Figg Harry's maternal grandmother was American. She said he has family living in Hawaii. I sent over a notice to the American Police there to see if they can verify this. We're still waiting on confirmation."

- - - HP - - - H50 - - -

Five-O HQ, Hawaii

"Commander McGarrett?"

Steve looked up at the woman walking into the Five-O offices. She was nothing special really, kind of mousey looking, another paper-pusher from the Governor's Office most likely. It seemed like the Governor wanted everything they wrote up in triplicate lately. It had caused Danny to go on several long rants about all the paperwork and how Steve always pushed it off on him. Steve had to admit it was rather amusing to watch Danny once he got started on a really good rant. All that hand waving and angry pacing always set Steve's blood to boiling.

"That's me."

"I'm Keki from the Governor's Office. I'm here because we received a notice through HPD from London for you, sir. The Police in London were trying to find out if you were related to a Lily Potter, maiden name of Evans?"

"Lily?" Steve looked surprised suddenly. He hadn't heard from his cousin Lily since she sent the announcement about little Harry being born. "Yeah I do, why?"

"They were wanting to see if you could take custody of her son, Harry Potter."

Danny, Chin and Kono came out of their offices, hovering in the background as the paper-pusher watched Steve nervously. Steve was looking at the paper-pusher with Constipated Aneurism Face #3, which could only lead to bad things. Steve lifted his hands, waving them slightly in agitation. "What do you mean take custody of Harry? Where are his parents?"

"According to London they died when Harry was one. He has been living with his aunt, Petunia Dursley." Keki licked her lips and shuffled nervously at the glare that the head of Five-O was leveling at her. "She…uh…she and her husband died in a car accident and her husbands sister has refused custody of Harry and they couldn't find any family from Harry's father's side. So as the next closest living relative they wanted to know if you would accept custody of him." Opening her briefcase she handed a folder over to Steve.

"What's this?"

"Everything they have on Harry Potter. There some interesting notations in there you may want to look over. It also has a photo of him."

Steve took the folder, flipping it open. There looking up at him was a photo of a twelve year old boy with Lily's eyes and James' cheekbones and wild hair. He was a handsome kid. In a few years Steve was sure he would have to beat the girls (and some of the boys) off his little cousin with a really BIG stick. He didn't like this. He didn't like why no one had told him Lily and James had been killed, Sirius at least should have. He knew how to get a hold of Steve and was supposed to be the one taking care of Harry. Why wasn't he?

"Alright, let them know I'll take him in. See if they can get on the first flight over, non-stop if at all possible."

"Right away." Nodding at the rest of the team she turned and scurried out of the office.

"So," Danny moved to lean back against Steve's desk, watching him carefully. "Another McGarrett coming to Hawaii? What is this world coming to? Aren't there too many of you already? God lets hope that he isn't as crazy as you are."

Steve smiled up at his partner as he leaned back in his chair, kicking his feet up onto the desk. "If not I'm sure we can fix that."

"Fix that? Fix that, he says. Are you crazy! This kids like what…10-"

"Twelve, actually."

"Twelve…Big difference. You are planning on turning that little baby-faced kid into a mini SuperSEAL. No. Just no." Danny leaned forward, shaking his finger at Steve. "Got it?"

Steve smirked up at Danny.

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